Is Rebounding Okay Before Bed?

Rebounding is a great aerobic exercise that provides lots of health benefits. People work out on trampolines to their flexible times like morning, afternoon, evening, etc. So, the question may arise, can I rebound before bed?

Yes, you can rebound before bedtime but you have to take some rest before sleep and there are some other considerations. Thus, you may wonder, is rebounding before bed good for sleep or not?

Let’s reveal the best time for rebounding.

Can I Rebound Before Bed?

Rebounding before bed

Theoretically, if you want to rebound before bedtime, you can do it. But it won’t be the best idea to rebound just before sleep actually. Because rebounding develops the heart rate that will wake you up so it could take some time to be relaxed before you sleep.

According to a study, lifting weight at night (which could be considered an exercise) improves sleep quality than doing the same task in the morning. As rebounding is a fully aerobic exercise, so you’ve to use the study results to a certain range.

But, the most important thing is doing exercise in your free time. If you’re too busy and don’t have spare time except before bed, you can go for rebounding then.

Otherwise, jump on the trampoline in the morning or do some research when it works best for you. So, it’s your preference actually whether you rebound before bedtime or not.

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What Time of Day Should I Rebound?

Now, I’ll break down the pros and cons of rebounding at different times of the day. Let’s know the best time to rebound that’ll benefit you the most.

Rebounding in the Morning

Morning is a common time when people exercise usually. Study shows, morning exercise helps you start the day first that improves your activity throughout the day. This study also tells morning exercise lessens the desire for fatty and sugary foods.

Rebounding in the morning may work as a mood booster. Another study says, exercising at 7 am helps you sleep well than exercising in the evening time.

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Rebounding in the Afternoon

In the afternoon, the human body reaches its highest performance. At this time, the oxygen flow rate rises to the peak points thus the body temperature goes to its maximum.

On the other hand, blood pressure and heart rate go down at their lowest points in the late afternoon. So, there are high risks of getting injured if you do aerobic exercise then.

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Rebounding Evening and Before Bed

The evening could be a great time to adjust your daily routine. After day-long hard work and stress, evening rebounding could work as a stress reliever for you. But this mightn’t work well for everyone in the same way.

Rebounding before bed is not a bad idea at all. But, before you start rebounding do some research first and figure out what happens with you. If you find rebounding good for sleep, continue it otherwise stop it.

It’s recommended to rebound at least two hours before you sleep because your body needs some time to feel relaxed after jumping on trampoline.

The video below explains rebounding before bed.

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Does Rebounding Before Bed Help You Sleep?

Is rebounding before bed good? The short answer is yes. Rebounding and any aerobic exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins that help you sleep better at night. But you need a while to be relaxed after doing exercise on a rebounder or trampoline.

What are the Good Rebounding Exercises Before Bed?

The right exercises can burn belly fat and help you sleep well at night. Some of the rebounder exercise ideas before bedtime are lunge jump, stationary lunge, jump squat, plank, seated forward fold, child’s pose, etc.

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When is It Best to Rebound?

Actually, there is no fixed rule to exercise morning, afternoon, or night. Different persons may get the maximum benefits of rebounding at dissimilar times a day. So, I recommend you to try rebound at different times of the day to see when it works best for you.

Share your thoughts, do you like to rebound before bedtime?

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