Trampolining During Pregnancy, Read This Before You Decide

As an expected mother you may fall into the dilemma ‘is it safe to jump on a trampoline during pregnancy or not’. To decide on that, you have to consider some facts like pregnancy stage, your physical condition, what your OB says about it, and so on.

So, can you jump on a trampoline while pregnant? You might get mixed opinions on this topic. A group of experts recommends light trampoline exercises while another specialist group advises refraining from the trampoline at that time for safety

In this article, I’ll discuss impartially, so you can make the right decision for yourself. Let’s get started!

Is It Safe to Jump on a Trampoline while Pregnant?

Is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant

There are mixed opinions on that topic as some experts recommend trampolining while others discourage you from rebounding. So, you can go for at a limited intensity rebounding if you feel safe otherwise quit it.

There is a traditional belief that jumping causes harm to the uterus and baby inside. For some pregnant women, this might be true. But, this is not necessarily true for everyone. The good news is, a number of babies enjoy the up and down of trampoline or rebounder rhythmic motion when the mother jumps.

So, before finalizing your decision, consult with your doctor. He/she will give you the best suggestion after researching your history and baby’s condition. Keep in mind, if you rebound during pregnancy, never go for intense exercise, rather keep it controlled and jark-free.

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Good and Bad Effects of Trampolining During Pregnancy

Is it okay to jump on a trampoline while pregnant? There are mixed opinions on both sides. Some doctors recommend trampoline while others suggest avoiding it. So, here I’ll explain some of the main points that each group of experts says in their favor.

Benefits of Trampolining while Pregnant

Is it good for pregnant to jump on a trampoline? The rule of thumb is, light aerobic exercise on a trampoline or rebounder is beneficial for pregnant. Here, I’ve compiled several positive effects of trampolining for pregnant.

  • Most pregnant suffer from gestational hypertension. But, normal medicine is not allowed at this time, so an alternative solution is essential. Luckily, bouncing on a trampoline might play an important role to get rid of this gestational problem.
  • Some babies love the rhythmic jump on the trampoline that could help them grow happily.
  • During pregnancy, it’s essential to keep mothers happy for safe childbirth. While you jump on a trampoline or rebounder, endorphins hormones release that help to make pregnant happy.
  • Studies show most pregnant experience antenatal depression that could prolong their sadness for a couple of weeks and even for months. This happens as expecting mothers get depressed and emotional at this time. But, bouncing on trampoline could be a great way to get rid of their unnecessary depression.
  • As you eat more and sleep for a long during pregnancy, thus the chance of being overweight is increased. But, overweight mothers might experience lots of complexity during childbirth. So, keeping yourself fit from being bulky is essential. Light exercise on a rebounder and trampoline could be an ideal way to lose extra weight.
  • Due to gaining extra weight, pregnant women might undergo joint and back pain. But, trampoline works as a quick reliever here.

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Risks of Trampoline Jumping During Pregnancy

Is trampoline bad for pregnant? Well, besides the good sides of trampolining there are some possible negative effects too. That’s why a group of specialists recommends not to bounce on a trampoline during pregnancy.

  • Heavy rebounds might be harmful to babies in the belly. Even it could cause miscarriage.
  • If the belly shrinks too much during trampoline bounces, this could hurt babies inside the belly directly. Thus, the trampoline should be avoided in the last stage of pregnancy.
  • If expecting mothers get a direct impact on their belly on a trampoline frame, this could be dangerous for babies, even be a reason for permanent defect.
  • Some babies get scared when you jump on a trampoline with heavy intensity, thus it should be avoided.

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Can You Jump on a Trampoline while Pregnant?

Total pregnancy time can be divided into three equal time periods or trimesters. Below, I’ll explain trampoline effects on pregnant, according to three different stages of pregnancy.

Can You Jump on A Trampoline While Pregnant

1. First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester is a very critical time for pregnancy. At this time, heavy exercise might cause serious injury, even miscarriage, thus all types of intense workouts should be avoided then. But, you’re welcome to do light exercise.

In the 1st trimester of pregnancy, hormones are just started to wreak havoc to reach their equilibrium thus pregnant women may experience dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. As, you don’t gain too much weight, thus, light exercise is not a problem then.

So,  if you plan to rebound or jump on a trampoline in the first trimester like 5 weeks or 7 weeks, you can go for light exercises unless you feel well. To avoid injuries or miscarriage avoid intense workouts. But, if you want to quit trampoline jumping at this time, it’s up to you.

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2. Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Babies, as well as mothers, start to gain weight in the second trimester of pregnancy. The sudden weight gain, changes the center of gravity of the expecting mother thus they might experience some bad times to keep balance with the changing mass center to keep balanced.

Thus, it’s quite challenging to jump on a trampoline or rebounder at this stage. But, if you continue from the previous trimester, you don’t cope with big hassles.

The good news is that the chances of miscarriage are greatly reduced during this time. So, you are welcome to do light trampolining in this trimester. But, always consider how your body is responding.

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3. Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The most critical time of pregnancy is the final and third trimester. Any small injury might cause serious harm to the babies. So, in this stage, pregnant women should avoid all kinds of intense exercise and heavy work.

The baby inside your belly gains the maximum weight in this period. Thus, the vacuum of the belly gets narrower. So, the tasks that shrink the belly may affect the baby directly. Thus, it’s recommended to avoid medium to heavy workouts in this time.

In this trimester, the Relaxin hormone begins to flow, which loosens the joints. Besides the pelvis is going to prepare for giving birth. So, jerky movements might be dangerous during the last days of pregnancy, especially after the 37th week.

Still, if you want to do trampoline or rebound exercise, only you can try the minimal-impact and lightest exercise after 7th months till childbirth. But the best practice is to avoid trampolines in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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Can Jumping on a Trampoline Cause Miscarriage?

Can jumping cause miscarriage in early pregnancy? In general, trampolining or rebounding during pregnancy doesn’t cause miscarriage. But, it’s necessary to consult your OB, he/she will give you better suggestions depending upon your health, baby’s position, and pregnancy stage.

If your doctor doesn’t allow you to rebound, don’t be upset just wait a few more months. However, if you are lucky to do trampolining during pregnancy, still then you have to follow some precautions to avoid miscarriages or any other injury.

Usually, doctors allow rebounding the expected mothers if labor day is very close (3rd trimester), but avoid it if labor day is far away (1st trimester). Avoid crowd while jumping during pregnancy.

While jumping on the trampoline, install a net and safety pad to prevent injuries. It’s also good to keep anyone near you so you get help if needed.

Can Jumping on a Trampoline Induce Labor?

Trampolining or rebounding is not a smart idea to induce labor, rather than you can use a trampoline to a limited level during pregnancy for fun. So, if you think trampoline jumping induces labor, this is a wrong conception.

During pregnancy, especially during the first two trimesters, ligaments are loosened and the body is relaxed. So, trampolining these days might be prone to more damage to your body. Thus, it’s strongly recommended to avoid trampolines.

Many expecting mothers inquire how many jumping jacks are beneficial to induce labor. Jumping jacks are great exercise for routine workouts, but not recommended while pregnant. So, intense jumps or sudden movements should be avoided in these periods.

Pregnant Trampoline Workout Ideas

If your doctor allows you to jump on the trampoline, maybe he/she will advise some workout ideas too. In general, if you plan to jump on a trampoline while pregnant start by warming up. After that, you can do some slow jogging and then go for jumping jacks. Repeat the cycle until you can or at least 10 minutes.

Now, I’ll give you some trampoline exercise ideas for pregnant women.

a) Walking in Place

Most probably, this is the easiest and very basic trampoline exercise for expecting mothers. As your weight is gaining over the day, thus you have to struggle to balance with changing center of gravity.

Luckily, walking on the trampoline while standing in place will be great to improve your balance and coordination. This also reduces knees and joints pain.

b) Jogging In Place

You can try soft jogging by standing in the same place for a couple of minutes. The low-height jog won’t hurt you, but benefit you a lot to improve balance and reduce stress.

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c) Light Bouncing

Another good trampoline exercise for pregnant is light bouncing. Bend your knees while doing low-height bouncing. It will stimulate your lymphatic flow as well as enhance your immune system.

For visual learners, the video below explains several mini-trampoline pregnancy exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the symptoms of pregnancy injury during trampolining and what to do if any injury occurs?

Ans: Accidents may occur anytime, even while jumping on a trampoline during pregnancy. Accidental falling on a trampoline might be serious, so don’t overlook it anyway, contact your doctor or seek medical attention soon.

If you feel stomach pain, dizziness, uterine contractions, chest pain contact ER as soon as you can. And, if you see vaginal bleeding or amniotic fluid, or experience severe swelling on cheeks, consider these serious and take immediate action, call 911 immediately.

2. What is the best size of the trampoline during pregnancy?

Ans: Being pregnant, don’t try to jump in the large trampolines as they provide heavy bounce that can harm the internal baby. Instead, you can go for the small and low-impact mini-trampoline. Besides, choosing the indoor trampolines, practice only the lightest exercises that will give you a few inches of bounce.

3. Can pregnant women go trampoline park?

Ans: If you feel well, you are welcome to go and jump on trampoline park. But, if you aren’t in good health, you can go there as a spectator.

4. Are sunken trampolines safe during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, in-ground trampolines are safe for pregnant as they provide low bounce compared to the usual trampolines.

5. When is the safe zone for pregnancy?

Ans: The first trimester is very sensitive as there is a chance of miscarriage. So, after 12 weeks (1st trimester) is considered a safe zone for pregnancy.

6. Is trampoline good for postpartum?

Ans: After giving birth, the majority of the mothers experience various complexity, such as sensitive body, gaining weight, weak pelvic floor, etc. The fragile body will be tired soon so you may want to get back your health soon, right? But don’t be too rushed, let your body have enough time to heal properly.

After one week to two months of postnatal, you can jump on the trampoline for at least 10 minutes to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. After two months, you can start your routine workouts on the trampoline to jump a minimum of 30 minutes a day for proper fitness.

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Final Thoughts

Here I have discussed both positive and negative effects on redounding for expecting mothers. Now you might get the answer on can you jump on a trampoline while pregnant. For a more accurate answer, consult with your OB.

If you plan to jump, then only try some basic and light exercises without harming your babies. But, if you want to quit trampolining until the baby is born, don’t be sad after childbirth you will be doing your routine workouts again. Wishing for your safe delivery and healthy baby!

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