Is Trampoline Okay During Period? Tips to Do It Safely

Periods are the most disturbing and painful time of the month, every girl goes through. In the initial stage of the menstrual cycle, teens experience unbearable pains, cramps, bloating, or nausea. But for women who get used to its pain, this mightn’t too aching.

As a trampoline lover, you may wonder, ‘Can I use a trampoline during my period’. Indeed, the menstrual cycle is painful but, it doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your bed all day. Whether trampolining is good or bad at that time depends mostly on your physical condition.

So, let’s know in detail how to jump safely on the trampoline during your menstrual cycle.

Can You Jump on a Trampoline While on Your Period?

Can You Jump on a Trampoline While on Your Period

Well, the answer is YES! You can do trampolining on your periods and enjoy the most fun out of it. Yes, I know people are saying to stay quiet and gentle during these times.

But honestly, these sayings are only myths that don’t have any scientific value. It’s true that for many girls the time seems too hard to move from bed due to the unbearable pain.

But those who don’t have extreme pain can surely enjoy the trampoline fun without worrying about what others say.

In general, having some movement or exercise during the menstrual cycle is helpful to mitigate the pain. But this might worsen the pain for some girls. However, one thing is obvious, if you plan to use trampolines on your period you must wear a proper dress and tampons.

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Benefits of Trampolining During Periods

Asking for benefits, I won’t say the trampoline is going to do wonders for your menstrual time and bless you with no pain. But trampolining will surely help you to ease the other side effects of periods such as bloating and cramps.

Movements in your body increase the endorphins, which help to boost moods and release pain. Such as with every bounce on the trampoline your abdominal muscles are going to be massaged and the cramps you feel from the abdominal pain are going to release.

Also, the fun and deep breaths you get from the jumping activity make your body more relaxed and tension free. Also, jumping helps to expel the gas out of your intestine and relieve bloating.

So, by all means, you have the full green light to enjoy your crampy days on the trampoline. Not to worsen it, but to release the pain and odds you have for periods. And surely this is going to be the most fun thing you can do during menstruation.

Effects of Trampoline on Menstrual Cycle

There is no scientific validation of trampolining affects the menstrual cycle. But there are many facts that have quite a good effect on the menstrual cycle. Such as excessive physical activity, changes in regular routines, sudden excursions, changes in diet, hypertension, and so on.

If we compare these terms with trampoline we can say, trampoline indeed is a heavy activity to do. For those who started it just a few days ago, they have made a big change in their regular routine.

So, a question arises, does jumping on a trampoline make your period come faster? Yes, there is a possibility that your menstrual cycle can come faster due to trampoline jumping during the menstrual cycle. But this won’t happen for everyone according to this study.

Also, there is a belief that trampolining can cause uterine contractions which can expel menstrual blood faster. Though there is no valid explanation for this fact.

Tips to Avoid Risks of Jumping on the Trampoline on Period

Can you trampoline on your period

Though the trampoline is going to be the most fun activity to enjoy in periods, this can also possess some counting risks on your hands. Oh, don’t worry these aren’t too harmful to health or physical issues.

There are no hardcore rules to follow while trampolining during menstruation. But just a few tips I would like to give you for a better trampoline experience during periods.

Ensure Leak-Proof Dressing

Sometimes leak problems or heavy bleeding may occur due to excessive jumping on trampolines. For example, extracurricular activities increase the flow of blood coming out and make you bleed more than on your regular days. So, it’s quite obvious that you can expect a leakage during trampolining.

Leave the jumping even while having a regular day we also get tensed about if there is any color popping out. So, in case of extra bleeding chances of leaking get higher. Nothing serious it is, but you will get into a very embarrassing situation if your dress gets colored or you leave some blood on the trampoline.

The only way to avoid this kind of situation is to take extra protection before hopping on the trampoline. A tampon will certainly not work for that heavy flow. Use a pad as extra protection with a comfy yet stretchy pair of pants to hold everything in space.

As there is a good chance of blood leaking out during trampolining or rebounding as things don’t stay in place during jumping. So, make sure you have extra protection to cover you up with such a pad and wear the right clothing like snug-fitting shorts or tight leggings to hold everything together.

And it will be best if you change into a fresh tampon, pad, or menstrual cup to make sure you don’t overflow in the middle of jumping.

Land Properly

Try to land on your legs to avoid any kind of unwanted pain. You know the lower belly already stays in a delicate position during this condition. So, in case you fall into your buttock belly, it will create massive pain in your abdomen and also increase the risk of leakage.

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Jump within Your Limit

Plus, you will feel more tired than on regular days when trampolining during menstruation. As you can understand, with blood girls lose enough energy and strength. With excursion, the energy level is going to drown more. So, it’s best to do trampolining while staying within the limit.

For example, a simple 30-minute trampolining or a maximum of an hour of the session will be good enough to have during menstruation.

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No Sharp Objects

In general days of trampoline use, I suggest not having any sharp objects on a trampoline for safety. Sharp objects can poke the trampoline mat or net and can create holes in the trampoline.

Which is a hole in your safety during trampolining indeed. But during menstruation jumping on a clean mat with no sharp objects becomes more important as it can puncture your tampon or case you are using a menstrual cup.

Can I Go to Trampoline Park During My Period?

If you enjoy going to trampoline parks, you should definitely go to enjoy your sessions. But just remember the risk you may associate with jumping during menstruation. Just take the proper precautions and you are good to go with your jumping session.

Just wear enough protection to prevent any kind of discomfort or leakage you may face. Wear tight-fitting pants to hold things in place. Also wearing a darker color is best to hide any kind of leakage.

And lastly, don’t forget to hydrate yourself every 10 minutes and take proper breaks to revive your breath. With maintaining all that you can enjoy the fun activity all along.

People Also Ask

a) Why am I feel tired to jump on the trampoline during my period?

Ans: Some teens and adults may feel tired to jump on the trampoline during their period. This may happen due to low levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. But, don’t worry, these hormones will rise again in the menstrual cycle and you’ll feel good then.

b) Does jumping on a trampoline increase blood flow in the menstrual cycle?

Ans: This may happen to someone. It’s wise to monitor the blood flow. If you feel, it’s increasing rapidly, just quit trampolining. And it’s also recommended to do only the low-impact exercise at that time to avoid this.

c) Which trampoline exercise is good for me while on my period?

Ans: Start with warm-ups. Some of the ideal rebounder’s exercises during the period are march in place, knee raise, squats, leg curl, etc. Depending upon your physical conditions you can increase the intensity of the exercise.

The following video shows some good trampoline exercises for women on their menstrual cycle.

Wrap Up

Regular menstrual should not stop you from enjoying the fun for a week. Thus, there is no valid concrete reason for not enjoying trampolining during periods, you are free to enjoy trampolines as much as you want.

Just make sure to have the proper protections and avoid any sort of discomfort. Also, don’t get overboard and hurt yourself as it may risk your excessive pain and bleeding. So, here you go to enjoy the foremost trampoline sessions even at your special time of the month.

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