How Do You Get Rust Off A Trampoline? 5 Effective Ways Explained

Rust may form in the trampoline metal parts like the spring, frame, and pole. Most trampoline manufacturers put galvanized coatings on these parts to prevent rusting. Still, inevitable rust will be seen due to exposure to harsh weather that will damage the trampoline in the long run.

So, you should take it seriously and prevent rust before it goes beyond the limit. There are many ways to remove rust from a trampoline spring or frame, such as using homemade lemon paste, rust remover spray, vinegar, painting the metal parts, etc.

This blog will highlight some handy tips to protect your trampoline from rust. Let’s dig in!

Why is My Trampoline Rusting?

When metal parts come in contact with water and air, they react and form rust. There are many reasons why your trampoline might rust or corrode over time. Some of them are-

  • Acidic Soil: If the soil is acidic, there is a high chance that rust will form in the trampoline.
  • Exposure to Harsh Weather: As the trampoline is exposed outdoors, it could be rusted over time due to sun, rain, snow, dust, and other harsh elements of the environment.

How to Remove Rust from Trampoline Spring and Frame?

How to Remove Rust from Trampoline

If your trampoline has already started to get corroded or rusted, don’t worry. You can quickly restore it to its former state by following some methods. Several effective solutions are discussed below. 

a) Apply Lemon Paste (DY Method)

Lemon paste on the rusting spot is a DIY method that you can make easily at home. Mix two lemon or lime juice and a half cup of salt in a bowl. Then apply the paste directly to the rusty spring or frame with a wooden tongue depressor.

Now leave the paste applied springs for two to three hours. After that, scrub the mixture with corroded springs using a toothbrush. Now rinse the springs with water and dry them using a cotton cloth.

Afterward, apply petroleum jelly or grease to the springs. This will remove the rust and make the rusty springs almost new.

N.B. Remove the springs first before applying the lemon paste to get the best output.

b) Rust Removal Spray (Quick Solution)

If you want to remove rust from springs or metal parts of the trampoline in the fastest possible time, the rust removal spray will be the best way. This will eliminate the corrosion quickly. Just submerge the rusty part in this water-based remover solution.

Then rinse with water, and afterward, apply corrosion inhibitor. You can also try CLR (calcium, lime, and rust remover).

Evapo-Rust ER012 Rust Removers & Chemicals will be an ideal choice. The package comes with a 1-gallon bottle that can remove almost a half-pound of rust. It can remove rust fast without any sanding or scrubbing.

This is a non-corrosive and non-toxic rust remover. It is biodegradable, with no harmful chemicals, acids, or odors. You can use this to remove rust removal purpose.

c) Bleach

There are two opinions on using bleach for removing rust. Some people say it is okay, others not. If you want to try bleach, you can test it on a small portion of the metal surface before applying it to the full area. And be sure you make the bleach dilute by adding plenty of water to it.

d) Vinegar

If your trampoline springs start to rust, a vinegar solution may come in handy. All you need to do is mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3 and transfer the solution to a spraying bottle and apply it to the springs.

White vinegar (5% acetic acid) works great to remove rust from metal. But, if there is lots of rust, it’s recommended to use apple cider vinegar (6 to 8% acetic acid) as it works better here.

e) Paint the Trampoline

The galvanized coating of trampoline metal parts deteriorates over time. So, you can apply paint or sealant there to prevent rusting. But be sure the paint you are using is rust-resistant and waterproof.

Before painting the trampoline frame, sand off the metal surfaces using the sanding block. This will remove the existing rust from the metal parts. After that, clear off the residue of the rust using steel wool. Now paint the frame nicely. But give at least two coats of paint for longevity.

How to Prevent Rust on a Trampoline?

Here are some tips that might help protect the trampoline from rusting.

  • Use artificial grass or PVC layer under the trampoline. This will prevent the trampoline from getting in contact with the soil. If the soil is acidic, this method is highly recommended. Be sure you anchor the trampoline well so that it won’t slide over the PVC layer.
  • Painting the trampoline also helps stop rusting on the trampoline in the long run.
  • Use a weather cover on the trampoline to protect it from harsh weather, hence rusting.
  • Consider storing it indoors in extreme weather when the trampoline isn’t used for a long time.
  • Apply water and rust-resistant repellent solutions to protect the trampoline from damage by water and harsh elements of the environment.

Following these ways, you can prevent rust on the trampoline and extend its overall lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to put the trampoline to minimize potential rust?

Ans: The trampoline should be placed in a dry place, having a neutral pH value of 6.5 to 7.5

Q. What is the fastest way to remove rust from metal parts of a trampoline?

Ans: The commercial rust remover is the quickest way to remove trampoline rust.


If any metal parts of the trampoline, like the spring, frame, or pole, have rusted, it’s necessary to remove rust soon. Otherwise, this will damage the trampoline heavily. And jumping on a rusty trampoline tends to cause serious injury too.

So, remove the rust from the trampoline spring and frame as soon as possible. It will extend the trampoline’s lifespan as well as make it safer to jump.

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