8 Perfect Ways to Mow Under a Trampoline + Lawn Care Tips

Getting an outdoor trampoline is all fun and games (literally!) until you realize it can be harmful to the grass underneath and, therefore, destroy the aesthetic of your lawn in the yard in the process.

To keep the grass on your lawn neat and healthy, it is important to trim them regularly. But then again, it is quite tricky to cut grass underneath the trampoline, and most of us don’t know how to mow under the trampoline in the right way. You can do it in different ways, like after moving the trampoline, using a robot lawnmower, mowers with adjustable handles, etc.

If you are wondering how to cut grass under a trampoline, do not panic! This article will guide you all through trimming the lawn below your trampoline. Let’s read on!

Will Grass Die under a Trampoline?

Do grasses die under trampoline? Whether a trampoline can kill the grass under it or not is debatable. However, being away from direct sunlight and water for a prolonged period can surely be harmful to grasses. This may also kill the grass under the trampoline.

As the trampoline limits the sunlight to reach the grass underneath the trampoline, the grass may die slowly. Other reasons for dying grass beneath trampolines are lack of water and excessive heat there.

If the grass starts taking a brownish hue, it is time to do something about it. Leaving it that way day after day can definitely kill the grass.

What are the Consequences of Dying Grasses?

You might experience several problems if grasses die or abolish under and borders of the trampolines. After lawn dying trampoline legs might be uneven and jumping in this situation can cause injury.

Another consequence would make the leg dirtier soon due to no lawn ground that can prone to decline the durability of the trampoline.

How to Keep the Grasses Alive under Trampoline?

From the above discussion, you might understand it’s safe to have grass under the trampoline. So, if you want to keep them alive, you can do the following things.

  • Firstly, choose a good place, so grasses get enough sunlight and water.
  • Secondly, you can sprinkle water on dry days. Moreover, use fertilizer to grow them well.
  • Also, mow the lawn under the trampoline when necessary.

Here, I’ll guide you on how to trim grass under a trampoline.

How to Cut Grass Under a Trampoline in the Best Way?

There are actually several ways in which you can mow lawn under the trampoline, that too without breaking a sweat (well, maybe in some cases!). Below, I’ll explain the 8 most effective ways to mow and stop law growing under the trampoline.

how to cut grass under trampoline

Method 1: Move the Trampoline and Trim the Grass

Perhaps the most efficient way to cut grass under a trampoline is to move it. Yes, you might need some hands with the moving and mowinmag, but if you have slightly smaller and lighter trampolines, this surely does ensure that you can mow neatly without any hassle.

After moving the trampoline, use any lawn mower to cut the grass underneath your trampoline.


  • Ensures clean cut
  • Will expose the grass to sunlight
  • You can water the area as you like


  • Might be quite tedious for larger and heavier trampolines
  • Can damage the grass if not moved carefully

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Method 2: Shift Trampoline by Moving the Wheels and Mow Lawn

Getting shifting wheels can help you move your trampoline across your lawn without having to beg others to help. Cool, isn’t it? In fact, some trampolines do come with these wheels.

All you need to do is fit the wheels to the legs of your trampoline and you can easily shift them to your desired location almost effortlessly. However, make sure to remove the wheels after use (if it’s a removable type), or it could cause accidents.

FYI, the wheels might be either fixed or removable. Fixed wheels are permanently fixed to the legs of the trampoline using screws via a lock mechanism. On the other hand, removable wheels are temporarily attached with trampoline legs and removed when moving is done.

Trampoline moving wheels also might be necessary during moving it when you level the trampoline.


  • Easy to install
  • Makes it easy to move heavy trampolines
  • Shifting wheels are pocket friendly


  • Finding the perfect size can be difficult
  • Dragging the trampoline around the yard might cause some damage to the grass

Method 3: Mowers with Adjustable Handles

If you do not want to go through all the trouble of moving your trampoline from one place to another, this option is for you. Most mowers today come with adjustable handles, meaning you can adjust both the height and the angle of the handles as you like.

This will allow you to reach areas underneath the trampoline that you cannot otherwise get to. Of course, the trimming might not be so clean, but again, at least it will help you retain the health of the grass.

One other thing to bear in mind is the height of the mower deck. Setting the height too low can make it challenging to navigate and also result in more uneven trimming. To avoid these, it is recommended to adjust the height of the deck to a higher setting than usual.

Raising the deck height will also help prevent injuries that can be caused by having to mow on your hands and knees.  



  • You cannot expect a tidy cut throughout
  • Could pose problems for your body as you might need to crouch
  • Might be time-consuming

The video below shows how to mow the lawn below the trampoline using an adjustable handle lawnmower.

Method 4: A Robot Lawn Mower

Well, now that you know that it is possible to cut the grass underneath your trampoline with a mower without having to move it, but are also concerned about having to put too much physical effort into it, it is probably time to invest in a robot lawn mower.

Sure, it might cost you a few extra pennies, but it is worth it. These mowers are typically smaller in size than regular lawnmowers and also are usually remotely controlled, so they do not have handlebars, making them just the perfect tool to mow under trampolines.


  • More even cutting
  • No danger of injuries
  • Almost noiseless
  • Greater long-term cost efficiency


  • Not so pocket friendly
  • High maintenance cost
  • Might be difficult to operate, but you can always learn

Method 5: Use a Scythe Instead

At times taking a step back and going a little old school does not hurt, and especially in this case, using the special tool used by our ancestors can actually be very efficient.

In case you did not know what a scythe is, it is a tool that allows you to mow the grass by hand. It has a long handle with a sharp concave blade at the end. Using a scythe is actually quite easy, although it might not sound exactly easy.

All you need to do is swing the blades up and down, and you are left with amazing trim on your lawn. If you are considering a cheaper yet efficient cut, this might be the one for you.


  • Easier to use than manual mowers
  • Cheap option


  • Requires manual labor
  • Might be time-consuming

Now, I’ll talk about some of the proven ways to stop growing grass under the trampoline.

Method 6: Use Artificial Grass

If you are intimidated by the above options, you might want to drop off the idea of having your trampoline rest on grass overall and get some artificial grass-like synthetic grass mat instead.

This will help you hold on to the aesthetics while eliminating extra effort. There are also several other options to put under the trampoline that will deal with the grass well.


  • Remains green and tidy all weather round
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Highly durable


  • Could be expensive to install

Method 7: Build an In-Ground Trampoline

If you are here because you are concerned about the grass on your lawn even before buying your trampoline, then congratulations, you have officially declared a stern nature lover.

But all jokes aside, if you have not gotten your trampoline yet, it is, in fact, good news because now you can get an in-ground or sunken trampoline that will totally eliminate having to mow underneath.


  • They are safer to use than above-the-ground trampolines
  • They typically look more pleasant in backyards


  • Expensive option
  • Need a retaining wall
  • Requires proper leveling and drainage
  • Poor ventilation can cause problems

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Method 8: Weed Barrier

The weed barrier is another proven way to stop grass from growing under the trampoline instead of mowing it. This is easy to place and available at an inexpensive price.

Different kinds of weed barriers are available, like fabric, plastic, etc. But plastic ween barriers will be a great option to place under the trampoline.

Good-quality weed barriers last longer without much maintenance. Keep in mind; weed barriers need to be anchored in the ground to stop blowing away.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Last longer


  • Don’t look very outstanding
  • Need anchors to tie in the ground

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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Does grass grow under a trampoline?

Ans: In some rare cases, you might notice that the grass under your trampoline is not only striving but, in fact growing rapidly. This might happen, especially in hotter areas.

This strange phenomenon happens when the trampoline mat augments the focus of the sunlight on the ground below it. The good news is that you can manage this by regularly trimming the grass. The bad news is that you have to regularly trim the grass.

3. What if I do not move my trampoline at all?

Ans: If you do not move your trampoline from its position, you will notice a series of events over the course of time. With no exposure to sunlight, the grass underneath will begin to turn yellow-brown and start withering away.

Next, slowly but certainly, if not taken care of within the first signs of damage, the grass will start dying. You will notice the dead grass by the legs of the trampoline first, caused by the heavy weight of the trampoline against the ground. And soon, you will have dead grass throughout the trampoline area.

4. How to maintain grass under a trampoline?

Ans: While the best thing to do would be to periodically move the position of the trampoline, this might not be feasible. Trimming the grass and placing sprinklers, and maybe occasionally moving the trampoline should give you healthy grass.

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5. What is the best way to mow grass under a trampoline?

Ans: While it is completely up to the user to decide which way is the most convenient, our vote goes to move the trampoline. Not only does that leave you with neat grass, but also exposes the grass to sunlight, which only makes them healthier.

6. Can I use shears to trim the grass underneath the trampoline?

Ans: Of course, you can use grass shears or scissors to cut grass under the trampoline. But it’s time-consuming and requires extra effort.


Like Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson very rightly said, “For everything you gain, you lose something”. This is especially true in this case since you need to put in some effort to both enjoy a trampoline on your lawn and also to maintain its health and beauty of it.

While it is difficult to settle on the best way of cutting the grass under your trampoline since it totally depends on your ease, your safety is the biggest concern.

If everything else seems undoable, I will insist on placing your trampoline on either artificial grass or sand, for that matter. But whatever you choose to do, make sure your safety should not be the price you should be paying for it.

So, after knowing the ins and outs of how to cut grass under a trampoline, let’s choose your most suitable option and do it in the right way.

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