How Long Does a Trampoline Last? Tips to Extend Its Lifespan

Trampoline is a big investment that could provide a long period of fun for the whole family. But, like other equipment, a trampoline has a certain lifespan when you have to say goodbye to it. So, how long do trampolines last?

Trampoline’s life expectancy could be a few months to several years. Usually outdoor ones last for 5 to 10 years on average, whereas indoor models last for 1 to 2 years. But, trampoline lifespan depends on its parts quality, brands, maintenance, and a few more things. And, you can extend the trampoline’s life expectancy through proper maintenance.

So, let’s get a quick overview of the average life of a trampoline and how to make a trampoline long-lasting.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Trampoline?

The expected lifespan of a trampoline depends on its type, brand, weather, and several other factors. The following table shows the life expectancy of several common types of trampolines.

Trampoline TypeExpected Lifespan
Outdoor trampoline5 to 10 years
Indoor trampoline1 month to 2 years and even more
In-ground trampoline5 to 10 years and even more
Water trampoline2 to 5 years

Note: Usually, larger trampolines are made sturdily compared to the smaller ones, thus bigger trampolines last longer. On the other hand, considering the indoor models’ the adults tramps are more durable compared to the kids’ models.

Things That Determine Trampoline’s Durability

There are different factors that could give you a quick idea of the trampoline’s lifespan and its robustness. Some of them are-

How Long Do Trampolines Last
  • Structural strength of different parts
  • Trampoline brands
  • Trampoline warranty
  • How you are using and maintaining it
  • The weather of the area where you set up the trampoline

After knowing the facts, let’s discuss the average life of trampolines.

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Trampoline Expected Lifespan Based on Its Parts

How long does a trampoline last? Well, here I’ll breakdown the average life expectancy of a trampoline for its different parts.


Frame is the main structure that forms the actual shape of the trampoline. It is the most durable part of the trampoline. This is made from weather-resistant galvanized steel to fight against harsh weather like sun, rain, snow, dust, etc.

For your information, legs are included with the frames. Trampoline’s frame might have lasted for 5 to 10 years approximately. But, top-quality trampoline frames survive for 10 to 20 years. And some of the frames come with a lifetime warranty that lasts really a long period of time.

If the trampoline frame bends, repair it soon to use it for a longer period.


Mat is the jumping surface of the trampoline and this is an essential part of any kind of trampoline. Generally, the trampoline mat is made from UV-resistant polypropylene, polyester, or nylon material.

Shoes and sharp objects might cause rapid wear and tear to the jumping mat. So, it’s important to avoid such things while jumping there to make the mat long-lasting. And repair it if you see holes there.

Most trampoline mats expected lifespan is between 1 to 5 years. But some high-quality mats might last over 5 to 10 years. If you look for a longer-life trampoline mat, the Permatron mat will be the most suitable option.

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Springs and Bungees

Spring is another vital item for the trampoline. It connects the mat with the frame. Trampoline springs are constructed from galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion.

Over time, springs lose their elasticity due to repetitive bounce. Usually, springs last for 1 to 3 years. However, some high-end trampoline springs may last more than 5 years and even 10 years.

In some trampolines especially in the mini-trampolines, bungee cords are used instead of springs to generate joint-friendly bounce. Bungees last for several months to 2 years.

Both bungees and springs are replaceable. When they need replacement, purchase from online or brick-and-mortar shops. Then detach the faulty ones and change them quickly to get back the trampoline’s bounce and even make the trampoline bouncier.

Enclosure Net

how long does a trampoline last

Net surrounds the trampoline and prevents accidental falling to the ground. It’s not too hard to attach and detach the trampoline net. Depending upon the quality, safety net lasts for a couple of months to 2 years.

As the enclosure net is exposed to sun and rain, it might wear out soon. If you see any tear repair or replace it soon.

Spring Pad

Spring padding or safety cover is an extra cover to put on the springs to add safety, especially for kids. This protects jumpers from spring and frame impact that reduces trampoline injuries. The average life of spring cover is between 1 month to 1 year.


Pole is the metal constructed post to keep the enclosure net upright. The bottom of the pole is attached to the trampoline frame. It sustains for 1 year to 3 years.

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Pole Paddings

While jumpers’ bounce on the trampoline, there is a high chance of getting hit by poles which could be hazardous. So, pole padding is used to reduce the impact. Usually, pole padding may last for 1 month to 1 year.


A ladder is used to climb on and off the trampoline easily. The metal ladder is used in most cases. So, it survives for 1 to 5 years.

How Long Do Trampolines Last? Breakdown for Different Brands

The lifespan of a trampoline largely depends on its brand, as each brand has unique materials. Here are average lifespan of several brands trampolines.

Trampoline BrandLife Expectancy
Skywalker Trampolines3 to 6 years
Springfree Trampolines5 to 10 years
Zupapa Trampolines3 to 8 years
JumpSport Trampolines5 to 10 years and even more

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Tips to Increase Lifespan of the Trampoline

After knowing about the lifespan of trampolines, you might be wondering how to maintain your trampoline to make it lasts longer, right? Here are several tips that will increase trampoline life.

  • Install the trampoline on a flat surface or make the place smooth by leveling the ground.
  • Make sure, you put the right material under the trampoline. As if you place it on hard surface trampoline will deteriorate soon.
  • Regular maintenance is important. For example, check the springs and mat conditions. It’s also important to check the screws and bolts of the trampoline. If you see any damaged or faulty parts replace them soon.
  • Never exceed the trampoline’s weight limit otherwise there is a high chance of structural damage and causing accidents.
  • While jumping on the trampoline avoid sharp items and don’t jump wearing shoes.
  • Take proper care of the trampoline such as clean dust or piled snow from the trampoline.
  • To protect the trampoline from sun, rain, or snow use weather cover.
  • For windy conditions, tie down the trampoline on the ground with anchor kits, sandbags, and other things.
  • In harsh weather like heavy snow winterize the trampoline or disassemble it and store the trampoline inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the trampoline’s warranty accurate?

Ans: In some cases, the warranty of a trampoline is accurate, especially for prominent brands of trampolines. For example, a good brand trampoline comes with 10 years warranty tag, it sustains more than that. But, the cheaply made trampolines don’t meet the stated lifespan.

2. Is the trampoline brand plays any role in trampoline durability?

Ans: Yes, trampolines’ lifespan is largely associated with the trampoline brand. For instance, market-leading trampolines have a lifetime warranty and they really last longer. But, trampolines from poor-quality brands don’t last so long.

3. How long does a trampoline survive in the sun?

Ans: Trampolines in the shade last quite longer compared to trampolines in sun. As trampolines in sunny weather have to fight against direct sunlight and UV rays, so their lifespan decreases a bit. On average they last for 4 to 8 years.

4. Can weather impact the durability of the trampoline?

Ans: Yes, weather impacts on trampoline’s durability greatly. For example, a trampoline situated in an area without rain or snow lasts longer than a trampoline placed in an area with heavy rain or snow.

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5. How long do trampolines assembly, disassembly, and maintenance tools last?

Ans: Some of the tools and gadgets associated with trampoline assembly, disassembly, and maintenance are wrench, spring puller t-hook, drill machines, hammers, brooms, winter cover, and many more. They last for several months or several years.

6. How long do trampoline accessories last?

Ans: Several trampoline accessories are anchoring kits, tent, light, basketball hoop, etc. They usually last for 1 month to 2 years.

7. How often do trampolines need to be replaced?

Ans: Firstly, trampoline’s warranty is a good thing to understand how long your trampoline will last for and when it needs to be replaced. Moreover, inspect the trampoline regularly, if you see any major tear and wear, replace the associated parts soon.


So, how long do trampolines last? The average life expectancy of outdoor trampolines lies between 5 to 10 years. But, it can be extended by proper use and maintenance.

It’s recommended to check out the trampoline’s warranty before you purchase a trampoline which will give you a quick overview of its durability. But, the actual lifespan mightn’t meet the stated warranty always.

Also, consider the price as in most cases trampoline’s cost increases with robustness. And never overlook to choose the most durable trampoline as it will make you the winner in the long run.

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