How to Clean, and Maintain a Trampoline? Ultimate Guide

Trampoline care and maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity of your favorite trampoline. Proper maintenance of the trampoline makes it looks good, which also reduces safety hazards and saves the repair cost. Routine cleaning of the trampoline is a part of it.

So, how to clean a trampoline? In general, you can clean a trampoline using a broom, soap solutions, soft bristle brush, hose, etc. But the process may vary depending upon which part of the trampoline you are cleaning and the season of the year. No worries! I will cover all that here.

Today, I am going to break down the ABCs of trampoline cleaning and maintenance so that everyone from noobs to experienced people gets a hold of it. So, read the full article to get a clear idea of how to maintain a trampoline throughout the year.

How to Clean a Trampoline Part by Part?

Things Required to Clean a Trampoline

However daunting the task might seem, let me assure you that you can get it done in a jiffy if you have the required tools and materials in hand.

In fact, you do not even need fancy machines and stuff to clean your trampoline; you will be pleasantly surprised to know that cleaning can be done with basic materials available at your home.

So, if you are wondering ‘what can I use to clean my trampoline mat or other parts?’, here goes:

  • A broom
  • A bucket
  • Cleansing sponge or brush with soft bristles to scrub
  • Liquid soap or mild detergent does the work too
  • A spraying bottle (optional)
  • Hose
  • Vinegar
  • Clean towels to dry

But not all tools and accessories are needed to clean all the trampoline parts equally. And you might require some new items to clear off the trampoline well.

After you have the materials gathered, it is time to roll up the sleeves and give your trampoline a nice bath. Here is the step-by-step process of how to clean a trampoline in the right way.

How to Clean a Trampoline Mat?

how to clean a trampoline

Trampoline mat cleaning requires several tasks, such as-

Step 1: Take the Net off Your Trampoline

Well, look, who just got excited? But jokes apart, it is given that the very first thing you need to do is remove your trampoline cover, before you can clean your trampoline. But if you have safety nets around your trampoline, all you need to do is take it down, and now you are ready to get started.

Step 2: Sweep off the Dirt from the Trampoline Mat

Next, you need to remove any dirt, debris, and leaves off the trampoline mat surface, padding, and springs. Although people tend to avoid the step, this is crucial because scrubbing without removing the dirt and debris can potentially damage your mat.

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Step 3: Rinse the Trampoline

Now it is time to spray your mat thoroughly with a garden hose. However, pressure washing is highly discouraged since it can damage the trampoline. Once the trampoline is completely soaked, you are ready to hop on to the next step of the cleaning process.

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Step 4: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Grab your bucket, and make a solution with lukewarm water and roughly 30 ml of dish wash or mild detergent. Make sure to stir it well until the solution is foamy.

You can also find some cleaners in the market, which are typically used by professionals, but it is better to stick to the soap water cleansing solution. But, using chemicals like bleach is a big NO since they can damage the UV-resistant coating.

Step 5: Scrub the Mat

I recommend using a scrubber or brush with soft bristles or a sponge to scrub your trampoline mat. Hard things may damage the UV and weather-resistant coatings of the mat.

Now that you have the solution ready, all you need to do is dip the brush in the solution and gently scrub the trampoline mat, preferably in a circular motion. Keep scrubbing until the black substance or dirt is completely off the trampoline.

If the trampoline still feels a little sticky, you can use add some elbow grease to your solution and repeat the process. Remember not to over-scrub to avoid damage.

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Step 6: Rinse the Trampoline Again

Bring in your hose again and run the water through the trampoline carefully until all the soap water is removed. Make sure no soap residue is left behind. Make sure to cleanse the springs thoroughly. 

So, if you’re wondering how to clean black residue off the trampoline, you can do this by rubbing the mat with a soapy solution and then rinsing it well.

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Step 7: Make the Trampoline Dry

Now that cleaning is over, just dab the surface of the trampoline with a fresh towel until all the excess moisture is removed and leave it under the sun to be air-dried. And once dried completely, voilà, you have your freshly cleaned trampoline, as good as new.

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How to Clean Trampoline Springs?

If the springs of your trampoline are starting to rust, a vinegar solution may come in handy. All you need to do is mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3 and transfer the solution to a spraying bottle and apply it to the springs.

Then just use a small brush to work your way through the springs. This will not only help remove mild rust from the springs and prevent further rusting. After removing the rust from the springs, you can apply grease or petroleum jelly to avoid further rust forming.

Alternatively, You can use salt and lemon juice or buy rust removal spray to clean the rust off the trampoline springs. However, watch out if your springs are too rusty. In such a case, you should consider replacing them.

How to Clean the Trampoline Frame?

The frame is the sturdiest part of the trampoline. During the regular inspection, if you find any loose screws, tighten them quickly.

The frame of the trampoline might be bent due to wind hit, excessive jumping, cheap material, and many more reasons. Fix the warped frame as soon as you can.

Check the fasteners of the frame too. If you see any rust, it’s essential to remove rust soon. The process is the same as cleaning the springs. Here, I’m explaining the lemon juice and salt mixer method.

Firstly, mix a cup of salt and lemon juice to prepare a paste. Then apply the paste to the affected spot using an old brush.

Now, keep it for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and finally rinse with the hose and let it dry. You can apply grease to the frame to keep it rust-free for a long.

You can also try a water blaster like X-Shot Water Blaster to clear off the trampoline frame.

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How to Clean a Trampoline Net?

Usually, spraying the trampoline net with a hose is good enough to clean it, but if required, you can gently scrub it with the same soap solution used to clean the mat. Water-blaster is also great for cleaning the trampoline net easily.

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How to Clean Trampoline Spring Covers?

The safety pad covers the springs of the trampoline. It’s another part that is exposed to the environment and gets damaged soon.

Spring cover is usually constructed from polyester, fabric, nylon, or polyethylene. Due to sun rays, snow, or rain, this cover might be damaged.

When checking the trampoline, inspect the straps of the spring pad carefully as this wears out soon. If there is dirt or grime, you can use soapy water, mild detergent, and warm water.

However, when you find any significant damage in the pad, replace it soon.

Pro Tips:

Always choose a bright sunny day for the trampoline-cleaning affair because your trampoline needs to be air-dried, and drying completely is important. Look out for the weather forecasts before getting down to business.

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Complete Guide on Trampoline Care and Maintenance

trampoline care and maintenance

I’ve already discussed about cleaning the trampoline, which is actually a part of trampoline care and maintenance. However, you may have more queries on how to maintain a trampoline, right? Below I’m sharing more tips regarding this.

Seasonal Care and Maintenance of the Trampoline

Trampoline Summer Care

Trampolines are most enjoyable during summer, but at the same time, the harsh sun can be a problem. Although most trampolines come with a UV-resistant coating, if your trampoline is exposed to bright sunlight for prolonged periods of time, the UV rays can sip through the coating and damage the mat.

I would recommend placing your trampoline in a shady area, like under a tree, to protect it from the sun. You can also use a trampoline cover when not in use.

You can use wind stakes or anchors to hold the trampolines in the ground in case of a windy situation.

Also, regular cleaning is just as important. Brush off leaves and dirt with a broom or brush regularly and occasionally check for damages like holes, or rust in frames or springs.

Trampoline Fall/Autumn Care

During autumn, trampolines mightn’t need much care and maintenance. Cleaning the leaves might be a major task at this time. Leaf blower and soft bristle broom are two great options in this regard.

But if you see any dirt rinse the trampoline or use a soapy solution to remove dirt from the trampoline.

Trampoline Winter Care

We do not normally use outdoor trampolines in the winter, do we? Besides, the harsh winter weather might not be so fitting for the trampoline.

If you ask me, I suggest winterizing the trampoline and storing it safely in your house during winter.

But, in case you leave it outdoors. don’t let the snow pile up on your mat. It will not only damage the fabrics of the mat but also, the excess weight can weaken the springs.

However, be careful not to use sharp objects like shovels to scoop out the ice. Instead, use brooms or brushes to remove them.

Trampoline Spring Care

When you bring the trampoline outside after a long time of winter, you may be curious to know how to clean a trampoline after winter, right?

If you store the trampoline inside in winter, complete bathing might be good enough to use it again. But general cleaning, like rinsing, will clear off the dirt easily and give it a new look.

However, you should inspect all the parts, like the spring pad, net, springs, and so on, as well as the trampoline accessories. If you find any fault or ripping there, repair or replace it soon.

On the other hand, if the trampoline is kept outside springs and some other parts might need some extra care, like removing rust from the trampoline.

Trampoline Care Against Harsh Elements

How to Clean Bird Poop off Trampoline?

Bird poop can be damaging to your trampoline, and if that is not enough, coming in contact with it can also be harmful to us. However, you might want to wait till the poop is dry so that you can scrape it off. However, make sure to do it gently to not hurt the mat.

After removing it, clean the area with soap, water solutions, and a sponge, and then rinse the area off and pat it dry with a towel. This method is also applicable to water trampolines.

How to Remove Lichen from Trampoline Mat?

In case of algae, moss, mildew, or lichen build up in your net, you need just something more than water to clean it. I personally like using Wet n’ Forget original since they work great against such buildups.

Put on your garden gloves and start by mixing 1 part Wet n’ Forget Original with 5 parts water. Spray the solution in the net and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly afterward.

Alternatively, you can also use a pressure washer to remove lichen from the net. Whichever option you go for, make sure to dry the net properly before use.

So, if you’re wondering how to clean algae or mildew from the trampoline, undoubtedly, you can use Wet n’ Forget Original for the best result.

How to Clean Sap off of a Trampoline?

Removing sap from a trampoline can at times be frustrating since these things are just way too stubborn to come off. However, one way to deal with them is to soak a soft fabric in alcohol and rub it on the sap until it softens and finally comes off.

How to Protect Your Trampoline from Bugs?

Your trampoline, being a non-moving outdoor object with many crevices, can be an ideal place for bugs like spiders, moths, and ants to nest. But do not worry; you can easily prevent this from happening if you

  • Wash the trampoline often, especially after it has not been used for a while
  • Spray peppermint or neem oil, nature’s bug repellant, on the frames and legs of the trampoline
  • Mow your lawn regularly, especially under the trampoline
  • Use sticky traps on the legs of your trampolines
  • Cover your trampoline when not in use

How to Protect a Trampoline from the Sun?

It’s a good idea to consider a shady place while installing the trampoline. However, your trampoline will be more or less hot in the sun, which may deteriorate its lifespan.

To protect the trampoline from the sun you can use a shade cover. Before jumping on a hot trampoline, you can use a mister kit on the trampoline that will make it cool and comfortable to bounce.

How to Protect Your Trampoline from Rain?

Trampolines are usually water-resistant, so you do not have to be worried about leaving them out in the rain. But what you might want to do is check the springs for rust.

Though mild rust is fixable, if the rust is deep, you will have to replace it. However, you can use protective rain or weather cover to protect the trampoline from rain.

How to Protect Your Trampoline from Wind?

To keep your trampoline protected against winds, you need to anchor the trampoline in the ground. You can use different things to tie down the trampoline, such as wind stakes, anchor kits, sandbags, etc.

How to Protect Your Trampoline from Snow?

If you live in a heavy snowfall area, you may need to disassemble the trampoline partially or fully and keep it inside. But for mild snowfall areas, you can use the trampoline at a limited range. And when not in use, cover the trampoline with a snow cover.

General Maintenance Tips to Keep Trampoline Healthy

  • Do not exceed the weight limit
  • Use weather cover to protect the trampoline from harsh weather like snow, sun, or rain.
  • Leave out shoes, jewelry, and other sharp or edgy items before hopping onto the trampoline
  • Stick to the middle of the trampoline when jumping
  • And finally, just a reminder one more time – CLEAN REGULARLY

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean my trampoline?

Ans: While it is ideal to brush off dirt and leaves from your trampoline regularly, you can give your trampoline a good wash at least once every month or ideally, once every 2 weeks.

2. Should I leave trampoline cleaning to the professionals?

Ans: If you are doubtful or just lazy, you sure can rely on trampoline cleaning services to get your trampoline cleaned. There are plenty of services like that available to deep clean your trampoline, although they’ll cost you some hefty amounts of money.

3. How to clean a Springfree trampoline?

Ans: You can clean a Springfree trampoline with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent with warm water. So, this is actually the same as the usual trampoline.

4. How to care for the in-ground trampoline?

Ans: In-ground trampoline is great fun for the whole family. But it requires some special care and maintenance.

During rain, water may clog the pit, and heavy rain may cause an overflow of the water. So the frame and springs need to be high-quality ones.

Soil erosion at the sunken trampoline pit edges may also occur. Regularly check the trampoline pit as snakes may enter there.

5. How to maintain a fitness trampoline?

Ans: Fitness trampolines or rebounders don’t need much maintenance like the backyard trampoline. Regular inspection is important. If you find faulty springs or bungees, replace them soon.

Check the squeaking that may be caused by the springs mainly. If springs squeak, you can stop it in different ways, like using grease.

If the rubber footbeds of the legs get damaged, repair or replace them soon.


Trampoline care and maintenance is a great way to make trampoline longer-lasting. Routine inspection for damages, and regular cleaning, all of these might be tedious and might even feel like a waste of time at times.

But you will honestly be amazed at how much you can prolong the life of your trampoline by just spending a few extra minutes on its maintenance. So after learning trampoline cleaning, care for your trampoline for better performance.

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