5 Best and Cheapest Trampoline Parks Near You

Have you been planning to go to the trampoline park with your kids? There are different trampoline parks near you. If you think about the budget, both expensive and affordable trampoline parks are available.

Some of the cheapest trampoline parks in the USA are Altitude, Sky Zone, Get Air Sports, etc. Although they are inexpensive, still you will get lots of amenities there. They are also considered the best trampoline parks in the United States.

Let’s read the article and get ideas on some of the popular and best trampoline parks.

Top 5 Cheapest Trampoline Park with Amazing Attractions

Here I’ll review 5 best trampoline parks that are very affordable but feature lots of attractions. Also, get the pricing ideas of these parks.

Cheapest Trampoline Park

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01. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Adventure Park is one of the best and cheapest trampoline parks with all modern trampoline parks facilities. It has more than 200 locations. Including USA, UK, and Canada there are also numerous locations of this park in Mexico, Columbia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Guatemala, and India.

Several common attractions of Sky Zone Trampoline Park are Foam Zone, SkySlam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Freestyle Jump, SkyLadder, Warped Wall, Ninja Warrior Course, Challenge Zone, Wipe Out, Battle Beam, Glow, Little Leaper, and many more.

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Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Credit: Sky Zone

Here is a list of different packages of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Less Summit, MO with their cost.

Package NamePricingExtra Information
Little Leapers$14.00 
60 Minutes – Open Jump  $21.00Full access to the park
90 Minutes – Open Jump  $25.00Full access to the park
120 Minutes – Open Jump$28.00Full access to the park
All Day Pass  $35.00Full access to the park
5 And Under  Pricing may vary 
Glow (Friday 8PM – 10PM / Saturday 8PM – 10PM)$28 
Membership, Basic$19.99/month90 minutes a day, valid during open jump hours  
Birthday Parties, Basic (For 10 Jumpers)Tuesday to Thursday $299, Friday to Sunday $34960 minutes jump, 10 jumpers, 40 minutes private party room, additional jumpers $19 each, unlimited drinks, 3 pizzas, SkySocks for each jumper, access to the entire facility
Sky Socks$2.99 

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02. Altitude Trampoline Park

How much is Altitude Trampoline Park
Credit: Altitude

Altitude Trampoline Park is a renowned trampoline park in the United States. It maintains the cleanliness code that makes it tidy. It has around 90 branches in the USA and internationally. The International Altitude parks are located in Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and Spain.

Among the Altitude USA parks, Altitude Trampoline Park, Billerica, Massachusetts is one of the most imaginative and largest ones. The park amenities include 20 ft high Climbing Rock Wall, Dodgeball, Battle Beam, Basketball Lanes, and many more.

Have you wondered; how much is Altitude Trampoline Park? Here we’re giving you the idea of the Billerica Altitude Trampoline Park.

Package NamePricingExtra Information
Toddler Time, 1 hr$12.00Parents can join there at $4 extra only
Family Fun Night$15.002 hours
Trampoline Room Party$27010 jumpers with 2 large pizzas
Birthday Party, Weekday$22.0010 people, picnic table
Birthday Party, Weekend  $27.0010 people, picnic table
Birthday Party, Weekday  $24.0010 people, private room
Birthday Party, Weekend  $29.0010 people, private room
Friday Night Friendzy  $15.002 hours
Sensory-Friendly Saturdays  $12/Person 
Altitude Hats$10.00 Black or white color

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03. Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air Trampoline Park
Credit: Get Air

Get Air Trampoline Park is another inexpensive trampoline park with the best trampoline park attractions. The park has almost 80 locations in the United States, Canada, and International parks in Belgium, and Japan.

This park strictly focuses on the cleanliness and disinfection of its equipment and facilities. Within your budget, you get awesome trampoline amenities here like Trampolines, Ninja Activities, Kiddies Court, Dodgeball, Foam Pit, Slamball, Slackline, Massage Chairs, Fidget Ladder, etc.

Get Air Sports, Anchorage is a good and affordable trampoline park for Alaska dwellers. Here we’ll give you the pricing idea of the location.

Package NamePricingExtra Information
Big Air, 1 hr$14.99Flip, jump, and other skills
Big Air, 2 hr$22.99Flip, jump, and other skills
Big Air, 1 hr$25 .99Flip, jump, and other skills
Little Air, 1 hr$12.99Jumper under 46 inches must have a legal guardian 
Little Air, 2 hr$18.99Jumper under 46 inches must have a legal guardian 
Little Air, 3 hr$21.99Jumper under 46 inches must have a legal guardian 
Group Rates, Weekdays    Groups of 15 or more will get $2 off at 1 hour and $3 off for 2 hours than the standard rate  Monday To Thursday
Group Rates, WeekendsGroups of 15 or more will get $1 off at 1 hour and $2 off for 2 hours than the standard rate  Friday to Sunday  
Jump Socks$3.50 

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04. Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park
Credit: Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park is a wonderful amusement center for children in Mounds View, MN. If you want to make kids active and entertained, you will get this indoor playground positive for them. It is also safe for the children.

The main attractions include Arcade, Trampoline Foam Pit, Indoor Climbing Wall, Ninja Obstacle Course, Trampoline Dodgeball Courts, and more. Laser Tag will be also great to experience jumping at a glowing light at nighttime.

You may wonder how much does the trampoline park cost? Well, the following table will describe the estimated cost of Zero Gravity Park.

Package NamePricingExtra Information
Basic Jump  $16.99  Trampolines, Climbing Wall, & Softplay  
Deluxe Jump  $19.99  Basic Jump + Aerial Net Course  
Ultimate Jump  $26.99  Basic Jump + Aerial Net Course + Lazer Tag  
Basic Pass, 60 Min  $12.99   
Basic Pass, 90 Min  $15.99   
Basic Pass, 120 Min  $19.99   
Laser Tag  $4.99   
Aerial Net Course  $4.99   
Parent Pass With 1 Child$7.99 
Annual Pass  $13990 min Basic Pass every day

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05. Freefall Trampoline Park

Freefall Trampoline Park
Credit: Freefall

Freefall Trampoline Park is Lehigh Valley’s biggest indoor trampoline park as well as features inexpensive and lots of fun attractions. This large park’s inside area is 33000 square feet.

Main attractions here are Basketball, Dodgeball, Ropes Course, Airbag, Extreme Air, Kid Freefall, Club Freefall, Special Needs Night Trampoline, Friends & Family Night, Meltdown, etc. So, kids and adults will be amazed after seeing such a giant trampoline park.

Several of the important costs of this trampoline park are listed below for your easy understanding.

Package NamePricingExtra Information
Adult (7 & Older) Jump, 1 hr$16.00 
Child (6 & under) Jump, 1 hr$11.00 
Special Needs Night$10/hour  
Friends & Family Night  $10/hour  
Student ID Night  $10/hour  
Group Rates, 10 to 19 people  $2 off than normal price 
Parties, Monday to Thursday  $209  10 jumpers, 1 hour, additional jumpers have to pay $16 per person, 1-hour private room. 1 private Dodgeball Game, etc.
Parties, Friday to Sunday  $249  10 jumpers, 1 hour, additional jumpers have to pay $16 per person, 1-hour private room. 1 private Dodgeball Game, etc.
Facility Rental, 1 hr  $1400 

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Visit the best and cheapest trampoline park with the kids and family for endless entertainment.

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Final Words

Now you get introduced with several best and cheapest trampoline parks. These indoor trampoline parks have abundant attractions for kids to adults. So, it’s time to visit there and have unlimited fun.

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