Is Trampoline Helpful to Gain Height? Know the Truth

Trampoline is nowadays a popular jumping equipment, and you may see many amusing claims in their advertisement. Getting taller is one of them. Those who actually want an increase in height will definitely choose the trampoline as it is the most fun way to do exercise and add up some height.

But here comes the burning question “Does a trampoline make you taller, really?” Well, the answer is debatable, both yes and no. But research has shown that trampolines do have a positive effect on height. According to the National Library of Medicine, those who use trampolines have a 5% increase in their height.

So, let’s discuss in detail how trampolines increase height.

How Can Trampoline Increase Height?

does jumping on a trampoline make you taller

Increasing height through jumping is an old theory that we all know about. But do you know the science behind it?

Well, there is a little bit of physics that goes around. The jumps upward and downward keep the body tensing all the time, which eventually contributes to height increase.

That can be one of the reasons why basketball players are so tall as a tower in the sports industry. They are always jumping around with the ball to make the basket which helps them be taller.

Now back to the trampoline, with the free falls while trampolining, the legs and body muscles tense up to absorb the landing shock. The higher you jump, the more your body shocks and makes your height taller with time.

And because of the springs and pulleys of the trampoline, you jump higher than you are supposed to do on your own.

While you’re jumping on the trampoline, your heart beats faster and increases the body oxygen of your muscles. For that, the body muscles keep tensing and stretching out to make you a bit taller.

That single all the way goes to the brain that muscles are training hard to stretch, and the brain sends the same singles to your bone to stretch up.

So, your bones also get stretched while you hop on the trampoline and allow a few inches to add up in height. 

Even each jump on the trampoline improves your posture and the elasticity of your ligaments and tendons resulting in increasing muscle fiber development.

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How to Use a Trampoline to Increase Height?

So that you are clear with the fact that trampolines do have a positive impact on your height, let’s discuss how to use a trampoline the right way to increase height. Trampoline is not as simple as hopping around and getting taller.

You need to do it in the right way so that your exercise on the trampoline can benefit you rather than just having fun. Just doing a little bit of jumping won’t work after all.

So, while you jump on the trampoline, consider the following tricks.

1. Do Air Kicks

Jumping up and down creates intense tension in the body’s muscles and bones. But if you add up some air kicks with each jump, it will double up the stretches on muscle and increase the height growth.

For example, try to open up your legs in the opposite direction with each jump, and it will create a stretch in the thigh muscles. Which eventually adds a few centimetres to your legs.

Try to jump as high as possible, and once you master this high jumping, try someone air kick for leveling up.

Jump on one leg and kick the other into the air. That will be great for your bones, and allow them to elongate.

Also, you can try on some 360-degree flips if you want to. But only when you are experienced and skilled enough to do it.

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2. Stretch Out Your Arms

Along with your legs, your hands need to be stretched too. So, whenever you jump on a trampoline, pull up your hands high in the air. Stretching the hands will increase your height and back.

That’s why to keep your hands high as much as possible, like the legs. Think about an imaginary apple tree on the top and try to pick the apple through the hands stretch while jumping.

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3. Make the Right Landing

Landing is an important part of trampolining but has nothing to do with height increase. Though things are kind of interconnected here. When you land on the right posture, it helps you to get along with continuous jumping and air kicks.

Also, you don’t have to put extra effort into falling and rising when you land properly. And for that, you can connect with your flips and kicks with each jump. And another important thing is the chances of getting hurt less down when you land properly.

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How Long Does Jumping on Trampoline Make You Taller?

Can trampolines help children grow taller

Generally, 30 minutes to 1 hour of jumping on the trampoline every day is a good amount of exercise to have for anyone. But in case you are looking for a height raise through the trampoline time doesn’t matter there.

You just need to jump as high as possible rather than exceeding the trampolining time. Long hours of trampolining can be harmful to your body. Because when you jump for a long time, it creates more stress hormone cortisol.

For that cortisol, your body can’t produce the growth hormone, which apparently stops your height. So long come short; just focus on high jumps, not extra hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a) Does jumping increase height after 18?

Ans: Age does have a great impact on height growth, but it doesn’t mean your height is stuck after age. No, it’s not. Your height may increase after 18 when you have the perfect stretch on your muscles with the right exercise.

And nothing can be a better and fun way to stretch those muscles with trampolining.

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b) Can jumping on a trampoline make you shorter?

Ans: Do trampolines stunt growth? There is no reason that a trampoline can stunt your growth or make you shorter.

On the contrary, jumping on the trampoline helps to grow your height and speed up the process of your growth. Especially for kids trampolining helps them to grow faster and taller.

c) Besides trampolining what other things can I do to grow taller?

Ans: Rather than jumping or trampolining, there are many other ways to become taller that you can practice. Other exercises you can do to grow taller are- single-leg hops, jump rope, jump squats, hanging or pull-ups, cycling, swimming, yoga, and so on.

d) How do I really get taller with a trampoline?

Ans: The math is simple. With each and every jump on the trampoline, your body muscles stretch out, and your bone gets signals to grow taller.

So, whenever you jump on a trampoline, it slowly and gradually increases your height with potentiality. But remember the key theory. Jump high not for a long time.

e) What factors generally determine height and growth in children?

A child’s height growth depends on many important factors. First, genetics; if your ancestors are not so tall, the possibilities are that the future generations are going to be short too.

Secondly, the diet has a direct effect on growth. So, a better-balanced diet with proteins and vitamins can help kids to grow taller.

Hormones can be the third fact responsible for your body’s growth. The pituitary gland is responsible for muscle and bone growth, so it’s important it works properly.

The fourth fact is age. In childhood, the body is at its highest pace of growth, and after an age, the growth slows down or just stops.

Exercise and stretching out are the next factors that could impact gaining height. That being said, trampoline jumping helps gain tallness.

Lastly, the gender. Men are supposed to be taller than women as they have more testosterone to increase muscles and bones.

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So, wrapping things up. The answer to “Can trampolining make you taller?”. Yes, it can. But not in an extensive way; rather, a simple few centimeters or inches can add up.

That’s why don’t expect a lot. Just focus on high jumps and better stretches of legs and arms. It will definitely create the proper amount of body tension in the muscles to grow and signal the bones to do the same as well.

As a result, your body grows taller and more flexible. So, in case you are considering trampolining to increase height, then you have chosen the most fun and effective way to do it.

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