Why is My Trampoline Bent? 3 Ways to Fix Warped Frame and Poles

The frame is the sturdiest part of the trampoline. However, it may bend sometimes due to heavy pressure on it. But the good news is that it’s fixable at home.

My cousin Donald lives in Florida. He asks me the way out to fix his trampoline as it turns like a Pringle after the recent storm. I give him some suggestions that I plan to share with my readers too.

So, here I’m going to discuss why is my trampoline bending and how to fix a warped trampoline. Stay tuned to get trampoline frame repair tips.

Why is My Trampoline Bending?

Trampoline might be warped or wonky’, especially the frame, legs, and poles due to several reasons such as being blown away by winds, heavy snowfall, direct sunlight, exceeding the weight limit, and so on. Let me explain them in detail.

Why is My Trampoline Bending


Although the trampoline frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel, still it may be bent over the years. When the frame gets older it starts to weaken, thus it tends to warp to some extent.

Even the new trampoline frame may be bent if multiple jumpers bounce there together and exceed the weight capacity. As this creates excessive stress on the frame.

Even when many people sleep over on a trampoline as a fun activity, this could also bend the frame when you due to going beyond the weight limit.

Strong Winds

Another vital reason for ‘why is my trampoline warped’ is for blowing away the trampoline due to heavy winds. This is very common if you set the trampoline in gale-force winds.

Winds will fly away your trampoline and may get hit with trees, or hard surfaces, that’s why the trampoline frame bends.

The trampoline should be anchored in the ground strongly so winds can’t fly it away easily. Still, there are chances to blow away the trampoline even if you use anchoring kits but it’ll provide better strength.

Falling Heavy Items

If any heavy things like tree branches fall upon the trampoline, there is a high chance the trampoline frame will be warped or bowed.

Direct Sunlight

In general, the trampoline isn’t affected by sun rays. But if the trampoline stays under direct sun for long period, the excessive heat can bend the trampoline. This happens for some trampolines after using them for several years.

Due to heat and cold, the trampoline expands and shrinks respectively. And when it’s happening for years after years trampoline frame is prone to bow permanently.

Incorrect Installation

The trampoline should be installed properly to avoid bending. The wrong installation is the reason behind this.

If you can’t put the screws in the right places, the trampoline could be bent with jumping. Setting up the trampoline on concrete might also bend the trampoline.

Heavy Rain and Snow

If rainwater or snow is piled on the trampoline, this could be the potential reason for the trampoline bending.

Snow or rainwater can weaken the trampoline frame which could result in trampoline frame damage. Excessive weight of the snow and water might also bend the trampoline.

Improper Maintenance

The trampoline should be maintained properly. If you see any open or loose screws tighten them immediately. If you let them loosen, there is a high chance that the trampoline will bend when you jump there repeatedly.

It may also happen if you jump on the trampoline for long with a loose mat or missing springs. So, they should be inspected and resolved soon.

Low-Quality Materials

If the trampoline is made from poor-quality material, the frame could be bent in a short time. The frame should be made from heavy-duty materials.

Manufacturer Fault

Trampoline manufacturers may also make bend frames due to their manufacturing faults. So, while buying the trampoline, check everything is okay.

Parts of the Trampoline That Can Bent

Depending upon the severity of the damage, different parts of the trampoline can be damaged such as-

  • Frame rings and legs are vital parts that can be bent.
  • Poles might be damaged if they get excessively hit.
  • Jumping mat, net, and springs are also warped.

Can You Repair a Bent Trampoline?

How to Fix a Bent Trampoline Frame

Yes, you can fix the damaged trampoline if it’s not warped too much. But if there are cracks on the trampoline frame, they should be replaced rather than repaired as this is a sign of major damage.

To repair the damaged trampoline, you can hire professionals as this may require some welding. But, if you want to do it alone, you can do it, but be careful as straightening the bent frame or poles, there is a high chance of breaking them.

Whether you do it by yourself or hire professionals, at least two people are required as there is muscle work to straighten the warped frame pipes.

The whole bending trampoline requires lots of work like fixing the frame, springs, mat, poles, net, legs, and other parts.

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How to Fix a Bent Trampoline Frame and Poles?

You can fix the warped trampoline in 3 ways. Let’s know how to repair the trampoline frame and poles.

Method 1: Replacing the Parts

Some manufacturers supply trampoline frame replacement parts. If you find these, you will be lucky to fix the frame easily and effectively.

So, contact the manufacturer, the supplier, and the local store to collect the necessary parts. You should mention the trampoline size, brand, and model while contacting them. If necessary, measure the trampoline to know its actual size.

But you need the patience to get these parts. And even you mightn’t get them since manufacturers might discontinue these, especially if your trampoline is old enough.

Before you get the trampoline frame repair kit, you can take apart the trampoline using a spring puller or spring removal tool alternatives. This will stop further damage to the frame and keep away the unknown people to use the trampoline.

And when you receive the frame replacement parts, replace the necessary section and give your trampoline new life.

Method 2: Straighten the Bent Sections

You may see trampoline legs bending inwards or the poles are damaged. If the bending of poles, legs, and even the frame is not too much, you can straighten them to their original position.

This method is applicable if the bending isn’t very steep. To straighten the poles, legs, and frame tubes you need a squeezer tool, a sleeve tube, an adjustable spanner, and a hammer.

The squeezer tool helps to apply force to bend back the bent parts. A sleeve tube is a large grith tube used to repair bent areas of the frame.

Set the sleeve tube in the bend spots. Then knock there one or two with the hammer to bring the bend section in the right position.

Pro Tip: If you see any crack while bending back, stop immediately. In this case, the trampoline parts aren’t safe for you to use further. So, either replace them or purchase a new trampoline. And use the old trampoline frame to make stunning projects.

Method 3: Weld the Parts

You may wonder, can you weld a trampoline frame? The answer is yes, you can do it. Now the question is, how to fix the damaged trampoline frame by welding?

In the welding method, you may collect a welding machine first, or hire a professional. The thing you have to do is join a new metal (welding rod) with the damaged frame.

In welding heat or pressure or both are used to fuse different parts of the metal after cooling. The extra material that is used here is called filler material or welding rod.

The following video shows how to repair a wind destroyed trampoline.

Tips to Prevent Trampoline Frame from Bending

Final Thoughts

The trampoline frame might be bent for several reasons like cheap material, bad weather, excessive force, uneven surface, and many more. In most cases, you can bend back the frame, poles, and legs.

But when they get damaged badly, you might just replace them or purchase a new trampoline. While repairing the frame be careful as heavy items may fall on your feet or sharp items might hurt you.

So, now you know the ways to fix trampoline frames and poles. Apply the method which suits you best to bend back the damaged trampoline and enjoy trampolining again.

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