What is the Age Limit for Trampoline + Is It Safe for Toddlers?

Who doesn’t like up and down bouncing on a trampoline? However, before allowing your children, you should know about the trampoline age recommendations and all the safety requirements for trampolines.

Have you been looking for what is the age limit for trampolines? The straight answer to this question is six years. Although there are many health benefits of trampolining, still, little children under six years old should avoid it due to safety. And there are some points you should know before you go to a conclusion.

Keep reading to know the trampoline age range for your children and trampoline safety rules!

Are Trampolines Safe or Dangerous for Children?

Are Trampolines Safe For Toddlers

A common question that pops up to every parent is- ‘Are trampolines dangerous for toddlers? It’s true that a trampoline is fun, but it can be dangerous for little children as their bones are very soft at this time.

Hopping on a trampoline poses a striking risk of injury for toddlers. One unwanted accident through a trampoline can result in serious fractures and sprains in the legs or arms. In some cases, it can also cause severe injury to the head and neck.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is not recommended to use a trampoline at home due to the severe risk of injury.  Also, the trampoline parks are not fully safe, as we can see the rise in injuries there.

One such incident happened with 3-year-old Colton, which got attention through a Facebook post explaining how brutally he got injured from waist to ankle for falling from a trampoline. This kind of deadly accident actually makes us rethink our wisdom, your wisdom, to buy a trampoline for young children.

What is the Recommended Age for Trampolines?

We know parents are concerned about kids’ safety, thus they ask frequently, ‘Are trampolines safe for toddlers’. In fact, trampolines are quite dangerous before they are six. To know more read out the following section thoroughly for a clear understanding.

What Age is Appropriate for a Trampoline?

So, what age are trampolines for? Well, most recommendations say children under six years old have fragile bones and no control over their landing posture. For that, toddlers have the highest risk of bone fracture and deadly injuries.

As their bones are not fully developed, the pressure they get on their bones puts them at a high risk of injuries. As said by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the answer for how old the trampoline is 6. Kids under six years old should refrain from trampoline use, especially larger trampolines.

Although it is not possible for parents to ignore their kids’ pleas. So, if you allow kids to bounce on the trampoline, they should not hop on more than 20 inches high and 10 feet long trampoline.

Along with that, the highest risk poses when more than one child jumps over one trampoline. It increases the risk five times more, so you should never allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time.

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Should Toddlers Jump on Mini Trampolines?

Mini size generally refers to it being made for kids, but not in the case of trampolines. Mini-size trampolines, also known as rebounders, are most popular among adults, usually used for doing fitness workouts and yogas.

But small kids always get attracted to mini trampolines for having the fun of bouncing up and down. Hence, you already know the consequences of kids using the trampoline; keep in mind all the safety practices for avoiding accidents.

However, the good news is that toddlers’ mini trampolines are low-height models and are also designed with low bouncing power.

These trampolines are just fun-and-play items that provide little bounce. That won’t hurt the little children a lot, actually. Thus, you can allow them to play there.

As per the report updated by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in 2014, over 286,000 kids were treated for injuries caused by trampolines and nearly 104,691 cases in emergency visits. You may not want your kid to be next on the list.

Skywalker 40-inch mini trampoline is a safe trampoline for kids under six years. You can rely on it for your little children’s safe play.

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Is It Okay to Buy a Trampoline for Kids Right away after Six?

6 is to be said as a safe age for trampoline, but that doesn’t mean you can buy a trampoline right away when the kid is six. Rather, as a responsible parent, go to your nearest pediatrician and get a check-up. If the expert grants permission, you are good to go for gifting your kid this birthday or Christmas.

These medical checkups evaluate your kids’ bone density and any medical condition that may risk your kid to any harm from the continuous pressure of trampoline bouncing. Although your kid might have passed the check-up, you should never allow them to jump without supervision.

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Trampoline Safety Rules: How to Make A Trampoline Safe for Kids?

Now that your kid has already crossed the trampoline age limit, still, never let your kids go on the trampoline without taking the necessary safety measures.

After buying the trampoline must go through the instructions before setting it up. If it doesn’t include the ladder, buy one.

And also, there are many other safety rules and regulations that children should follow for safe jumping. Here we’ll discuss some of the main ones.

trampoline safety rules

1. Don’t Allow Unsupervised Jumping

Never allow your kid to do any unsupervised jumping on the trampoline. If you have a ladder, remove it after use to prevent unsupervised fun time. Also, don’t let them use the trampoline when it is wet.

2. Use Safety Nets and Pads

To ensure safety, the first requirement is to surround the trampoline with an enclosure net and cover the whole trampoline frame, spring, and poles nearby with protective pads.

Plus, always check the nets and mats to ensure there is no tear, the frame is in the right shape, and the legs are properly secured in the ground. For better safety, look for a safety net installed on the trampoline around the sides.

3. Place Trampolines at Low Height

Falling from an extreme height can cause lifelong injury or even take to death, so set up the trampoline at a small height. 20 inches high and 10 feet trampoline will be good enough for not compromising their fun or safety.

4. Don’t Install the Trampoline Near Hard Objects

Placing a trampoline on a hard surface increases the risk of injuries, so choose a soft surface such as grass to avoid any injury. The soft material under the trampoline makes bouncing more cushioning. This also reduces the impact of accidental droppings.

Ensure at least 3 meters of clear and safe area for setting the trampoline. Also, place the trampoline at a safe distance from trees, clotheslines, wires, fences, garden furniture, and other hazards.

5. Limit Trampoline Activity

As said, using a trampoline by more than one kid at a time can be 5 times riskier, so limit the activity to only one child. Also, don’t encourage them to do somersaults or other risky moves on a trampoline, especially without supervision. 

Even use the harness and other protective equipment for more safety.

Several More Rules for Having Fun and Staying Safe on The Trampoline

There are a few more simple rules to let your kid have a fun and safe trampoline time:

  • Teach them to jump in the center of the trampoline.
  • Shoes should be taken off before jumping over a trampoline.
  • Remove jewelry and sharp items before jumping on the trampoline.
  • Avoid somersaults, as they can cause spinal and neck injuries.
  • Don’t let them bounce over the trampoline net.
  • Tell them to use the ladder to get in and climb down the trampoline. Remove the ladder when no one is jumping on the trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a 2-year-old go on a trampoline?

Ans: A two-year baby has the most fragile bones to jump on a trampoline. Even the pressure from continuous jumping over a trampoline can also cause great injury to them. But they can be allowed in the small-bounce mini-size trampolines with proper supervision.

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2. How old should you be to jump on a trampoline?

Ans: Obviously, above 6. At the age of six, bones get strong and are less prone to breakage, so it is a good time to start a trampoline.

3. Is it okay to use a trampoline for a 3-year-old?

Ans: 3 years old toddlers are still growing, so they should avoid trampoline until they are 6.

4. Are trampolines for 4-year-olds?

Ans: The age recommendation for the trampoline is not under six years, and for 4 years old, it is strictly prohibited to use trampolines, especially in unsupervised conditions.

5. Is it safe to use a trampoline under 6?

Ans: Generally, the best age for a trampoline is over 6. But if your kid gets approval from the pediatrician, they can go on a trampoline but only under supervision.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the whole fact, the age limit for trampoline is not under six years. If your toddler insists on getting a trampoline before the trampoline age recommendation, don’t fall for the trap at all.

Wait until they turn into trampoline age range and then buy them the trampoline maintaining all the safety measurements.

The most important fact you should keep in mind is there should be no unsupervised jumping, and the frames and surface should be covered with soft pads. And also, keep checking the net and mat to prevent any holes or breaks.

But, in case you are insisted to buy one, consult with the pediatrician first. And when kids are jumping keep an eye on them and make sure they are following the trampoline safety rules properly.

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