7 Essential Trampoline Assembly and Disassembly Tools

Whether you want to install or dismantle a trampoline, you need some tools obviously. Most of these tools and accessories come with the package when you purchase a trampoline. But if there isn’t or you’ve lost any of them, don’t worry, you can purchase them separately.

Some of the most common tools needed to put together a trampoline are a spring puller, screwdriver, Allen wrench, caulking gun, rubber mallet, hand gloves, and many more. You can also use these stuff during disassembling the trampoline. These tools are quite inexpensive and available in most brick-and-mortar stores and online retail shops.

Today, I’ll briefly discuss the necessary tools and accessories required to assemble or disassemble a trampoline. Let’s begin.

What Tools Do I Need to Install or Take Apart a Trampoline?

tools needed to put together a trampoline

Like taking apart other equipment, trampoline installation and dismantling demands some basic tools.

Here is a list of trampoline assembly and disassembly tools-

  1. Spring puller tool
  2. Electric drill with Philips bit
  3. 10 mm Spanner or Allen wrench
  4. Screwdriver or pliers
  5. Caulking gun
  6. Rubber mallet
  7. Hand gloves

All the tools aren’t necessary for every trampoline setup or removal process. In most cases, you can do these using the spring pull tool, electric drill, and a pair of hand gloves. Other tools are optional or alternatives to these.

You may also need a trampoline box and a good storage area where you will keep all the parts safely. This is necessary, otherwise trampoline parts like the mat, safety pad, and enclosure net will be affected or damaged by insects or moisture.

Let’s have a quick overview of some of the most important and common trampoline dismantling tools.

1. Spring Pulling Tool

Spring attaching and detaching are essential parts of trampoline assembly and disassembly. So, it is simultaneously used to install or remove the trampoline mat.

Spring loading tool looks like T which consists of two ends- a handle and a spring pulling end. Due to its shape, a spring puller is also named as spring pull T-hook, trampoline spring tool, T-hook spring puller, etc.

The handle is built from metal, plastic, or rubber. An ergonomically designed handle helps to exert force on spring attachment or detachment. And the hook of the spring puller is made of durable metal.

There are also trampoline spring tool alternatives. Several good substitutes for trampoline spring pullers are pliers, screwdrivers, caulking guns, and more. So, if you don’t have a spring puller these trampoline spring puller T-hook alternatives will help you do the job done.  

Most trampoline manufacturers provide the spring puller tool with the trampoline packages. However, you can buy it either from a brick-and-mortar shop or online.

If you are looking for the best spring pull tool for your trampoline disassembly. You can consider our recommended SANJOIN Trampoline Universal Spring Pull T-Hook.

2. Screwdriver, Allen Wrench & Spanner

If you want to attach or remove the trampoline frame nuts. It’s recommended to have the right tools like a screwdriver, Allen wrench, or 10 mm Spanner.

Some trampolines packages include these tools, that’s great. Otherwise, buy a good-quality screwdriver or Allen wrench or spanner that will fit with the nuts.

There are many multi-tool boxes that include all the items together that allow you to loosen any nut. These items are a good option for trampoline disassembly. You can also use screwdrivers and pliers as spring tool alternatives.

The Capri Tools10 mm Spanner will be a handy choice for you in this regard.

3. Electric Drill With Phillips Bit

Screwing or unscrewing the frame parts using a screwdriver is time-consuming and tiresome. But if you own a cordless electric drill with a Philips bit, this will make your task easier. However, it’s recommended to learn the tricks to use an electric drill safely before you use it on the trampoline.

An electric drill is a must for professional trampoline assembly or disassembly servicemen. And as a homeowner, you can also consider this for quick disassembly of your trampoline frame screws.

We highly recommend BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Cordless Drill.

4. Safety Gloves

You need a good pair of hand gloves while installing or disassembling the trampoline. Gloves are used when detaching the rusty springs and metal parts to avoid injuries and increase safety. These protect hands from metal chips, dirt, and other debris.

The gloves should be thick enough so you get proper hand safety. Double-coated work gloves will be the best choice in this regard. So ensure hand safety during assembling or detaching the trampoline.

If you need a good pair of hand gloves for trampoline disassembly consider the G & F Products – 3100L-DZ-Parent Rubber Latex Double Coated Work Gloves.

5. Rubber Mallet

Sometimes a mallet may help you set up or take down a trampoline. A small smash of the mallet will help to set the parts well. It’s also helpful to install the wind stakes.

During disassembling the trampoline, you may face some parts of the trampoline like the frame or poles stuck together, several smashes of rubber mallets will solve the issue easily.


Proper tools and accessories make the trampoline put together and the take-apart process easier. So, it’s recommended to have all tools at hand before you are installing or taking apart the trampoline.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know now what tools need to put together or take apart a trampoline. So, get these and move to install or take down your trampoline quickly.

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