How to Assemble & Disassemble Mini Trampoline (Spring & Bungee Models)

Mini trampolines are available as spring and bungee models. Both kids and adults can use these for indoor exercise. If you own one or want to purchase one soon, you may wonder how to assemble or dismantle a mini trampoline.

Installing a mini trampoline or rebounder includes joining the frame together, attaching the springs or bungee cords to the mat and frame, joining the legs, etc. Whereas the mini trampoline disassembly method includes of detaching the legs, mat, springs or bungees, legs, and other parts one by one.

This blog will give you a clear idea of putting together or taking apart your mini trampoline or rebounder step by step.

How to Install a Mini Trampoline/Rebounder?

The key things to set up a mini trampoline or rebounder are almost the same. The difference in these models mainly occurs due to the bungees or springs construction.

The steps to install a spring and bungee mini trampoline and rebounder are-

  1. Lay out all the parts and tools
  2. Assemble the frame
  3. Install the springs or bungees with the mat
  4. Secure the legs
  5. Attach the handle and other things

Let’s have a discussion on these in detail.

How to Install a Mini Trampoline or Rebounder

Step 1: Lay Out All the Parts and Tools

First of all, spread all the parts that come with the mini trampoline or rebounder. These include frame tubes, springs or bungees, mat, legs, handle, etc.

For installing the indoor trampoline, the package might include some tools like a spring puller, wrench, etc. Make sure, all the parts and tools are available before hopping on the setup.

Step 2: Assemble the Frame

Now start assembling the frame tubes together. Usually, mini trampolines or rebounders come in 3 or more frame rings.

Attach the frame tubes one by one together to complete the circle. You can do that by inserting one part end with the other part end.

Step 3: Install the Springs or Bungees With the Mat

Then, connect the bungee cords or springs with the rebounder frame and jumping mat. Bungee ropes or springs assembly is a little tricky.

While installing bungee cords or springs, don’t set up the adjacent ones at once. Otherwise, it will be very hard even impossible to attach them. The right way is to install springs one by one diagonally.

This means, after connecting the first bungee or spring, moves in the opposite direction of the first cord. Then another two on the left and right. In this pattern complete the bungee assembly.

Most manufacturers include a spring-pulling tool to put on the bungees or springs. But you can use any alternative tools to the spring puller for spring or bungee attachment.

Step 4: Secure the Legs

After attaching the mat and springs or bungees now connect the legs to get the full shape of the mini trampoline or rebounder. You may use screws or bolts to secure the legs.

Step 5: Attach the Handle and Other Things

So, the rebounder or mini trampoline assembly is almost completed. Now, attach the optional parts like the handle, net, ladder, etc, if needed. Congratulations on installing the trampoline indoors successfully.

The following video shows how to assemble a bungee rebounder

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How to Take Apart a Mini Trampoline/Rebounder?

Mini trampolines are small in size so most of them can be easily carried from one place to another, and even some of them are foldable. So, there isn’t any need of dismantling them, still, you may want to disassemble them sometimes.

The steps to dismantle a mini trampoline and rebounder includes-

  1. Detach the handle and slack parts
  2. Remove the legs
  3. Dismantle the mat and springs or bungees
  4. Disassemble the frame

Now, it’s time to explain the steps.

How to Take Apart a Mini Trampoline or Rebounder

Step 1: Detach the Handle and Slack Parts

Firstly, remove the slack parts like the handle, net, spring pad, basketball hoop, and other slack parts of the rebounder or mini trampoline. You may need a wrench or similar tools to do it.

Step 2: Remove the Legs

Then detach the legs from the frame by unscrewing the bolts using a wrench.

Step 3: Dismantle the Mat and Springs or Bungees

Now, detach the springs or bungees from the mat hooks and frame. To undo the springs or bungees, you may need a spring removal tool here.

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Step 4: Disassemble the Frame

And finally, take apart the frame tubes. If they get stuck, don’t worry use WD-40, grease, etc, to unstick them.

Below video shows mini trampoline or rebounder disassembly process.

Final Verdict

Mini trampoline or rebounder assembly and disassembly are easy tasks. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, you can do these within 10 to 30 minutes. When installing or taking the mini-trampoline apart, you may flip it several times for doing the task effectively.

Hopefully, you can now set up or dismantle the indoor trampoline easily. If you have any queries, comment below. And share this article with friends and families.

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