Is It Hard to Disassemble a Trampoline? 7 Simple Steps

A good trampoline in the backyard can be year-round fun and exercise for the whole family, right? But, you may have to end up the pleasure by dismantling this equipment for some obvious reasons like in extreme snow or hurricane.

So, how to disassemble a trampoline easily. If have the right tools, it’s not too hard, just detach the parts one after another like net, spring, mat, frame, etc to take apart the trampoline. This will protect your exercise equipment from harsh weather and extend its overall lifespan.

Let’s learn the trampoline-taking down method in detail.

Why Do You Take Down a Trampoline?

Trampoline disassembly is required for several reasons, such as-

a) Protect Trampoline from Harsh Weather

Harsh weather can damage the trampoline severely. Snow and moist weather are potential threat to the trampoline. It may damage the springs, mat, enclosure net, and safety pad, and even can form rust in the frame.

So, if you live in a heavy rainfall area, take down the trampoline before winter knocks. This will protect your trampoline from the chill. For low snowfall areas, weather cover is a good element to protect the trampoline from winter.

Similarly, trampoline disassembly is beneficial during storms and hurricanes. If the forecast says a hurricane is at the front door, don’t delay detaching all the parts of the trampoline, as wind stakes are not enough to hold the trampoline in this situation. And there are a few more ways to secure your trampoline from heavy winds.

Also, if you don’t want to use the trampoline in the summer or go out of home for a couple of months, then you can consider partial or full disassembly of the trampoline. Doing this, you won’t do an extensive cleaning of the trampoline.

b) Save Your Penney

Trampoline disassembly will protect your trampoline from being damaged by harsh weather, hence saving the extra cost of buying a new trampoline or at least the replacement cost. So, taking apart the trampoline will save you penny.

c) Trampoline Relocating

Sometimes you might relocate the trampoline to another place. This includes backyard renovation, shifting to your new house, hand over the trampoline to another owner’s backyard, and you name it! If any instance happens to you, trampoline dismantling is necessary.

Sometimes you can move the trampoline without disassembling it. But, putting down will be the last option when the moving method won’t work, or the trampoline is heavy enough.

Is It Hard to Disassemble a Trampoline & Can I Do It Alone?

how to disassemble a trampoline

Taking apart the trampoline is not too difficult if you have the right tools and know the disassembly tricks well. Anyone can take down a trampoline by themselves. But it’s recommended to take another person’s help due to safety factors.

If you go to break down the trampoline without anyone’s help there is a high chance of falling the heavy frame on your feet so it could be hazardous.

You can dismantle the small trampolines like 7 ft, 8 ft, or 10 ft by yourself. But if the trampoline is large enough, you shouldn’t try it alone. In this case, you need at least two people to complete the disassembly process.

If you want to dismount a trampoline by yourself, you should consult with experts. On top of that, read the manufacturer’s trampoline disassembly guidelines to be a master.

When you understand all the processes clearly, go for trampoline uninstalling. But, if you are not confident and doing it for the first time, then take help from family members or friends; even you can hire a professional trampoline disassembly technician to make the process hassle-free.

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What to Do Before Disassembling Your Trampoline?

Before disassembling a trampoline, you have to consider several things, such as reading the manufacturer’s guidelines and gathering the necessary tools.

Read Manufacturer’s Trampoline Dismantling Instructions

It’s highly recommended to read out the trampoline manufacturer’s user manual thoroughly to know if there is any critical step or trick to disassemble the trampoline. This will illustrate the dismantling steps with the tools you require to take apart the trampoline.

The trampoline disassembly process also varies from one trampoline brand to another, even from trampoline size and shape. For example, the bungee trampolines and Springfree trampolines disassembly process is quite different from the usual trampolines taking down method.

If you lost the user manual, you can download it online or watch some videos or read blogs from experts.

Trampoline Disassembly Tools

The most important tools that you may require to dismantle a trampoline are-

  • Spring puller
  • Allen wrench, spanner, or screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Rubber mallet
  • Hand gloves

How to Take Apart a Trampoline Step-by-Step?

Trampoline disassembly can be divided into two categories- full dismantling and partial dismantling. Depending upon the situation, you might put down several parts while keeping other parts up or go for the full dismounting.

How to Take Apart a Trampoline

7 steps of trampoline disassembly are-

  1. Trampoline cleaning
  2. Remove the ladder, pegs, and other slack parts
  3. Take down the poles, and enclosure net
  4. Detach the spring cover
  5. Disassemble the springs
  6. Fold the trampoline mat
  7. Take apart the frame, and legs

After knowing the key points, let’s know how to disassemble a trampoline in detail!

Note: If you are not adult enough, don’t try trampoline disassembly at home. It is also recommended to keep children away from the trampoline uninstalling places. And so it with proper safety items.

Step 1: Clean the Trampoline

You may be prepared to put down the trampoline, but is your trampoline ready yet? The trampoline should be cleaned well if it is filthy before you dismantle it.

If you store the trampoline with damp, rust, bacteria, fungus, corrosion, and other environmental debris these will harm the trampoline severely. This will also lessen the longevity of the trampoline. So, it is necessary to clean first before you disassemble the parts.

To clean the trampoline sweep the trampoline with a long handle broom. If needed, clean the accumulated dirt using soapy solutions and rinse with water. Then, let the trampoline in sun to make it dry.

Step 2: Remove the Slack Parts

After cleaning and drying the trampoline, it’s time to take down the trampoline parts one by one. So, begin with the slackest parts and accessories like the basketball hoop, ladder, anchor kits, sprinkler, tent, you name it.

You can remove the trampoline wind stakes or pegs easily using the spring puller tool. The ladder, basketball hoop, and other parts can be detached by untying the straps.

Step 3: Take Down the Poles and Enclosure Net

Now go for detaching the enclosure net and poles. Some trampolines have a top-rail over the poles, in this case, put down the top-rail first. Then untie the straps of the enclosure net and remove the net. Afterward, detach the net poles from the trampoline frame.

If the net has any rip repair it and clean the accumulated dirt with detergent or soapy solution. Then make them dry. You can wrap the poles with cloth or wrapping tapes to prevent corrosion of the poles.

Step 4: Detach the Spring Cover

Most trampoline frame covers are one piece of cover used for safety purposes. You can easily remove the spring padding just by untying the straps of the trampoline pad underneath the trampoline.

But some pads are stitched with jumping mats or attached to the trampoline net. If that happens with your trampoline, follow the manufacturer’s trampoline disassembly guidelines to put down the safety pad.

After detaching the cover, clean the accumulated birds’ poop, black residue, and other dirt from the pad using a soapy solution and mildly warm water. But don’t soak the cover in the water as it’s very susceptible to water. Then dry it in the sun and fold it several times to keep it in the box.

What to do now? Well, it’s time to dismantle the trampoline mat and springs.

Step 5: Disassemble the Springs

Removal of trampoline springs is one of the trickiest parts of taking down a trampoline process. You know, springs and mats are attached together.

You can take springs off from the trampoline either by spring tool and spring tool alternatives or without tools. This article explains the process in detail,

You can see the video to learn the trampoline spring removal process.

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Step 6: Fold the Trampoline Mat

When you detach the springs, the mat will be separated automatically from the trampoline. Trampoline mat is the most exposed part of the trampoline where different types of dirt form usually.

If you store the trampoline mat with dirt there is a high chance to damage the mat. So, clean the mat before you fold.

Some common dirt that piles in the mat are birds poop, black residue, debris, and you name it. Clean them well using the soapy solution and rinse with water. If there is any mat hole repair it soon. After that, dry out in the sun.

Now lay down the mat in the ground and fold it up several times. Firstly, fold it by half, then repeat the action until it becomes very compact to fit your storage box.

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Step 7: Take Apart the Frame and Legs

After dismounting the trampoline springs and mat, the only thing that is left there is the frame. So, how to dismantle a trampoline frame? Disassembling the trampoline is all about unscrewing the screws and taking apart the parts one by one.

Phillip’s head screwdriver will help you a lot to remove the screws easily. And a power drill will help you do the removing the screws faster. In this stage, you can use hand gloves, eye goggles, and boots for safety.

Now detach the top rail from the legs by unscrewing the nuts. Don’t do this also. Take help from partners to avoid falling the heavy metal legs or frame on you that may hurt you seriously.

While uninstalling any legs, stand in the middle of the leg and exert upward pressure on the top rail; thus, the leg will be disconnected. In some cases, the legs and top rail are joined very tightly, whereas a mallet can help you detach them comfortably.

So, the legs are detached and only the outer rings and T-sections are left. Keep the legs together and go for removing the remaining parts. Now disengage the tube rails by exerting pressure and twisting the rails. Also, detach the T-joints. After that, clean them well and remove rust too.

So, you’ve successfully disassembled the trampoline parts by parts. Congratulations!

If you are a visual learner, the following video will help you to know more about how to take a trampoline apart.

Several Other Trampolines Dismantling Instructions

How to Put Down a Springfree Trampoline?

Springfree trampoline disassembly is easier than the usual trampolines. First, dismantle the basketball hoop, net, and poles. To detach the poles, you have to remove the c-clips connected to the trampoline frame.

The flexible rods taking down is tricky here. Palm up the top of the flexible rod with your primary hand and push the rod forward. At the same time, grip the rod holder with your secondary hand and lift it up. Thus, using both hands you can easily detach the flexible rod.

If there are two-person, one will go under the trampoline and pull the top of the rod towards the trampoline center. And another person will lift up the rod holder. This allows quick disassembly of the trampoline.

After removing all the rods, the mat will be detached too. Then take apart the frame and legs like the usual models that we discussed above.

How to Take Apart a Rusty Trampoline?

Taking down the rusty or broken springs are challenging than the healthy springs. In this case, it’s mandatory to wear gloves at hand to protect hands from rust and metal chips.

Basically, metal parts like poles, springs, and frames may form rust. So, while removing the rusty springs or metal parts do the tasks carefully. Remove the net and spring pad then go for detaching the springs.

The first two springs’ removal is very important here. Using a spring tool or alternative t-hook pull tool, disassemble the first spring. Then detach just the opposite spring of the first one. So, two primary springs removal is completed.

After that, dismantle all other springs one by one, following the first two springs’ detachment methods. When springs and mat detachment is completed, then take apart the frame.

How to Store Trampoline after Taking It Apart?

If you dismount the trampoline for harsh weather like heavy snow, then you have to store the trampoline in a dry and safe place. Here is the trampoline packing process in brief.

Lay down all the trampoline parts that you’ve disassembled already. Sort the similar parts together like all springs together, frame parts in one place, etc.

Maybe you’ve cleaned all the trampoline parts well after removing them. Still, if any part has dirt or debris, clean and dry it out. Also, remove rust from metal parts.

If you have trampoline storage boxes, bring them out and pack all the parts inside there. Keep screws and small parts in small packets. Don’t worry if you have boxes. Make some boxes using thick paper boxes or use cloths as boxes.

After that, store all the boxes in your garage or store room until you reinstall the trampoline. That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any trampoline disassembly service near me?

Ans: Yes, there are many trampoline disassembly services in your city if you are a US citizen. Just search in Google, typing trampoline disassembly service near me with your city name. You will find lots of options there.

We recommend disassembling the trampoline by yourself. But, if you are not confident or don’t have enough time, only then hire a professional trampoline disassembly serviceman to do the task. But be ready to pay a handsome amount of money to him/her.

2. Is cleaning essential before installing the trampoline next season?

Ans: Before storing the trampoline, you might be cleaned the trampoline well. But if you store it for longer times, bacteria, fungus, or debris may grow there, so it’s important to clean them again before you reinstall.

When it’s time to install the trampoline, bring the trampoline box to the desired place, clean all the parts and assemble all the parts together.

3. Is it essential to learn the trampoline disassembly process?

Ans: Yes, it’s recommended to learn how to dismantle a trampoline in the right way. If you hire a professional, even then, you should learn the process so you can do it in need of essence.

4. How long does it need to take apart a trampoline?

Ans: Usually, larger models need comparatively more time to disassemble than smaller models. However, it depends on the technician’s skills, tool quality, and several more factors.

On average, it needs almost 3 to 4 hours to disassemble spring-based trampolines by a single man. On the other hand, Springfree trampolines need around 2 hours in the dismantling process. And small indoor trampolines can be disassembled within 15 minutes.

5. What to do if the screws are stuck in the frame?

Ans: This is a very common scenario as screws are fixed in a place for several months even years. In this case, apply penetrating oil or spray in the metal screws. And if possible, soak the screws in oil for at least 10 minutes. It will make the screws loose very quickly.

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6. How much does it cost to have trampoline disassembly?

Ans: This depends on the trampoline size and type. Professional disassembly service providers may charge $100 to $300 or even more for the full demounting of a trampoline.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article you now know the ins and outs of how to disassemble a trampoline. So, take down the trampoline and protect it from rough weather and extend the trampoline’s life.

One last reminder, focus on the project, especially while dismantling springs and frames; otherwise, severe injury may occur anytime. If you have any queries, please comment below.

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