Handy Guide to Install and Remove Trampoline Mat

A trampoline mat is an essential part of any trampoline. It’s the jumping bed where you keep your feet and bounce on the trampoline. The trampoline mat is connected through springs to the trampoline frame.

Whether you buy a new trampoline or plan to replace a mat, installing the trampoline mat is important. So, how to put a trampoline mat on? Well, trampoline mat assembly is an easy task that includes placing the mat between the frame and then connecting the mat and frame through springs. And the removal process is detaching mat from springs.

In this article, I’ll share the in-depth guide to setting up, taking off, and replacing the trampoline mat.

How to Put a Trampoline Mat on?

Installing a trampoline mat isn’t rocket science. You can set up a trampoline mat easily. So, let’s know, which way does a trampoline mat go.

How to Put a Trampoline Mat on

Step 1: Lay the Mat on Between the Trampoline Frame

Unfold the trampoline mat and place it inside the frame. Be sure the mat matches the trampoline size. For example, if your trampoline is 12 ft round, the mat should come with the associated model.

While placing the mat make sure the brand logo side goes upside as this is designed with UV treatment for weather protection and proper jumping.

Before attaching the mat to the frame, make sure you’ve already assembled the frame construction (O-rings, t-sockets, legs, and so on).

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Step 2: Attach Four Springs First

Now, connect the mat and frame through springs or bungee cords. It’s nothing but attaching all the springs one by one. Mat has many v-rings and the frame has numerous slots for spring attachment.

The first four springs attachment are very important here. Attach the first spring to any v-ring of the mat and any hole of the mat. Then assemble the second spring opposite the first one.

The third and fourth springs will go right angle to the first two springs. So, the first four springs are attached 90 degrees apart. And they now make an array.

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Step 3: Add Springs at Every Fourth Position

At this time, attach new springs to each fourth hole which means skip three positions then add one spring. So, complete the array in this way moving towards your left. Spring pulling tool or its alternatives will be handy here.

Step 4: Install Remaining Springs

You’ve already attached numerous springs, still, there are some blank v-rings and frame holes, right? So, add springs to these places and finish off the spring attachment.

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Step 5: Put on the Safety Pad

After installing the trampoline mat successfully, now place the safety pad on the springs and tie the straps on the trampoline. The trampoline safety pad increases the jumping space as well as protects the jumpers from spring impact.

A spring pad has usually metal hooks, ropes, or Velcro to fix the padding with the trampoline. After finishing the spring pad assembly, align it correctly over all the springs.

Congratulation on connecting the trampoline mat successfully!

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How to Take a Trampoline Mat off?

Trampoline mat removal might be necessary for some reasons such as to protect it from harsh weather like snow. It’s quite easy to remove a trampoline mat actually.

But you should be careful while doing it, especially when dealing with rusty springs. You may need a trampoline spring tool (or alternatives) and gloves to do it.

Hook the spring hook at the v-ring side and pull the spring toward the trampoline center until it detaches. Then remove all the springs one by one. So, you can detach the trampoline mat easily in this method.

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How to Replace a Trampoline Mat?

Before replacing the trampoline mat, be sure it needs replacement actually. If it has a small hole, you can repair it and use it further. But when it has a large hole or wear and tear or damage several v-rings then go for replacing it.

Trampoline mat replacement includes several steps-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which side of the trampoline mat goes up?

Ans: The upside of the trampoline will go up. But it might be tricky to find out the upside of the trampoline mat sometimes.

The upside of the mat usually has the brand logo of the manufacturer. If it has no logo, you can figure out its upside and downside by a quick experiment.

Look at the mat, the side that has less visible stitching is the upside of the mat. The upside of the mat is comparatively plane, but the opposite side is quite rough.

The underside of the trampoline mat has a matching loop ladder that shows machine row-stitching.

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2. My trampoline mat is upside down – does it matter?

Ans: It isn’t a huge problem actually if you install a trampoline mat upside down. Even, you mightn’t get any wrong jumping at this situation.

But you may experience some abrasions from the backside of the mat. So, you should reverse it and bring the actual upside up for the best jumping experience.

Below are some facts that indicate why should you avoid keeping the trampoline mat upside down.

  • The upside of the mat has good UV protection compared to the backside. So, if the downside of the trampoline mat is up, the mat won’t get the proper protection thus it won’t get longer life.
  • Upside down trampoline mat has some risks of flexes and wriggles that could be hazardous later.

3. How to put on a rectangle trampoline mat?

Ans: Attaching a rectangle or square trampoline mat is a tad different than the round models. For quick setup, you may require at least two people here.

Start with attaching the four corners’ springs. Attach two springs at each corner which means one spring goes to one side and another spring to the adjacent side. This way, you will connect eight springs at four corners.

Now, attach one spring in the middle to each side. Then, connect the rest springs and do this from side to center. You can attach the long sides springs first, followed by the short sides’ springs.

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I hope you’ve understood the ins and outs of how to put a trampoline mat on and trampoline mat detaching and replacing methods. Although easy, still be careful as springs might poke and hurt you anytime.

It’s also recommended to keep kids away while installing or removing the trampoline mat or spring. So, when it’s time to install the trampoline mat do it correctly and enjoy the lovely bounce.

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