Top 7 Trampoline Spring Puller Alternatives (Suggestions + DIY)

A trampoline spring tool is an important accessory for attaching or detaching springs on the trampoline. But, if you lost it, don’t worry; there are several trampoline spring tool alternatives like pliers, screwdrivers, caulk guns, and many more to do the job done.

These tools can be used as the right substitutes for the trampoline spring pulling t-hook. In the following section, I’ll talk about the trampoline spring puller and different alternatives to the trampoline spring tool. Let’s get started.

What is Trampoline Spring Tool?

trampoline spring puller

A trampoline spring puller is a tool that is used for attaching, and detaching springs. Sometimes it is also used to remove the wind stakes from the ground.

So this tool is important for the trampoline assembly and disassembly process. Several other names for the trampoline spring puller are trampoline spring tool, trampoline spring pulling hook, trampoline spring t-hook, etc.

It has two ends- one end looks like T, which is the handle, and another end looks like J, which is the hook. And there is a joining rod (frame) between them.

The handle might make from metal, plastic, or rubber. An ergonomically designed handle helps to exert good force on spring attachment or detachment. On the other hand, the hook of the spring removal tool is made of durable metal.

When you buy a trampoline, most trampoline manufacturers provide the spring loading tool with the trampoline packages. However, you can buy it either from a brick-and-mortar shop or online, like Amazon.

How to Use a Trampoline Spring Loading Tool?

Before using a spring tool, it’s important to know how to use a spring tool in the right way. You can use it both for spring attachment and removal.

When you want to attach or detach springs using a trampoline spring removal tool, hook the open end (frame side) of the spring and pull it toward you. Alternatively, you can also hook the closed end (mat-side) of the spring.

Note: Spring has two ends- a closed (loop) end that usually goes to the v-ring of the mat, and an open (free, comparatively smaller curve) end that is attached to the frame.

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Recommended Spring Pulling Tool

If you want to purchase the best trampoline spring pull tool, SUNJOIN Trampoline Spring Pull Tool T-Hook will be an unbeatable option. It’s a universal spring assembly or disassembly tool. So, you can use this on any trampoline spring.

It’s durably made, such as the handle being plastic constructed, whereas the shaft and hook are a powerful metal made. The handle is 4.56 inches, so you can easily grip the handle. Moreover, the ergonomic finger groove handle allows a comfortable and strong grip.

The shaft of the universal trampoline spring tool is 4.45 inches long. This extended shaft will allow you to pull springs safely. So, don’t miss this spring puller to take spring on and off safely.

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Trampoline Spring Tool Alternatives (7 Options)

Have you lost your trampoline spring pulling t-hook, don’t fret; there are numerous alternative options. These trampoline spring puller alternatives will help you to attach and detach the springs like the spring assembly and disassembly tool.

Several good trampoline spring pullers substitutes are pliers, screwdrivers, caulking guns, springs, etc. Here I’ll elaborately discuss 7 different alternatives to spring puller t-hooks.

Trampoline Spring Tool Alternatives

1. Screwdriver

A screwdriver or nut driver is one of the most available and easiest alternatives to the trampoline spring-pulling t-hook. But it should be strong and long enough for safe assembling and removal of the spring.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • Hook one side of the spring to the v-ring of the mat.
  • Then insert the shaft of the screwdriver into the other end of the spring.
  • Now pull the screwdriver shaft towards the mat until the spring reaches the frame hole.
  • Then attach the spring to the frame and complete the array.

While removing the springs, hook on the v-ring side spring end and pull it towards the trampoline center until the spring detaches. Then remove the spring from the frame end too.

2. Pliers

Pliers are a common tool for homeowners. Without investing in a new tool, you can use it for spring attaching or removal. Although this works well, still, I don’t recommend this method for everyone as it requires muscle work to put the springs in the right place.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • To put on a spring on the trampoline, hook one end of the spring either in the frame or v-ring.
  • Then hold the other end of the spring using the pliers and pull it to hook it in the slot.

The spring removal process is the opposite of the spring attachment method.

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3. Caulking Gun

If you want a speedy process to put springs on and off, a caulking gun will be the ideal option for you. Caulk guns are made from durable metal. This mechanical device has a trigger like a gun and a plunger arm in the rare end.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • Hook the plunger arm end with a v-ring and keep the gun parallel to the ground.
  • Now press and pump the trigger of the caulk gun to bring the v-ring and frame closer to each other.
  • When the mat and v-ring come closed enough, attach the springs with the v-ring of the mat and frame.
  • Then press the trigger again to release and loosen the plunger arm.

The spring disassembly process is the opposite of the spring attachment method.

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4. Trampoline Spring

A spring itself can be used to attach and detach the trampoline spring. In this case, use the open end of the ‘tool’ spring in the spring’s assembly and disassembly process.

If you want to put on and off the trampoline spring without any tools, this is the right way to do it. This is one of the best trampoline spring tool alternatives too.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • Hook one side of the spring in the v-ring of the mat.
  • Hold another end of the spring using the ‘tool’ spring. Usually, the open end of the ‘tool’ spring is used to hold the springs.
  • Now pull the spring and hook it to the frame slot.

When removing springs, the process will be reversed.

The video below shows how to remove the spring using a ‘tool’ spring.

5. Rope

Probably the cheapest trampoline spring-pulling t-hook alternative is rope. Without spending a penny, you can make your own spring puller using the rope. You can also use bungee rope to attach and detach springs on the trampoline.

Make sure the rope is strong enough, and its length is around 2 to 3 ft. Sometimes rope may slip or snap off the hook, so you can use hand gloves to avoid this.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • To attach springs using rope, hook one end of the spring with the frame.
  • Tie a loop in the other end of the spring hook.
  • Then pull the spring to hook in the v-ring of the mat.

For detaching, tie the rope at the spring end at the v-ring and remove the spring.

6. Rope and Prybar

Another option is using rope and a prybar to put on and off the springs. You need a long rope and Prybar or any durable rod or large screwdriver to do the trick.

How to use it to put on and off the trampoline spring?

  • Tie the rope slackly with the frame and a v-ring to make a loop.
  • Insert the prybar or crowbar into the loop end of the frame and twist it to tighten the loop. This will also twist the rope.
  • When the v-rings are close enough to the frame you can easily attach or detach the springs.

This way is quite time-consuming compared to other options; still, you may try this.

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7. Homemade Trampoline Spring Pull T-Hook

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can make the trampoline spring t-hook tool by yourself using wood and nail. The wood should be almost 4 inches long and 1 to 2 inches thick, whereas the steel nail should be 5 to 6 inches long.

How to make a DIY trampoline spring puller?

  • Drill the wood center to snugly fit the nail.
  • Now drive the nail into the hole using a hammer.
  • Then bend the tip (almost ½ inch below the tip) around 90 degrees of a nail using pliers.
  • So, the wood and nail are now converted into a trampoline spring puller.

You can use this homemade trampoline spring-pulling tool like the original spring puller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a spring puller to remove all types of wind stakes from the ground?

Ans: Yes, a spring puller is a good way to remove the wind stakes from the ground. But, it’s most effective for U-shaped ones; still, it also works for other shapes like J, T, and helix shape anchor kits.

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2. Is it necessary to use hand gloves while attaching or detaching trampoline springs using a t-hook?

Ans: It’s not mandatory, but you can use hand gloves for safety reasons.

Final Words

Trampoline spring tool alternatives are handy tools to put on, and off the springs in the trampoline in case you’ve lost the original trampoline spring tool. So, you can use these spring puller t-hooks alternatives for easy attachment and detachment of trampoline springs.

And if you want, you can make a DIY homemade trampoline spring pulling tool without any cost. I also discussed here, how to use these tools for spring attachment and detachment. Hopefully, you can now install and remove the springs safely.

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