Why In-Ground Trampolines are Safer Than Usual Trampolines?

Of course, in-ground trampolines introduce some astounding features for trampoline lovers. Thus, many homeowners are choosing this type over the traditional models for fun. So, you might be wondering ‘are in-ground trampolines safer than above-ground trampolines’?

The short answer is yes, and the main reason behind this is the low-height trampoline, lesser bounce, and no-ladder design. Also, spring pad provides great safety to the sunken trampoline. Moreover, you can add enclosure net to make it safer.

I’ll explain here the reasons why are sunken trampolines safer than regular trampolines.

How Safe Are In-Ground Trampolines?

In-ground trampolines are the ideal choice for safety concern people. Here are several causes that make sunken trampolines safer compared to traditional trampolines.

  • Low-ground models are closer to the ground, which enhances safety
  • Lesser bounce reduces the chance of injuries
  • Prevent pets and kids to go underneath the tramp
  • High winds can’t blow and damage them
  • Thick safety pads make tramps safer
  • No ladder design reduces risks
  • Easy care and maintenance

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Are In-Ground Trampolines Safer Than Above Ground Trampolines?

Yes, in-ground trampolines are a quite better choice than normal trampolines in terms of safety. Here are some important things that make sunken trampolines safer.

Are In-Ground Trampolines Safer

Low-Ground Design

It is generally considered that in-ground trampolines are safer than the ones above the ground. This is because they are on the ground, eliminating the chances of falling off.

But then again, trampolines are all about launching you a few feet above the ground so the chances of injuries are still not completely eliminated.

Thus, it’s recommended to put good base material on trampoline edging so jumpers won’t get heavy impact if they fall suddenly on the ground.

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Lesser Bounce

In general, regular trampolines provide higher bouncing than sunken models. But, most in-ground trampolines have lesser bouncing capacity. So, if you are concerned about safety, a sunken trampoline will be a better choice than an above-ground trampoline.

No Ladder

In-ground trampolines don’t need any ladder to get onto the trampoline thus children can easily access the jumping bed. This also reduces the risks of falling from the ladder.

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Thick Safety Pad

Like normal trampolines, in-ground trampolines use springs to generate bounce. But, spring impact might be hazardous.

Both sunken and regular trampolines come with spring padding to reduce the impact, but in-ground trampolines come with specially designed thick safety padding that eliminates injuries greatly.

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Safety Net

Although in-ground trampolines are low-height trampolines, still there are some chances of falling off the ground. To eliminate such injury, you can add an enclosure net to the trampoline. A safety net also prevents unwanted visits to your trampoline.

Besides safety, you can attach game accessories with the enclosure net of the sunken trampoline.

Retailing Wall

The retaining wall holds the sunken trampoline in place. It prevents the trampoline from sliding or sinking into the ground. Whereas usual trampolines may slide with bounce, especially if it’s placed on a slope or uneven ground.

Final Thoughts

In-ground trampolines are considered safer compared to above-ground trampolines due to their low height, no-ladder design, and lesser bounce. But sunken trampolines aren’t completely risk-free.

So, it’s recommended to take the necessary precautions while jumping on the sunken trampoline. Thus, install a safety net and spring cover to make it safer.

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to are sunken trampolines safer for kids. As in-ground trampolines are safer, thus considering kids’ age, you can allow your children to jump happily on the in-ground trampoline.

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