3 Quick Fixes to Bent/Broken Trampoline Pole

Trampoline poles support the enclosure net to keep it stable. But trampoline net poles might be bent or broken, which needs quick fixing to avoid safety hazards.

Have you been wondering, ‘how to fix trampoline net pole’? There are several ways, such as straightening the bent poles, welding the broken poles, installing trampoline pole replacement, etc. So you can easily repair the damaged trampoline net support poles. In case you need to replace the pole, don’t worry; it’s available at an affordable price.

This blog will guide you to repair your warped or broken trampoline poles in different ways. Before that,m let’s know the reasons why do trampoline poles get damaged.

Why Do Trampoline Net Poles Broken or Bent?

Trampoline poles might get damaged for numerous reasons, including-

How to Fix Trampoline Net Pole

Jumping on Net or Poles

Sometimes you might jump on the net or poles accidentally. This will tend to bend the trampoline poles.

Heavy Wind or Storm

If the trampoline isn’t secured well in the ground, there is a high chance the trampoline will blow away in the wind or storm. This may either warp or break the trampoline poles.

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Falling Heavy Items

Falling heavyweight materials on trampoline poles will cause them to bend or break.

How to Fix Trampoline Net Pole?

Now, I’ll break down different methods to repair the damaged trampoline.

1. Straightening the Bent Poles

If one or more trampoline net poles get bent, don’t worry, you can straighten them. To do it follow the steps below.

  • Detach the warped pole from the trampoline first. Then take it to the machine shop. The mechanic will help you straighten it without using a straightening machine.
  • If you are unable to take it to the mechanic, then try to straighten the poles at home. For example, put the poles on metal or hard surfaces, then apply hand force or hammer it until it is fully straightened out. 
  • Alternatively, you can straighten the poles by heating and hammering.

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2. Welding the Broken Poles

How to fix broken trampoline net poles

When trampoline one or more trampoline poles are broken, welding the parts together will be a good idea to fix them. You can take help from a professional welder to rebuild them.

Alternatively, you can rent or buy a welding machine to fix the broken poles of your trampoline.

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3. Trampoline Pole Replacement

The easiest way to fix bent trampoline poles is to replace the faulty poles with new ones. You need to consider the poles types while buying new ones like height, type, material, etc.

The pole could be a straight, arched, curved, straight, curved enclosure with a top ring, and so on. It’s important to choose the right type that matches your trampoline.

So, if you’re wondering, can you replace a pole on a trampoline? The answer is yes, you can do it. But make sure the new pole is just the same as the previous one.

Trampoline net support poles are available online and in local shops. For trustworthy choices, you can pick a trampoline from Amazon.

If you need an alternative to a trampoline pole, the electrical conduit or plain steel rod will be some good ways to go. These are more affordable compared to the usual poles, but you have to purchase the fittings separately.

This is our recommended Skywalker trampoline enclosure pole.

The following video shows how to fix broken trampoline net poles with helpful tips to assemble the poles with the trampoline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a) How to fix stuck trampoline poles?

Ans: Sometimes trampoline pole parts might stick together for many reasons. To unstick the poles, you can use WD40, grease, or apply force using a hammer.

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b) What are trampoline poles made of?

Ans: The quality trampoline enclosure net poles are usually made from galvanized and non-corrosive steel that withstands harsh weather.

Wrap Up

Fixing a trampoline pole isn’t a very difficult task; you can do it by following some simple steps. If it’s bent, try to straighten it up. In case it’s broken, weld it well to get back the pole. And if you want, you can replace the damaged or bent pole with a new one.

Hopefully, you can now repair the pole of the trampoline successfully. If you are unable to repair the trampoline pole, consider reusing it without throwing it away.

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