35 Amazing DIY Repurpose & Recycle Old Trampoline Ideas

Looking for stunning old or broken trampolines ideas? Well, this is the right place to get amazing recycled trampoline ideas. Many people throw their used trampolines out as they don’t have the right ideas on how to recycle old trampolines. But, upcycling out of the old trampolines, you can make cool things for home and garden.

Have you wondered what types of projects can be done with old trampolines? You can make lots of amazing items for your home and garden using the old trampoline. Some of the popular old trampolines projects are swing bed, chicken coop, hammock, swimming pool, greenhouse, and many more. And learning the best old trampoline ideas will help you to do the fun things correctly.

In this article, I’ve compiled various cool ideas to repurpose trampolines so you can do these amazing DIY old trampoline projects. Let’s get numerous stunning upcycled trampoline hacks!

35 Cool Things to Do with an Old Trampoline

old trampoline ideas

Have you wondered what to do with an old trampoline? Well, the old trampolines can be used in many ways. Out of the abundant recycling trampoline parts ideas, I’ve planned to cover the 35 best ways to repurpose the old trampoline.

Some projects need several trampoline parts and a few projects can be completed using a single part of the trampoline. So, here I’ve categorized the repurpose old trampoline projects according to the main part that you need to do the tasks.

Cool Ideas for Old Trampoline Frame

Frame of the trampoline may be bent or damaged partially or completely. When the bending isn’t very severe, you can fix it. But for extreme bending or damage, it can’t be repaired, still you can recycled it.

Trampoline frame can be reused to make wonderful things like swing bed, greenhouse, chicken coop, teepee, raised garden bed, garden borders, etc. Let’s learn how to do these.

1. Trampoline Swing Bed

If you want to make a swing bed using an old trampoline, you need an old rebounder. But, larger models can be used to do the project too.

Firstly, detach the safety net, poles, and legs from the trampoline. So the frame, mat, and springs are left.

Then, cover the steel frame using foam pool noodles to reduce impact. To do that, slice down one side of all the pool noodles and put them on the frame. Alternatively, you can opt for fabric.

Now make knots on each leg spot on the trampoline using ropes and secure them well. The ropes should be high-tensile strength so they could hold the swing weight.

After that, hang the trampoline swing bed from the tree, ceiling, pergola, or swing frame. You can make a swing frame using the trampoline’s poles too.

Finally, cover the springs and frame using thick padding materials like Papasan cushion. Now decorate the swing bed with pillows and your favorite items!

So the old trampoline now turns into a swing bed. Let’s swing on your newly made trampoline swing. Sounds interesting!

2. DIY Pool from a Trampoline

DIY Pool From A Trampoline
Source: The Sun

Honestly speaking, you can make a small swimming pool in the backyard using the out of a trampoline. Remove all parts like mat, springs, and enclosure net from the trampoline frame. So, only the frame and leg are left.

Now, clean the frame and legs very well. If there is any rust or sharp item remove it for safety. Also, sweep the ground to remove sharp and hard items.

After that, wrap the trampoline frame and legs with stretch wrap. Then lay down a thick polyethylene tarp inside the trampoline frame touching the ground. Also, secure the tarp using scotch tape.

Now fill water on the new structure with the garden hose. So the trampoline turns into a pool. Interesting, yeah! Let’s have fun in the trampoline pool.

You can watch the video to know more precisely how to make a pool out of a trampoline frame.

Note: You can also make a pool using the sunken trampoline. The main steps are- detaching the mat, laying down the tarp, pouring water, and having fun in the pool.

3. Teepee for Kids from Trampoline Upcycling

Teepee For Kids From Trampoline Upcycling
Source: BuzzFeed

Kids love to play in teepees very much. Without throwing away the old trampoline, you can make teepee tents for kids and toddlers using that with some basic skills.

Mini trampoline will be a good fit in this to reuse the old trampoline project. Now, remove the enclosure net and poles. Then attach ropes in several portions of the frame and hang the teepee shape old trampoline from the ceiling.

Keep the teepee height minimum so kids can climb easily. After that, surround the teepee with fabric. Then make a door and decorate the teepee.

4. Greenhouse from a Trampoline

A used trampoline can be a great way to make a greenhouse instead of tossing it out. Let’s know how to create a greenhouse out of a trampoline?

If your trampoline is round in shape, cut the frame into two half circles. From rectangle or other shapes, models make two equal parts. Place each frame in the ground so the shape makes half circle and legs go inside the house.

Now secure three net poles in the ground with each half-frame and tie them with the frame to stabilize the construction. Then attach some wood logs or plastic pipes to the top of the greenhouse.

Now cover the whole construction using polyethylene or similar materials to make the house waterproof.  After that, make door and windows as per your requirement. You can repurpose the trampoline mat as a floor mat.

So, the grow tunnel house now traps the temperature and you can use this house to grow plants or other purposes. That’s an amazing DIY gardening project using your old trampoline.

Hopefully, you’ve got the answer on how to turn an old trampoline into a greenhouse. Now the greenhouse will work as grow house for the plant.

5. Trampoline Chicken Coop and Pets Home

Trampoline Chicken Coop & Pets Home
Source: Pet DIYs

Do you know, how to make a trampoline chicken coop? Well, you can do it easily using your common senses. Detach the enclosure net and poles of the trampoline. Then surround the bottom of the frame with the net.

Fasten the net in several positions with legs and top rail for stability. Make a doorway for hen’s enter and exit. The springs and mat will act as the top of the chicken pen. You can also add an extra fabric layer to the trampoline bed. So the chicken coop is now ready.

Like hen coop, a trampoline frame can be reused for pets’ homes. You can make a cat, dog, bird, rabbit, or other animal home using the old trampoline. Even you can use it for goat or sheep tractors.

The following video shows a hen pen/tractor that is made from an old trampoline.

6. Trampoline Outdoor Bed

You may see a wonderful outdoor bed for the sleepover. The large outdoor trampoline is a good thing to do it. So, how to make an outdoor bed out of an old trampoline?

Detach the enclosure net from the main structure. If any repair is needed in the trampoline legs and frame do that before going to the next steps.

Now cover the trampoline bed with a soft blanket and bed sheet. Then enclose the surroundings of the trampoline using a fabric sheet with necessary doors and windows.

Also, add a good tarp on the top of the trampoline and secure it with the top of the poles. Then decorate the trampoline sleepover bedroom with your favorite lights, themes, and others.

So the outdoor bed is now ready for fun. If you love passing special moments, a trampoline sleepover in the open sky will be a good idea to spend quality time with your partner.

7. Backyard Camping 

If you don’t have enough time to go out camping, then backyard camping will be a great alternative. It’s like a camping sleepover using your backyard trampoline.

Kids will learn the basics of camping there and you’ll enjoy a good hang out in the backyard. Add a trampoline tent or camping tent to make it more enjoyable.

8. Trampoline Garden Arbor

This is another great way to repurpose the old trampoline. Arbor is a place used for landscaping and better growing to the climbing flowers and plants. That’s why it is also called the trampoline trellis. Besides these, the arbor provides shade to the seating area in the garden.

To make an arbor, you have to cut the trampoline frame in half and attach it with a fixed base. The innovative arched trampoline frame ideas will increase the garden looks. Thus you can turn the trampoline into a pergola.

9. Repurpose Trampoline to Make Giant Holiday Wreath​

In the same way of pergola, you can make giant wreaths in the garden to impress neighbors and guests. Joyce McCool shows a great repurpose recycle trampoline by making a big holiday wreath.

10. Decorative Raised Garden Beds

Decorative Raised Garden Beds From Trampoline
Source: Home Hacks

The old trampoline frame and mat can be reused for lucrative raised garden beds. On that structure, you can decorate varieties of plants and herbs.

The elevated trampoline garden will increase the garden’s beauty as well as help you spend quality time there. Women and seniors will love this old trampoline garden idea very much.

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11. Lumber Storage

In the same way as the DIY old trampoline greenhouse project, you can make a house to store your necessary things in the backyard like lumber. It is an affordable way as well as time-saving.

12. Build A Bench

Want to turn your old trampoline into a bench? Well, you can do it using a trampoline frame. It might require straightening the frame parts to have a good bench.

Now cut the frame into pieces according to your need, then weld them well. Also, polish the sharp edges to avoid poking while sitting there.

13. Build a Playground Spider Web

Source: Pinterest

Spider web is a great way of fun for the children. Without spending an extra penny for spider web, you can make it at home using the used trampoline frame. Add a thick and durable net or ropes with the trampoline frame to create a spider web.

14. Garden Frame

Detach the springs, mat, net poles, and enclosure web from the old trampoline frame. Now flip the upside-down of the trampoline. So the legs are up and the frame touches the ground.

This will delimit the garden. Then surround the trampoline legs with a net. Thus the trampoline surrounded garden is ready.

Amazing DIY Ideas out of a old Trampoline Mat

Want to recycle trampoline mat? Well, it’s possible to make cool things using trampoline mat for daily use like movie screen, shopping bags, exercise mat, patio shade, and many more.

15. Shopping Bags

This is a stunning idea for recycling trampoline parts. Using the mat of the trampoline, you can easily make eco-friendly bags at home. Cut the mat according to your required size and sew all the pieces together to complete the bag. Then add handles and zipper, that’s it.

16. Movie Screen

Upcycled repurposed trampoline ideas
Source: Mark Sutton

Making a big movie screen from out of the trampoline is one of the best upcycled repurposed trampoline ideas. This allows making your personal movie theater at home or outdoor to enjoy any event in a large gathering.

Square shape trampoline is most preferable in this case still other shaped models will work too. To make a large movie screen using the old trampoline, you have to invest money for a projetor.

Attach white canvas over the mat or paint the mat. But paint may wear off soon so the canvas will be the most suitable choice.

After adding white canvas, place the trampoline frame movie screen in a suitable wall or outdoor for showing pictures or videos in the family gathering.

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17. Hammock with Stand

The hammock is a great way to make fun either indoors or outdoor. Interestingly, you can make it using the out of trampoline mat. A rectangle or square mat will be the most suitable option to make a hammock easily. Other shapes also allow doing the old trampoline project.

Fold the mat several times until you get the right size and shape of the hammock. Now attach durable cords in four corners of the mat’s V-rings. Let’s hang the trampoline hammock.

Select two healthy trees for hanging the hammock. You can also make a hammock stand using the old trampoline enclosure posts. To do you need four poles in total. Each side will make A-shape.

Attach the trampoline hammock straps on the hammock frame to hold the hammock in place. So the hammock is now ready to hold your weight.

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18. Build A Plyometric Rebounder


It is a good project to repurpose or recycle a small trampoline or rebounder. If you want to do it, tilt the rebounder and make a plyometric rebounder easily, so it bounces back the ball when you throw the ball into the mat.

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19. Backyard Patio Shade

Trampoline mat can be upcycled to make patio shade. It’s simple, just fasten the mat with the top of the patio post. In the same way, you can make shade covers in your backyard. And making the structure waterproof, you have to attach additional polyethylene or other materials.

20. Exercise Mat

If you want to upcycle an old trampoline mat, an exercise mat will be a good idea. Cut the trampoline mat according to your desired size and use it as an exercise mat. Alternatively, you can use this as a floor mat.

21. Diving Board

Source: BuzzFeed

You can easily turn the old trampoline into a diving board. Detach the legs of the trampoline and set it on a corner or side of the pond, lake, or swimming pool. Make sure there are hollow spaces under the trampoline to create bounce.

22. Archery Backstop

Another unique old trampoline DIY idea is making an archery backstop. Detach the trampoline net and poles. Then place the trampoline with support at your desired distance so the mat stands vertical. Now attach the colorful circled white fabric with the mat. So this works as an archery backstop.

Uses for Old Trampoline Springs

How to use old trampoline springs? Trampoline springs can be repurposed in numerous ways like hanging items, hanging porch plants, musical xylophone, and so on.

23. Hanging Items

Trampoline springs allow to hang items with them. Just hook it in the ceiling or hang your desired essentials with it. You can color them for making them lucrative.

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24. Hanging Porch Plants

Hanging Porch Plants from trampoline springs
Source: Missy Stoker

If you love potted plants or gardening, you can make this more interesting using the old trampoline springs. Hang the small pots with springs in the front of your house. This is not only a unique old trampoline springs idea, but also prolongs the outlook of your home.

25. Musical Xylophone

Honestly speaking, you can make a natural xylophone using trampoline springs. Hang the metal tubes from trampoline springs in the windy area to hear the cool sound of the xylophone.

Ideas for out of a Trampoline Net

There are versatile old trampoline ideas and this is true for trampoline net too. You can recycle trampoline net to make window net, soccer goal, garden fence, etc.

26. Window Net

The used trampoline enclosure net can be repurposed as a window shade. It will protect your house from entering pets and unauthorized person from the window.

27. Soccer Goal

Another best use of the old trampoline net is using it as a soccer goal. To make a soccer goal the trampoline enclosure poles will be the soccer posts and the net will go in the net section.

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28. Garden Fence

Reuse old trampoline ideas
Source: Home Hacks

When the trampoline net is old enough or gets torn in several spots, it’s not wise to use it for surrounding the trampoline. In this case, you can use it for fencing the garden to prevent entering animals or unwanted people. Using this method, you can make a pest-proof garden easily.

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29. Volleyball Net

The trampoline net can be used as a volleyball net. You may need to cut the net to get the desired shape. Besides the net, enclosure poles can be used as volleyball posts. Also, you can make a basketball net in the same way.

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Upcycle Trampoline Net Poles

Trampoline poles can be upcycled to create canopy post, swing stand, soccer goal post, and many other purposes.

30. Canopy Post

Recycled trampoline’s enclosure net poles can be used as canopy frame posts.  Just install the post in the canopy to hold the structure upright.

31. Swing Set Stand

Swing Set Stand from old trampoline

Old trampoline frames can be recycled to create a swing set stand. To make an old trampoline swing set stand you need at least five poles. Each side of the frame consists of two posts and makes A-shape. Then attach a vertical post with the two A-frames of two sides.

So, you can easily make swing stand by repurposing trampoline mesh poles.

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Recycle Trampoline Ladder & Steps

Don’t throw the old trampoline ladder. It can be reused to get into your new trampoline or small playing climbing ladder.

32. Children’s Climbing Ladder

Kids need climbing ladders to get into the slide or other playset, the trampoline steps ladder can be used in such cases. Besides kids, adults can also use the trampoline stairs for household chores.

Repurpose Trampoline Safety Pad

Safety pad of the trampoline can be recycled to add cushioning on seat or any edges items.

33. Seat Pad

Old trampoline spring safety pad can be repurposed to make any seat padded and comfortable. You may need to stitch several parts to cover the whole seat.

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Repurpose Trampoline Springs Pool Noodles

Trampoline springs pool noodles can be reused to make door stopper, rest the wrists and many other uses.

34. Door Stopper

Sometimes door slam might be a threat while opening or closing the door. But you can stop the problem using spring pool noodles.

Just slice the noodles lengthwise using a sharp knife. Then smooth the cutting edges and use them in the door. Very simple, right?

35. Rest The Wrists

If you type on a computer for long period, this might cause tiredness and soreness of your wrists. Don’t worry, you can get rid of this problem by repurposing trampoline spring pool noodles.

Cut a pool as long as the length of your keyboard. Now cut off this segment into two sections lengthwise. Then place the half noodles on your desk facing down. That’s it.

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People Also Ask

1. What types of tools do I need for DIY old trampolines projects?

Ans: This may vary from project to project. Bus several common tools are the hammer, spring puller, wrench, pliers, knife, cord, fabric, etc.

2. How do I get rid of the trampoline?

Ans: You can use the old trampolines for several purposes that I discussed above. On the other hand, you can sell them as scrap materials.

3. What is the price of scrap metal for a trampoline?

Ans: Trampoline buying is a huge investment. But the scrap metal of trampoline doesn’t worth the money actually. However, you can get some money by selling them.

Scrap Aluminum is sold at $0.75 per pound, whereas stainless steel at $0.45 per pound approximately. For details, you can contact the broken and old trampoline for sale center near you.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after getting the best ideas for an old trampoline, you can now do different projects with your old trampoline. This will improve your skill, save some money and help you to renovate your garden.

So, don’t toss out the old trampoline rather than reuse it to get amazing things. But be careful while handling the old trampoline, especially metal parts. And if you are not confident, take help from professionals.

That’s all for today, if you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. And let us know which project you love most. I’d love to hear from you.

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