How to Repair a Ripped Trampoline Net? Easy Hacks

The enclosure net is an important component of the trampoline to extend its safety. But when the nets have holes there might have safety hazards. Thus, when the net gets ripped you need to fix it soon, otherwise, it’ll prone to high risks to jump there.

How to repair trampoline net? It can be done easily by patching kits, duct tape, threading, etc. But if the holes or damages are too big, it’s wise to change the whole net instead of repairing it considering the repair cost. So, it’s important to consider the type of trampoline net rip.

Let’s talk about all the possible breaks that can happen in a trampoline net and their repairing ways.

How is My Trampoline Net Ripped?

How to Fix a Broken Trampoline Net

There are a lot of ways a trampoline can get a hole. Some of them are-

  • Safety nets are quite fragile and can easily get torn when it gets older.
  • The enclosure net might be ripped due to blowing away by heavy winds.
  • It may happen due to falling heavy items on it.
  • Jumping on the net exceeds its weight capacity.
  • A simple stuck of zippers or jewelry or your kids jumping with some sharp objects will create a small hole in the net.

And it will eventually get bigger into a big and then a huge one where there will be an actual safety concern. So, you have to be quiet, observing every time your kids get out of the trampoline.

You have to check the trampoline properly and if there is any small hole just repair it as soon as possible. And you can stop the disaster in the very beginning.

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Why Fix Your Trampoline Safety Net?

There are many reasons to fix a trampoline net rather than buy a new one.

Save Your Money

The first and foremost reason should be saving some money. Depending on the type and size of the holes, the cost of safety nets will increase. So, isn’t repairing a better idea?

Okay! If you want a clear number, it will cost around $80 to fully replace a trampoline safety net. On the contrary, just cover those holes with some thread-work or an upholstery patch. And this whole repairing thing will just cost you around $20 or less possibly.

So, what do you think isn’t it better to repair the net than change it? And in case of trampoline nets are out of repairable only then purchase a new safety net.

Extend Safety

Secondly, repairing small holes in the trampoline net at the very first will decrease the possibility of risking your child. For you, that small hole can’t be a big deal at first, but when your kids see it, they take it as a challenge.

A challenge to make it bigger than before, which eventually leads them to break their bones while playing with the hole. So, it is better to repair it firsthand always.

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When to Repair Your Trampoline Enclosure Net?

Actually, there isn’t any special sign to fix a safety net. Just a simple, small hole on the trampoline means it needs repairing work as soon as possible. As I said before, a small hole will eventually turn bigger with every trampoline session, so it is better to repair it as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid it getting bigger is to keep the trampoline in observation. For any sign of a tear or hole, repair it with the necessary tools and trampoline net repair kit. You can even set up a routine checkup of the trampoline every weekend if you don’t have much time regularly.

Now you may have covered the torn holes. But there is another issue to take care of. Sagging nets! With time, safety nets also lose their strength and start sagging. But you can also fix this issue by repairing it. 

When you look into the net, you will see a straight line on the top from pole to pole. If the line starts losing from straight, then it’s sagging and needs repairing as soon as possible.

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How to Fix a Broken Trampoline Net?

how to repair trampoline net

If the trampoline mesh net gets ripped, you can repair it easily in different ways, such as threading, fishing line, etc. Here I’m explaining some

a. Fix with Trampoline Net Repair Thread

Well, it is quite easy to fix a trampoline net if you have some experience in sewing or threading. If you are not experienced, don’t worry. Sewing is not rocket science, and you can do it easily after some trials.

Let me help you by giving some step-by-step guidance.

For doing this sewing stuff, you will need some needles and heavy-duty upholstery thread to join the hole into one pack again. Just put the thread inside the eye of the needle and make an equal pair of threads hanging on both sides.

Knot the ends together in one thread, so it doesn’t come out of the needle. Now it’s time for fixing. Hold the hole or torn part together. Knot the thread in one end of the torn area and start sewing the hole in a zigzag pattern, and knot the end into the thread. Voila! The holes are fixed.

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b. Restore with Fishing Line

The fishing line is stronger than the upholstery threads. So, you don’t need any needles to sew the trampoline net. Just hold the torn part together and start sewing from the right side or any part you feel comfortable in.

Just keep pulling the thread between the loops of the net and pull it tight so it can keep together the safety net. Once you are done with pulling the whole torn area together, just knot the end like upholstery thread, and you are done with the fixing work.

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How to Fix Ripped Mesh Trampoline Net?

For bigger holes and torn precautions are going to be different. Those are discussed below.

i. Fix with Trampoline Net Repair Patch

If you have taken a bit of time and need to repair a bigger mess, then you may need an extra upholstery cloth to cover the hole and join it again. It’s called patch repair where you will need two pieces of clothing. One on the front and one on the back of the net.

Make a sandwich of the torn part with the patches and be sure the cloth covers the whole mess. Then sew the clothes sides properly with the net and you will be done with it. You can do it by both hand sewing or a sewing machine that can handle heavy yarn.

But remember to remove the net from the trampoline first and then do the repairing work. Here is Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Net Repair Kit suggestion

ii. Repair with Duct Tape

Same as patch repairing, remove the net from the trampoline first, then apply the duct tape to both sides of the torn part. From both front and back. Press down very strongly so the duct tape attaches properly.

For ensuring more security you can add some more layers of duct tape.

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How to Fix a Sagging Trampoline Net?

How to Fix a Sagging Trampoline Net

Safety nets become saggy when trampolines have holes in their net. It makes the net loose from the top and reduces safety. Though repairing the safety hole, the sagging net issue should also be solved.

But in case the issue is not solved yet, then the problem is somewhere else i.e. poles. So, how to fix the top of a trampoline net?

You might need to check the poles that hold the safety net together or check the nuts and bolts of the poles, which can possibly be a culprit for net sagging.

Either the nut bolts or the poles itself is the offender, just try to tighten them up to uphold the safety net together again. Also, check the ties between the net and poles. If needed tighten them too.

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How to Repair a Trampoline Net Zipper?

Zippers are another important part of maintaining the safety of a trampoline. For keeping your kids safe, you have to put on the zipper so your kids don’t fall from the entry/exit point. So, when the zipper is not working well similar to other parts you have to fix it too.

If the zipper in your trampoline net started strangling to get stuck up in some places, try some oiling or Vaseline on the zip so it doesn’t stick again. But in case some of the end teeth have come off from their place, then you have to cut those teeth out.

Attach some fabric on the end part and sew it down. But before that enter the zip knot on both sides. Then just pull in the zipper and hopefully, it will work like before. But if not or the zipper is broken from the middle, then the zipper needs to be replaced fully.

But still, it is going to be quite easy and less costly work than changing the whole net.

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I hope, after reading how to repair a trampoline net, you can now DIY to repair the trampoline net. It is obvious that you can fix the trampoline ripped mesh at a lower cost rather than replacing it.

So, fix the broken trampoline net and extend safety to a great extent. And in case the trampoline net is irreparable, you can recycle it to make amazing projects.

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