Inside Net vs Outside Net Trampoline: Which is Better?

Net is an important safety feature for trampolines. When talking about the safety net, you will find either net inside or outside the springs. Both types are used for dissimilar purposes; each one has perks over another. So, have you been looking for the answer for in net vs out net trampoline?

Enclosure nets inside the springs are better for safety, whereas enclosure nets outside the springs provide more space to jump. Also, there are several other distinctions between these two enclosure nets that you should consider to choose the right option for you.

This article will break down the inner and outer safety net dissimilarities for your easy understanding.

Difference Between In Net and Out Net Trampoline

Now, I’ll show you some key differences in how the Trampoline net inside the springs and outside the springs differ. Let’s move on!

in net vs out net trampoline

1. Respective Positions of Spring and Net

When the safety net is placed inside the spring, this is called the inner net trampoline. In this case, the enclosure net keeps just near the mat.

On the other hand, if the net is placed outside of the springs, this is named an outer net trampoline. So, the safety net surrounds the perimeter of the trampoline here.

2. Purpose

The net inside the spring protects jumpers from falling outside as well as prevents knocking with the frame or springs. On the other hand, the outside spring net only provides single protection i.e. prevents jumpers from falling off the ground.

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3. Safety

In the inner enclosure net, the risky parts like springs and frames are located outside that making the jump area safer. Moreover, in some models, mats and nets are sewn together, providing additional safety to the jumpers. This eliminates pinching hazards in the springs so kids can jump and play there safely.

Whereas outside net trampolines still have some risks as jumpers may bang with the frame or have a chance of spring-related injury.

The ORCC trampoline comes with both inside net and outside net. You can get your preferred one from the following suggestion-

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4. Jumping Space

In terms of jump space, outer net tramps are the better option. So, if you need more space to practice lots of trampoline tricks, nets outside the trampoline will be the right choice.

On the other hand, inner net trampolines usually have compact space to jump. However, there is a sitting space outside the net, which is really great.

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5. Installation

The outside net allows easy installation compared to the inner net assembly. In most cases, you need to attach the inner net with mat or springs carefully, which is quite time-consuming. And this requires curved poles too.

But you will find it quite easier to assemble the outer net with poles and frames. And their outside nets also require less effort to repair them.

6. Price

The price of inner and outer net trampolines is almost the same. But the inside net models are a little expensive as they are designed for more safety and need to stick with a mat sometimes.

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Trampoline Inner Net and Outer Net Comparison Table

Comparison TopicNet Inside the SpringsNet Outside the Springs
LocationEncloses trampoline jumping matSurrounds trampoline perimeter
SafetyBetterPoor than the inner net
Jump SpaceLessMore
InstallationRequires some extra effortEasier
CostLittle expensiveCheaper

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In wrap-up, both the inner and outer net trampolines have some pros and cons. But the net inside the springs is a good choice for safety, whereas the net outside the springs provides more space for you.

Hopefully, the topic in net vs out net trampoline is clear to you. So, choose the right one that fits you well, and enjoy trampolining!

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