In-Ground vs Usual Trampoline Debate

In-ground trampoline is a new addition to the trampoline family. They look pretty well, but quite expensive compared to the regular models. Both in-ground and above-ground trampolines have some perks over another that you should know to get the right option between them.

What are the differences between in-ground vs above-ground trampoline. Sunken trampolines have better safety and aesthetics, whereas regular trampolines are superior for high-bounce and reasonable price. Traditional trampolines are kept above the ground, but the in-ground ones are put in the ground. And there are several other differences.

This article will guide which trampoline is right for you either sunken trampoline or traditional trampolines. So, let’s know the facts in-detail.

Difference Between Regular and Sunken Trampoline

In-Ground Vs Above Ground Trampoline

There isn’t any clear answer to this debate as the preferences vary according to safety, taste, appearance, budget, maintenance, and a few more things. We have jotted down a few points, and now it’s up to you to decide which one you will go for.


Installing an in-ground trampoline needs more effort and time compared to a regular trampoline. Sunken trampolines usually cost higher for complicated installation. After purchasing an above-ground trampoline, you can install it by attaching the parts together.

But, for the in-ground trampolines, you need to dig a large hole, build a retaining wall, make water drainage, and do a few more tasks before you install them. Thus, you require more effort, time, and cost for these buried trampoline installations.

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When it comes to safety, in-ground trampoline wins, hands down! The decreased height is the reason why parents consider it to be safer compared to the regular ones.

Since the trampoline is sunk into the ground, your little kids can jump all they want without being scared of falling and injuring themselves.

Appearance and Space

Above-ground trampolines are bulky in size and obstruct the yard, so it naturally takes up most of the area in your yard. But sunken trampolines are buried in the ground and thus blend in smoothly with your yard, making them look more aesthetic.

In-ground trampolines, as the same suggests, are installed below the ground and this type of trampoline is becoming popular nowadays, for those who want to enjoy some outdoor fun without compromising on aesthetics.

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As in-ground trampolines are put under the ground, thus there is a lack of ventilation. This meddles with air resistance and therefore, with the bounce quality. On the other hand, above-ground trampolines provide higher jumping due to the proper airing.

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Opt for the above-ground trampoline if you are on a tight budget. In-ground trampolines come with higher costs due to digging, equipment, and building retaining walls. But, there are exceptions. You will find some hefty prices on regular trampolines.

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As far as the maintenance is concerned, in-ground trampolines need less maintenance than the traditional models. Regular trampolines require more repairing and replacement to keep them well-performing.


In-ground trampolines are placed on the earth, thus they become immovable. So, once you install they can’t be moved anywhere else. But, you can move the regular trampolines easily.

In-Ground vs Above Ground Trampoline Comparison Table

Now, I’ll break down the differences of the sunken and usual trampoline in the table for your easy understanding.

Comparison TopicIn-Ground TrampolineAbove Ground Trampoline
Installation timeNeed longer time to installCan be installed within 3 to 4 hours
CostExpensiveQuite cheap
Bouncing styleLess bouncyHigher bounce
SafetySafer than regular modelsNot safe as sunken models
AestheticsOutstandingObstruct the yard

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In the wrap-up, both traditional and in-ground trampolines have some superior features over one another. However, if you are concerned about trampolines’ safety and care, and want to install a trampoline in the yard permanently, the sunken model will suit you best.

On the other hand, regular trampolines will be the right choice for easy installation, affordable price, and higher bounce. So, you know now the difference between in-ground vs above-ground trampolines, so it’s your time to choose the right tramp between them.

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