How Much Does a Trampoline Cost? Trampoline Price Guidelines

Price is an important factor to consider while purchasing a trampoline. The cost of a trampoline depends on different factors like size, shape, quality, and many more.

How much does a trampoline cost? The average price of a trampoline ranges between $200 to $500. But there are tons of cheap and expensive models too. Most small trampolines are available below $100 whereas the price of top-quality ones may go up from $3000 to $5000 and even more. So, you will get the trampoline, no matter what your budget is.

Today, I’ll give you a clear idea of the price of numerous trampolines with an exclusive trampoline price chart. Let’s find out your trampoline within your budget.

What Factors Affect Trampoline Price?

how much is a rectangle trampoline

Trampolines come in both cheap and expensive models; you have to choose your trampoline from there. Have you wondered; what is the average price of a trampoline?

The average cost of standard-size trampolines (8 ft to 16 ft) is $200 to $750, whereas the approximate price of mini-trampolines is $75 to $300.

But the trampoline’s actual price ranges from $50 to $6000. Where the cost of the outdoor trampoline varies between $200 to $3000 and the price of the indoor trampoline varies from $50 to $1500.

There are different factors that determine the price of trampolines, such as- trampoline size, shape, type, brand, quality, safety, condition, accessory, etc.

How Much Do Trampolines Cost?

After knowing the factors that affect trampolines, let’s break down the average cost of a trampoline. Here I’ll also show you how trampolines price changes with sizes, brands, styles, and so on.

Cost of Trampolines by Size

How much is a trampoline? Trampoline sizes and prices are closely related. Trampolines’ sizes and prices are proportional to each other, which means one rises with another and vice versa.

As trampoline comes in versatile sizes like small, medium, and large sizes, thus trampoline price varies with them.

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Trampoline Price Chart by Size

Below, I’m giving a quick trampoline price chart with its size for your easy understanding of how much do trampolines cost.

Trampoline SizeTrampoline Average Price
3 to 5 ft kids mini trampoline$75
Adults’ fitness rebounder$100
8 ft round trampoline$200
10 ft round trampoline$250
12 ft round trampoline$350
14 ft round trampoline$400
15 ft round trampoline$450
16 ft round trampoline$550
8×14 ft rectangular trampoline$650
9×15 ft rectangle trampoline$700
10×17 ft rectangular trampoline$1400
14 ft square trampoline$1450
10×15 ft oval trampoline$550
Large trampolines$1500 to $3000
In-ground trampoline$1500 to $2500
Water trampoline$300 to $2000
Springless trampoline$700 to $3000
Used or second-hand trampolineUnder 300 dollars and even free

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Trampoline Price According to Shape

The cost of a trampoline is greatly related to its shape. Typically, rectangle trampolines are more expensive than round, square, and oval trampolines. Round trampolines are very cheap. The price of square and oval trampolines lies between a rectangle and round models.

Now I’ll show you the cost of trampolines according to their shapes.

Round Trampolines

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost

How much money does it cost to buy a round trampoline? Circular or round trampolines are the lowest price models among different shapes of trampolines. Several round models’ approximate costs are as follows-

  • 8 feet round trampoline: $200
  • 10 feet round trampoline: $250
  • 12 feet circular trampoline: $350
  • 14 feet round trampoline: $450
  • 15 feet round trampoline: $500
  • 16 feet circular trampoline: $550

Rectangle Trampolines

How much is a rectangle trampoline? Rectangular trampolines are designed for the higher bounce. These models are pricier than round trampolines. The reason behind the high cost of rectangle trampolines is the larger space and high-quality materials and performance.

Here are some common models with their average prices-

  • 7×10 feet rectangle trampoline: $550
  • 8×14 feet rectangular trampoline: $650
  • 9×15 feet rectangle trampoline: $700
  • 10×17 feet rectangular trampoline: $1400

Square Trampolines

How much is a square trampoline? The average price of several square trampolines is listed below.

  • 7.5 feet square trampoline: $550
  • 14 feet square trampoline:  $1450

Oval Trampolines

Here are some of the common models of oval trampolines with their approximate prices.

  • Oval mini-trampoline: $100
  • 10×15 feet oval trampoline: $550
  • 13×15 feet oval trampoline:  $600

Trampoline Price by Type

In-ground, springless, and water trampolines are some special trampolines models. They are quite expensive than the traditional models.

The trampoline comes in versatile styles like above-ground, in-ground, and water trampolines. Trampolines can also be classified depending on spring and spring-less design.

In-ground trampoline’s price differs from traditional models. Usually, in-ground models have a hefty price tag. But there are also some expensive traditional trampolines. Water trampolines are expensive too, but a little bit cheaper than in-ground models.

Also, the cost of spring-based trampolines varies from the spring-less trampolines and rebounders. For instance, the medium-size of Springfree trampoline is around $1500, but the traditional spring models are available for below $500 and even at a lower price.

Cost of Trampoline by Brand

The brand is another vital thing for which a trampoline’s price may differ. This happens due to structural and technological differences among trampoline brands. Some trampoline manufacturers emphasize durability whereas others might give importance to safety.

For instance, Zupapa 15 ft trampoline is around $600, whereas the 12 ft Skywalker is available for below $300.

I’ll show you several well-known trampoline brands’ prices.

Skywalker Trampolines Prices

how much is a mini trampoline

How much does a Skywalker trampoline cost? You will find Skywalker trampolines from $104 to $1900. According to their website, some of the popular Skywalker trampoline’s prices are-

  • 40 inches kids’ mini-trampoline: $104
  • 60 inches kids mini-trampoline: $124
  • 8ft round trampoline: $229
  • 10 ft round trampoline: $299
  • 12 ft round trampoline: $349
  • 15 ft round trampoline: $429
  • 15×13 ft oval trampoline: $449
  • 17 ft oval trampoline: $599
  • 9×15 ft rectangle trampoline: $679
  • 17×10 ft Olympic size premium trampoline: $1599
  • 14 ft square trampoline: $654
  • 16 ft square premium trampoline: $1569

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Zupapa Trampolines Prices

Zupapa trampoline is another popular trampoline model. The cost of several models is-

  • Small kids trampoline 54 inches: $129.99
  • 40-inch fitness trampoline: $99.99
  • 8 ft trampoline: $399.99
  • 12 ft trampoline: $629.99
  • 15 ft trampoline: $679.99

Springfree Trampolines Prices

How much does a Springfree trampoline cost? Springfree trampoline’s starting price is $799 and ends at $2499.

  • 6 ft round mini-trampoline: $799
  • 8 ft compact round: $1199
  • 13ft jumbo round: $2199
  • 6ft x 9ft compact oval: $999
  • 8ft x 13ft Large oval: $1799
  • 13ft x 13ft jumbo square: $2499

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Several Popular Trampoline and Rebounder Brands Average Prices

  • Little Tikes 3 ft kids trampoline: $69.99
  • Sportspower 7 ft My First Trampoline: $139
  • CalmMax 12 ft trampoline: $269.99
  • Merax 12 ft trampoline: $399
  • Tatub 16 ft trampoline: $599.99
  • JumpKing 10×14 ft rectangular trampoline: $724.99
  • Machrus Upper Bounce 14 ft trampoline: $549
  • Happy Trampoline 13×23 ft rectangular trampoline: $2999
  • Exacme 15 ft trampoline: $520
  • JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce trampoline 14 ft: $2099
  • ORCC 14 ft trampoline: $489.99
  • ACON Air 4.6 15 ft trampoline: $1199
  • Vuly Thunder Pro XL trampoline: $3699
  • Avyna 15 ft in-ground trampoline: $1995
  • Berg 11 ft sunken trampoline: $1790
  • Island Hopper 13 ft water bouncer: $1149.99
  • Rave Bongo 15 ft water bouncer: $1699.99
  • BCAN 40-inch fitness rebounded: $149.99
  • JumpSport 250 fitness rebounder: $269
  • FitPulse mini trampoline with handle: $99.99
  • Needak mini trampolines: $389
  • Bellicon Classic 44 Inch exercise mini-trampoline: $719
  • Leaps And ReBounds 40 inches rebounder: $209.99
  • DARCHEN 450 lbs adult’s rebounder: $119.99
  • Stamina 36-inch mini trampoline: $69.99

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Trampoline Price with Quality

The quality of the trampoline plays an important role to make it either cheap or expensive. The high-end trampolines are made durably like they use strong mats and springs for the high bounce.

Good quality trampolines also have durable and weather-resistant materials like galvanized or hot-dip galvanized steel to fight against harsh weather. They use thick materials in frame tubing to make them capable of carrying hefty weight.

Usually, top-quality trampolines come with a better warranty. So, if you want to purchase a hefty warranty trampoline, be ready to spend more.

The average warranty of a trampoline is between 5 to 10 years for the frame. But some of the best ones have a lifetime warranty.

Trampoline Cost with Safety Features

The safety features of the trampolines may elevate their price. Enclosure net, safety pad, and padding in poles are some of the safety aspects. The enclosure net provides maximum safety from dropping to the ground.

The spring pad prevents jumpers from bumping in springs and frames. Safe trampolines use padding in enclosure poles for further safety.

Indoor mini trampolines have handlebars for better balance and safety. This extends kids’ safety a lot. Rebounders for adults and seniors with handles allow for doing versatile exercises.

Cost of New and Old Trampolines

You can either buy a brand-new trampoline or a used one. Usually, the cost of a new trampoline is higher than the price of a used trampoline. But you can use old trampolines to make wonderful projects like homemade trampoline swings.

If you plan to purchase an old trampoline, make sure there is no sign of structural damage or safety hazard. Some reliable places to buy used trampolinesv include Craiglist and eBay provide second-hand trampolines at a low cost. Even you can get one without spending a penny.

Price of Trampoline Accessories

In general, additional accessories rise the trampoline’s price. Some important trampoline accessories are the ladder, wind stakes, spring pull hook, basketball hoop, weather cover for winter care and sun protection, sprinkler, shade cover, etc.

Most of them are available for under $100 aned even less. There are also several fun accessories too. On the other hand, if you need replacement parts like mat, net, springs, poles, etc, you can also purchase them when necessary.

So, how much are trampoline accessories? Here are different accessories for the trampoline with their approximate cost.

People Also Ask

1. How much does an Olympic trampoline cost?

Ans: The average cost of an Olympic size (10×17 ft) trampoline is $1500 to $3000.

2. How much is the most expensive trampoline in the world?

Ans: The expensive trampolines come with a high price tag like $4000 to $6000.

3. How much does it cost to install a trampoline?

Ans: This depends on the trampoline and your skills. If you are confident to do it by yourself, then you can install the trampoline without any cost.

But if you hire professionals, it would cost around $100 to $500. And in the case of the in-ground trampoline, the cost will be higher than that.

4. How much is the used trampoline?

Ans: Used trampolines are found under $500, even $100. And, in some cases, you might get one without any cost.

5. Does trampoline cost vary with retailers?

Ans: Yes, the trampoline’s price may vary from retailer to retailer.

6. When is the best time to purchase a trampoline at a discounted price?

Ans: Fall is the best time to buy trampolines at a low cost, as retailers offer impressive discounts then to sell their stock products.

Final Words

‘How much does a trampoline cost’ is always a key factor, no matter what kind of trampoline you are going to buy. I hope this article helped you greatly to get a clear idea of the price of the trampolines.

Here I include all kinds of trampoline costs like indoor, outdoor, in-ground trampoline, water models, etc. Depending upon trampoline quality and performance, their price may vary from $50 to $3000.

However, I always recommend you to choose a good quality trampoline even though you pay a little more. But, if you research a bit, you can easily own a top-quality trampoline at a reasonable cost.

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