7 Best Bungee Mini Trampoline Rebounders for Silent and Low-Impact Exercise

Jessica and David don’t have enough time to go to the gym, but they try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They have a rebounder mini trampoline at home and they do some exercise there daily. Thus, they are quite fit compared to their friends.

But, they are not too happy with their rebounder as it squeaks often, and causes ankle pain sometimes. So, they badly need to buy a new a rebounder that can overweigh the problems of the existing model. So, what’s the best solution for them?

Bungee rebounder mini trampoline, right? Yes, the best bungee cord mini trampolines provide noise-free rebounding as well as these don’t create any strain on the ankle, knee, or joint.

I know, most of rebounder users have almost the same experience like David and Jessica. So, it’s recommended to get the smart bungee fitness mini trampoline for a sound and safe exercise.

Let’s read out my review of some top models of best bungee rebounders and the features that you should check while buying the home exercise noiseless rebounder!

What is A Bungee Trampoline Rebounder?

Bungee trampolines are a special type of trampoline that uses bungee cords instead of usual springs to create bounce. Their sizes vary like the springs trampolines. The small bungee trampolines are used for indoor exercise that is called bungee rebounder.

Some other names for bungee or Bungy rebounders are bungee cord rebounder, bungee rope rebounder mini-trampoline, elastic strap rebounder, and so on. They are great for low-impact and cushion bounce. Also, these fitness bungee mini trampolines provide noiseless exercise.

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Best Bungee Cord Rebounders Reviews

1. DARCHEN 40 Inch Heavy Duty Bungee Rebounder


  • Weight limit: 450 lbs
  • Number of bungees: 30 (3rd generation)
  • Mat: Polypropylene
  • Total legs: 6

Our first choice bungee cord rebounder is the DARCHEN Quiet and Safe Bungee Rebounder. Let’s have a look at the astounding features of this heavy-duty bungee cord rebounder

Excellent Durability

The bungee mini-trampoline uses alloy steel in its frame, making it heavily durable. There are 6 heavy-duty legs for maximum stability. Also, the thick bungee cords ensure structural superiority.

Highest Weight Limit

Have you been looking for a mighty weight-carrying capacity rebounder with bungee ropes? DARCHEN is one of the best ones available in the market. It can hold up to 450 pounds weight, WOW!

Thus, heavy adults who want to do vigorous exercise and loss weight will find this fitness rebounder handy. Whether you want to use it at the home, office, or even outdoor, this will a great choice for you.

The hefty weight limit makes this rebounder an unmatched choice for any type of rebounding exercise like body-building, weight loss, and so on.

Safe and Silent Rebounding

DARCHEN bungee trampoline rebounder focuses on the cushioned bounce. The polypropylene mat and 30 bungees of 3rd generations ensure soft and low-impact rebound. So, adults to seniors will find this mini-trampoline for joint-friendly, safe exercise.

Also, the springless design reduces noise from the platform, thus you can rebound comfortably. Besides, the rubber feet make the equipment skid-free which also enhances safety.

Allow Easy Storage and Handle Attachment

For further safety, you can order the exercise mini-trampoline with a handle and attach it for better hand support. When you want to store the rebounder, just unscrew the legs for easy storage


If you are looking for a professional-grade mini rebounder, we highly recommend the DARCHEN model. The heavy-weight capacity and gentle bounce will make you happy. And this springless mini trampoline with bungee cords will allow easy installation to any tight spaces.


  • Durable rebounder
  • Highest weight rating
  • Soft and decent bounce
  • Anti-skid feet


  • A little bit hard to assemble

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2. Stamina 45 Inch Oval Bungee Fitness Mini Trampoline With Workout App


  • Weight rating: 250 pounds
  • Included: Resistance bands, LCD monitor
  • Legs: 8 detachable

If you need a unique design bungee rebounder 45 Inch Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Bungee Mini-Trampoline will be an unmatched option.

Maximum Calorie Burning

This oval bungee rebounder offers you a gentle and supportive bounce. It also guarantees maximum calorie burn and muscle toning.

This rebounder is equipped with durable elastic tension cords and a polypropylene mat for good bounce thereof exercise.

Included Resistance Bands and LCD Monitor

With the exercise trampoline, you will get two resistance tubes and multi-function LCD monitor. Bands will help improving chest, abs, back, shoulders, and arms.

And monitor will track your calories burned, workout time, and count jumps. These will be really great for you.

More Space and Adjustable Handle

Oval shape provides a larger space than the usual mini trampoline. But this is compact enough for indoor use. So, you can do versatile exercise there. And there is a height adjustable padded stability bar for hand support and safe bounce.

Stabilized Base

There are low-height 8 legs to stable the cardio equipment. The rubber feet of the legs end bring the chance of being slippery. At the same time, the rubberized legs protect the surface against scratches. 


Stamina bungee band fitness mini trampoline supports the smart audio coaching müüv app so you can get the personalized workouts idea from experts. And this will be really a great exercise tool for the whole family.


  • Small but robust design
  • Safety pad all around the border
  • Resistance bands and LCD monitor included
  • Padded handlebar for better grip
  • Supports müüv app


  • Quality of safety pad should be improved

3. JumpSport 250 Home Cardio Fitness Bungee Rebounder Trampoline


  • Weight limit: 250 pounds
  • Number of elastic bands: 30
  • Mat: Permatron
  • Number of legs: 6

JumpSport is a prominent trampoline and a rebounder brand by its name and fame. JumpSport 39 Inch Low Impact Exercise Rebounder is not an exception to that. And this is one of the best bungee rebounders for fitness.

Strongest Bungee Rebounder

At first look, this black color rebounder seems like a top-class fitness rebounder due to its solid frame, legs, safety pad, and bungees. The powder-coated bungee mini-trampoline is 39-inch in diameter.

This powerful rebounder allows 250 pounds maximum weight for heavy-duty home cardio exercise. Innovative arched legs provide better stability. Besides the rubber feet promotes better firmness by eliminating skidding while rebounding.

Low Impact Exercise

JumpSport 250 model fitness rebounder uses a wide padded Permatron mat for a quiet and comfy bounce. This can reduce more than 40% impact of the traditional bouncers.

This JumpSport fitness mini-trampoline adopts the FlexiBounce system for smoother and gentler bounce than the spring’s models. Also, the heavy-duty bungees deliver long-lasting durability.

Lifetime Warranty

Thanks, JumpSport for the JumpSport Basic DVD with the superb rebounder. And you will get a lifetime warranty for its legs and frame whilst 2 years to the mat and bungee straps.


Having this professional fitness trampoline, you can enjoy full-body exercise, low impact exercise with blast fat, burning lots of calories, and getting stronger and healthier.


  • Professional grade bungee rebounder
  • Premium quality mat and bungee
  • Includes exercise DVD
  • Arched legs enhance safety
  • Safe and smooth bounce


  • No handlebar included
  • Pricey option

4. ONETWOFIT 48 Inch Silent Bungee Trampoline Rebounder With Handle


  • Weight rating: 330 lbs
  • Number of legs: 6
  • Mat: Polypropylene
  • Bungee cords: 42

Maybe you need more space to exercise and have fun, right? Don’t worry, ONETWOFIT Hexagonal 48 Inch Bungee Rope Rebounder will be your right choice. It is designed to intensify your cardiovascular exercises and could be a good option for daily rebounding.

Durably Made

The bungee small trampoline is firm and light. Its frame is constructed from durable alloy steel, while the mat is polypropylene made from a soft and comfortable bounce

Besides these, the strong bungee cords give low-impact generous bounce. The unit can hold 330 pound weight on average.

Spacious Rebounder

Due to the hexagonal shape, you will get the highest jumping space in the exercise tool than most other available options. So, you can do lots of exercises, stretching, here without any hesitation.

Height Adjustable Handle

This bungee fitness mini trampoline includes a stability bar for better handgrip hence balance and safety. You can adjust the handle in three different positions from 42.5 to 50.4 inches.

Firm Base

There are non-slip caps on the feet on the leg tip. An extra leg connects the handle for better stability. All the materials used here are safe and ideal for good cardio workouts.


Make your indoor exercise more effective using this ONETWOFIT silent elastic strap rebounder. This marvelous exercise kit enhances the flexibility and coordination of your body. Whether you have been working out regularly or you are a starter, this will suit both perfectly.


  • Large jump space
  • Adjustable padded handle
  • Non-slip bottom


  • Not foldable

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5. Newan 40 Inch Adult Fitness Bungee Band Mini Trampoline


  • Weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Elastic band: 30
  • Mat: Polypropylene
  • Total legs: 6 legs

Newan 40 Inch Bungee Fitness Mini Trampoline is top quality adults bungee rebounder. This fitness rebounder provides a safe cardio workout. The overall weight capacity of the rebounder is around 330 lbs that’s impressive.

Soft Bounce

The elastic cord mini trampoline uses 30 bungees of 8 mm thus it’ll keep your bounce soft. It provides safe and efficient exercise than swimming, Yoga, running, jogging, or cycling.  A heavy-duty polypropylene mat gives joint-friendly exercise.

Build To Last

Stainless steel makes the frame durable and strong. Six legs with anti-slip rubber feet provide great support and anti-scratching. The mat is wear-and-tear resistant and thus lasts for a longer period.

Ideal For Fitness & Weight Loss

Newan fitness rebounder is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and body-builders who want to exercise comfortably at home. And this equipment is also highly recommended for losing weight.


So, Newan is a great indoor bungee rebounder workout platform for any adult. It is also a good choice for the budget. Get this and enjoy safe and vigorous workouts.


  • Durable and scratch-free design
  • Comes with a special assembly tool
  • Good choice for quick weight loss
  • Thick bungees reduce noise


  • Can not be folded
  • Tricky installation

6. Sportplus Fossil Womens Watch Bungee Indoor Trampoline With Handle


  • Weight limit: 286 lbs
  • Handle height: 33 to 47 inch
  • Mat: Nylon

Still not getting a spacious and durable bungee trampoline rebounder for home exercise yet? Don’t worry, Sportplus Bungee Straps Rebounder Fitness Trampoline.

Great Durability

Fossil Womens Watch SP-T-110 home fitness rebounder uses strong metal and mat to make a strong structure. This quality elastic band (springless) trampoline rebounder allows anyone up to 286 pounds weight.

Safety and Handle Bar

Comes with a height-adjustable handlebar for safe gripping to any person. You can adjust the height from 33 to 47 inches. The non-slip feet ensure a secure and firm base while jumping. It’s a fantastic addition to make a safe, mini gym at home.

Quite and Gentle Bounce

Nylon mat gives good bounce and safety while rebounding therein. Quality bungees will create a quiet and low-impact exercise. This bungee fitness mini-trampoline also provides noise-free exercise.


Sportplus hexagonal rebounder elastic strap mini-trampoline gives a spacious jumping area. More than 400 muscles are actively engaged when using this bungee straps rebounder, making trampoline exercise more effective. It’s also very effective for improving lymph flow.


  • Develops focus and control
  • Adjustable handle for everyone
  • Non-slip secure base
  • Spacious jumping bed


  • Quite heavier than others
  • Unfoldable but legs can be detached

7. Zupapa 40 Bungee Cord Mini Trampoline Rebounder With Stability Bar


  • Weight capacity: 330
  • Handle height: 42 to 55 inches
  • Mat: Polypropylene
  • Total legs: 6

If you want safe and silent year-round home cardio workout equipment, Zupapa Urban Cardio Bungee Mini Trampoline will be an ideal option.

Structural Supremacy

The rebounder uses the commercial-grade steel frame and heavy-duty polypropylene mat that make it highly resilient. It safely holds up to 330 lbs weight so everyone from lightweight to bulky person will find it right place to exercise.

This fitness bungee strap rebounder has 6 thick bungees for an excellent bouncing experience. It has 6 arched stainless steel legs that provide better base stability.

Safe and Noiseless Exercise

Bungee ropes instead of springs don’t squeak thus you will get a silent and safe jumping experience. Moreover, bungees are padded by 360 degrees thick padding. Premium materials mat results in cushion and joint-friendly bounce.

There is also a handle for a safe grip. The legs are curved and have anti-skid rubber feet to make the adult bungee mini trampoline slip-resistant and safe.

Adjustable Handle

Zupapa rebounder bungee incorporates a personalized handle. You can adjust its height in 5 different positions from 42 to 55 inches depending upon your necessity.  This will help in balancing while rebounding. When it’s not needed, just detach it from the frame.


Zupapa fitness rebound provides a soft and gentle bounce that everyone will love. And the handrail with bungee rebounder will be very supportive for strong exercise.


  • Premium bungees for cushioned bounce
  • Adjustable handle for balancing
  • Thick padding for extra protection
  • Arched legs for better stability


  • Not foldable

Things to Consider while Buying the Best Bungee Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Best Bungee cord rebounder

Rebounder Size

The standard size of the rebounder trampoline varies between 3 feet to 4 feet. It is large enough to make lots of energy burning. But some mini trampoline sizes go up to 55 inches or 5 ft.

The ground height of these bungee cord mini trampolines is 8 inch to 2 ft. This low height prevents accidental falling and injury.


Rebounders are available mainly in round shape. But some of them also come in oval and hexagonal shape for bigger spaces. Here size is the main fact, don’t worry about the shape too much.

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Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an essential fact for any trampoline since holding an overweight person for a long can tear the trampoline. So, you must check the weight capacity. The trampoline should have at least 250 pound weight capacity to be a better one.

So, choose the right weight limit rebounder. But, rebounder with a high weight limit is also available for the overweight person.

Durable Design

Bungee rebounders are mainly designed for indoor exercise. Still, both metal frame and legs should come with a rustproof feature so that harsh weather won’t form rust. Also, the handle should be stable enough.

If it is not, it will reduce the durability and might cause safety hazards. It should be able to stay intact throughout the year. Some trampolines are coated with rustproof covers.

The coatings are okay, but if the build material is rustproof, it would be the best for long-term use.

Besides the frame, consider the mat and bungee cord quality too. A good trampoline mat is made from polypropylene or Permatron material. And when choosing the bungees, make sure they are thick and elastic enough.


A rebounder is great for portability as it can offer fun to take anywhere. You would like this feature the most as it will provide the opportunity to move the fun quickly.

Additionally, most of them are foldable in 1 or 2 times, so you can carry and hide them in tight spaces. At least their legs are detachable.

Some firm settings and sturdy fittings make it hard to fold and unfold. So you should check it yourself when you are at the store. If you are buying the rebounder from the online store, look for customer reviews or recommendations or ask the seller online.

If the trampoline is easy to fold and unfold, it offers the most reliable option to take it or move it to different locations and store it when you do not like to use it for a certain period. So, portability gives storage and movement benefits.

Handle Bar

Simply handle is used for hand support to get balanced while jumping. If you need this support, bungee rebounders with stability bars will be handy. Make sure it is adjustable so it fits for any height people. However, if you don’t need it, you can detach it easily.

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How to Install a Bungee Cord Mini Trampoline Rebounder?

Bungee rope mini trampoline installation is very easy, but bungee rope assembly is quite tricky. First of all, attach the frame tubes to complete the circle. Then, connect the bungee bands with the rebounder frame and jumping mat.

While installing bungee cords, don’t set up the adjacent elastic ropes at once. Otherwise, it will be very hard even impossible to attach them. The right way is to install them one by one diagonally

This means, after connecting the first bungee, moves in the opposite direction of the first cord. Then another two on the left and right. In this pattern complete the bungee assembly.

Most manufacturers include a special pulling tool to put on the bungees. And finally, connect the legs to get the full shape.

Video: How to assemble bungee rebounder trampoline

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is jumping right on a bungee cord rebounder?

Ans: It depends on your necessity and physical condition. If you jump 15 to 20 minutes on a good mini-trampoline, it is enough to get all the fitness benefits. However, if you are using the rebounder trampoline, it would be great to rebound shorter time.

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2. Can you burn belly fat by jumping on the rebounder trampoline?

Ans: Trampoline provides low impact to the body. So, only a 10-minute trampoline rebounding session burns the same quantity of fat that can be done by 30 minutes run. It means you can burn 1000 belly fat in 10-minute rebounding.

If you do the rebounding at barefoot instead of wearing trampoline socks and shoes, it will be more efficient.

3. Can I replace the bungee cord?

Ans: Yes, like springs you can replace the bungee ropes of your bungee cord trampoline rebounder. You can get the rebounder replacement bungee straps from Amazon.   

Final Words

Best bungee rebounders provide safe bounce and the best low-impact exercise. From adults to seniors, everyone will find these mini-trampolines effective to exercise at home.

Here we’ve enlisted several top bungee rebounders to buy for your easy shopping. And the buying guide will clarify your worries. So, get the right model and enjoy silent and cushion rebounding!

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