10 Amazing Trampoline Landscaping Ideas for Elegant Backyard

Who doesn’t love a visually appealing backyard? When you install a trampoline or other playsets in the yard, it requires renovating the garden for lucrative aesthetics.

What are different backyard trampoline landscaping ideas? A good trampoline base, garden around the trampoline, pathway, fence in garden borders, perfect placing other playsets, etc are some ideal trampoline landscape ideas. You can renovate a garden either at a cheap price or spend a hefty amount of money for that. But good planning and proper guidelines are very important.

This article will take you through some impressive landscaping ideas for trampolines so you can renovate your garden for trampolines. Let’s have a discussion!

What are Different Trampoline Landscaping Ideas?

There are actually infinite landscape projects that you can do to your backyard having a trampoline. Out there, I’ll cover some of the most pleasant ones.

Trampoline Landscaping Ideas

1. Ground Preparation

The first and foremost thing of trampoline landscaping is preparing the backyard for the trampoline. It includes different things such as-

  • If the ground is not plain, level it well by adding soil or other materials. For large slope land, take the necessary steps so you can install the trampoline on uneven ground.
  • Be sure, there aren’t any hard objects besides the trampoline like concrete. Also, make proper clear space overhead and around the trampoline. To do it cut the hanging tree branches, especially the dead ones.
  • Put necessary things under the trampoline to make the trampoline base safe and cushioning. Some of the ideal trampoline floor materials are grass mats, rubber mulch, gymnastic mats, etc. This will also add aesthetics to the ground.

2. Backyard Renovation

The perfect renovation of your backyard enhances its beauty to a great extent. Planning is the most important thing in trampoline landscaping. If possible, hire a professional to get the perfect idea for it.

He/she will give you the proper idea, according to the garden on where to place the trampoline, and where to the other elements. Some common things that will add beauty to the yard are making a good garden porch, adding lights, a swimming pool, etc.

Always keep the backyard clean. And when the grass is grown enough trim them to make the ground lovely.

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3. In-Ground Trampoline Landscaping

Sunken trampoline is one of the greatest ideas for landscaping backyard trampolines. In this method, trampolines are buried in the ground so there aren’t any obstructions on the ground like the traditional models.

The level-ground trampolines will add aesthetics to the garden. It allows using the backyard space in need of essence like during a party or backyard camping time. If you want, you can cover the sunken trampoline with hard covers to use the area.

In-ground trampoline landscape includes placing soft and cushioning materials surrounding the trampoline like wood mulch, rubber mulch, and artificial grass.

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4. Under Trampoline Landscaping

Have you wondered, can I use the space under the trampoline for gardening? Yes, you can use the under-trampoline space for gardening. You can plant different low-height scrubs, flowers, Lamium, Pulmonaria, or Odorata. Also, you can plant vegetables under the trampoline.

So, which Plants Will Grow Best under a Trampoline? As most of the trampolines under the area are shady so shed-loving scrubs and plants will grow best there. Some of them are Hostas, Lilly, and even Fern. If the trampoline is in a sunny area, plant tea trees that can sustain sun rays and heat.

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5. Garden Around the Trampoline

Depending upon the backyard size, install either a small or large garden in the backyard. You can plant different beneficial plants, hedges, flowers, and shrubs there.

The raised garden bed is also a great option for you too. A garden beside the trampoline will add beauty to the yard. This will make the backyard attractive to stay there for longer times.

The video below shows some trampoline landscape projects.

6. Create a Pathway

To make the backyard more attractive and providing a dedicated walkway will be a great option. Walking on grass will cause them dead which will lower the look of the yard.  You can use concrete, gravel, landscaping stones, wood mulch, etc, on this path.

7. Fence and Garden Borders

Proper fencing and garden borders will enhance the beauty of the backyard to a great extent. Depending upon your necessity, you can adjust the fence height.

There are different types of fencing materials like wood, metal, wire, mesh, etc. Choose the right type that fits you the best.

Garden borders will prevent soil erosion and provide a good look to the yard. Metal, stone, and rubber mulch are some of the widely used garden borders.

Also, plant some large trees at the backyard borders to protect your property from heavy wind hits. This will also protect the trampoline from the wind.

8. Sitting Place

Besides landscape, you can create a good sitting place in the yard so you and others who are visiting in the yard can sit there for shade. If your backyard has a patio or deck, this will do the job done.

9. Placing Other Playsets

backyard trampoline landscape ideas

Another good landscape idea for a trampoline is installing different other planets in the backyard maintaining the same space and row or column. Some of the Playsets could be a swing set, slide, volleyball net, etc. But if you don’t have enough space, take a multi-station Playsets so children get different play options there.

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10. Proper Drainage

Your backyard should have proper drainage so stagnant water can’t damage the trampoline and other playsets. The depth of the drainage should be good enough to pass water properly. But make sure there aren’t tipping hazards or open sections so kids find the place safe.  


The best trampoline landscaping ideas will provide an elegant look to the backyard. This will also enhance trampoline fun. Thus, kids will love the place and get active on the trampoline for a longer period which is beneficial for their health.

Not all garden landscaping isn’t costly, if you explore you will find different inexpensive trampoline landscape ideas. Let’s renovate and decorate the backyard and enhance fun on the trampoline.

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