7 Hacks to Move a Trampoline Without Dismantling It

Backyard trampolines are heavy enough that they are quite difficult to move. But, you need to shift the trampoline for many reasons, like when you want to renovate the garden or move into your new home. A trampoline can be moved either by disassembling it or without taking the parts apart.

So, how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. You can shift the trampoline for short distances by lifting, rolling, or use moving wheels. For long distance transporting the trampoline without dismantling it, truck or trailer will be handy. And there are several other ways to move a trampoline safely.

This article will guide you on how to transport a trampoline to a new place safely without taking down the parts.

Why Do You Need to Move the Trampoline?

Trampoline moving is necessary for a few reasons. Some of the important ones are-

  • Mowing under the trampoline: When the trampoline stays in one place for a long time, the lawn under the trampoline grows excessively. Thus, you need to mow the grass underneath the trampoline after a certain period that’s why trampoline moving might be necessary.
  • Moving to the new home: If you plan to shift your home and want to carry your trampoline with then trampoline shifting is also required. Alternatively, if you sell the trampoline to another owner the same thing happens.
  • Backyard renovation: Many homeowners want to renovate their backyard every year or after a certain time. This is a valid reason why you need to relocate the trampoline to another place.
  • Storing the trampoline: To protect the trampoline from winter, snow, sun rays, or other harsh elements, you may need to move the trampoline to the garage, storeroom, or other safe place.

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Complete Guide on How to Move a Trampoline Without Dismantling

How to Move a Trampoline Without Taking It Apart

You may need to move the trampoline either on short distance or long distance. Actually, transporting a trampoline for shorter distances is quite easier than shifting for longer distances. Each of them can be done in several ways.

But before moving the trampoline, remove the anchoring kits, and other slack parts from the trampoline.

Here we’ll explain all the possible methods to move the trampoline without disassembling it to your new place. Let’s go!

[1] Moving the Trampoline to a Short-Distance (4 Ways)

Sometimes you need to move a trampoline from one corner to another corner of a backyard or a very close distance. In this case, you can set the trampoline in a new location without dismantling the trampoline parts.

So, how to move a trampoline to mow? Well, you can move a trampoline to mow or backyard in several ways such as-

  • Lifting the trampoline
  • Rolling the trampoline
  • Sliding the trampoline
  • Using shifting wheel

All the ways are discussed in detail below.

1.1. Lifting the Trampoline to Move It

We’ve said earlier that, you can lift up and move a small trampoline from one place to another easily. But, when you want to lift a large model, you need at least three-person.

Try to hire equal-height persons to lift the trampoline for even load distribution. Now, hold the trampoline frame firmly, maintaining equidistance among everyone. Then lift the trampoline at the same time and take it to the new location.

In this way, you can remove the trampoline net and poles if it seems bulky. Otherwise, you can continue without detaching these parts.

Several other alternative ways might be lifting the trampoline by putting long lumber under the trampoline frame from one side to another. Then transport the whole trampoline.

1.2. Rolling the Trampoline to Shift to a Nearest Place

If the trampoline is very small, you can also relocate the trampoline by rolling it. Usually, small round and oval trampolines are perfect for rolling. Before starting the process, remove the enclosure net and poles from the trampoline structure.

While rolling the trampoline, make sure the legs won’t get too much pressure. Otherwise, they will bend or damage.

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1.3. Sliding the Trampoline to Move It

The sliding method will work when you want to move the trampoline for very little distance to the lawn or backyard. Things you need to complete this process are WD40 or similar lubricants.

Before starting the process you can put down the enclosure net. After that, apply WD40 under the trampoline legs. Then slide the trampoline carefully.

WD40 might damage the lawn a bit, but they will recover soon. Usually, you need a minimum of two persons to slide the trampoline to the new place.

In most cases, this method is applied when it’s necessary to mow the lawn under the trampoline. After mowing is completed, the trampoline is brought to the previous place.

If you’re looking for the best lubricants to make the trampoline’s legs slippery to move it easily by sliding on the lawn, then choose the WD-40 – 490224 Sprays. This industrial lubricant will help you to do the job done.

The package includes two packs having 14.4 oz each. You can also use this spray for several other purposes like removing rust from metal parts, loosening sticky parts, corrosion inhibitors, etc.

And in case of trampoline moving this will be a handy lubricant. So, don’t miss this anyway.

1.4. Use Trampoline Shifting Wheel

Moving a trampoline using wheels is a popular and easy way to move the trampoline for a short distance. In this method, you need several moving wheels for the trampoline.

Nowadays, some trampolines package include trampoline wheels like Springfree. If there are no trampoline wheel kits, you’ve to purchase them separately. Don’t worry about the price; they are affordable.

So, how to move a trampoline using wheels? Well, it’s easy. Attach single or multiple wheels with the trampoline frame. In some models, you have to attach the wheels with trampoline legs. You can do it alone, but take another person so he/she can help you in need of essence.

After attaching the shifting wheels to the trampoline, drag it to your desired spot. Then detach the wheels from the trampoline.

Don’t allow children to jump on the trampoline when the wheels are attached to the trampoline. Your trampoline may move if kids jump into this situation which could cause serious injury.

Jumpking Trampoline Shifting Wheel is a good way to move your trampoline easily on the mow. The package comes with four wheels. You can use these for the straight base trampoline.

DIY Trampoline Shifting Wheel

Have you wondered, can I make trampoline moving wheels? Yes, you can do DIY trampoline wheels with the necessary things. If you are interested, buy the essential things like at least two wheels, metal rods, nuts, bolts, etc.

Then cut some metal parts and do welding to make support between the trampoline and the wheel. After that, connect the metal parts to the frame or legs and move your trampoline easily. To know in detail, you can read this article.

For visual learners, this video will help you understand how to move a trampoline by yourself in the backyard using the wheels of the trampoline moving.

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[2] Transporting the Trampoline to a Long Distance (3 Ways)

The main challenge comes when you’re going to move the trampoline without dismantling for long-distance. The processes are quite expensive, but you have to do it for your own need.

Several ways to transport a trampoline to distant places are-

  • Moving the trampoline by truck
  • Shifting the trampoline by trailer
  • Hiring trampoline moving professionals

Let’s talk in detail about these methods.

2.1. Transport the Trampoline by Truck to a New Location

Depending upon your trampoline size, you can rent a truck to transport the trampoline to the new destination without taking it apart. When renting the car, be sure they will do all things until the trampoline reaches its new location.

You may need to detach the enclosure net, frame cover, and poles from the trampoline. Even some cases, a few legs removal might be essential. But, it will be difficult to do that if the trampoline is extra-large like 15×17 ft, 17 ft oval, etc.

How to transport a Trampoline

2.2. Shift the Trampoline by Trailer or U-Haul

Like renting a truck, you can rent a trailer to shift the trampoline to the new location. Make sure the trailer is spacious enough to hold the whole trampoline.

In this method, you can move the trampoline for a long distance without dismantling the trampoline parts. But it may require detaching the net, poles, spring pad, and one or two legs of the trampoline.

After lifting the trampoline into the trailer, fasten several parts of the trampoline with the trailer. You can also add some vertical support to secure the trampoline in the trailer.

2.3. Hire Trampoline Moving Service

Another safe way to move the trampoline without taking it apart is by hiring professionals from the trampoline relocation service. Even you can contact trampoline manufacturers too, as some companies provide this service.

This is a hassle-free and safe way to relocate the trampoline. Depending upon the distance and car type, trampoline movers will charge.

Extra Tips to Relocate Trampoline without Taking It Apart

Here are some additional tips that might help you while moving the trampoline.

1. Plan Your Move

A good plan is very essential to move your trampoline to the new location. Consider, who will help you in this process and make sure pets or kids won’t present there.

Also, consider the pathway and be sure you can easily move the trampoline without any obstruction. In the case of long-distance moving, hire a truck or trailer and instruct them to reach at the right time.

2. Take Snapshots of the Whole Trampoline

Before, taking the trampoline to its new location, take some photos of the whole trampoline. This will help you if any unexpected scratches or tears and wear are developed on the trampoline during moving.

3. Lebel the Parts

This is a good way to keep all the parts secured and organized. Also, note down the parts’ names according to the labeling. It’ll lessen your hassle during putting them together in the new place.

4. Consider Replacing Parts

When you are going to transport your trampoline, check the trampoline’s health. If you find any faulty and defective parts, repair them instantly. For example, if you find rusty springs, replace them or label them to replace the latter.

5. Packing the Trampoline for Transporting

Firstly, remove the necessary parts like spring cover, enclosure net, poles, etc. Then clean them well if they get dirty. Afterward, bring the trampoline boxes and keep the detached parts there securely.

After lifting the whole trampoline in the truck or trailer put the detached parts box there too.

Video: How to move a trampoline without taking it apart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to move a trampoline?

Ans: You may agree with us that the safest and best way to move a trampoline is by taking apart the parts. Especially when you are transporting the trampoline for longer distances.

But this is not universal, many people also love to relocate the trampoline without dismantling it. And this is also necessary for many reasons that we already discussed above.

2. How to move a Springfree trampoline?

Ans: Springfree trampolines provide trampoline disassembly and moving service. If you want to relocate your Springfree trampoline, the best way is to contact the manufacturer.

In case of small distance moving, you can also use the supplied Springfree trampoline wheels. All the other ways that we’ve discussed above work here too.

Video: Springfree trampoline shifting wheels for moving trampoline easily.

3. How often should you move a trampoline?

Ans: It’s recommended to move the backyard trampoline once a week to keep the grass alive under the trampoline. Without sunlight and water, lawns will survive, but they will almost die. So, you should move the trampoline frequently.

4. Can I move a trampoline by Alone?

Ans: Yes, you can move the smaller trampolines alone. If the outdoor trampoline is around 8 to 10 ft then you can easily lift it up and move to your desired locations. Just go under the trampoline and lift it up using your back or head and set to the new spot.

But, if the trampoline is big enough, you can’t lift it up so this is not recommended. In this case, three or more people are required to do that.

Still, if you want to do it alone, slide the trampoline using a trampoline moving wheel. Without such wheels, don’t drag the trampoline. It could damage the trampoline severely.

5. Can I mow the grass under the trampoline without moving the trampoline?

Ans: Yes, you can do it with the adjustable handlebar lawn mower. Just adjust the handle and mow the grass under the trampoline easily.

6. Is a trampoline fit in a U-haul?

Ans: Yes, U-haul can accommodate any trampoline size. Usually, U-haul sizes vary between 10 to 26 ft so either you want to relocate your small or large trampoline, U-haul will be a great option.

But if your trampoline fits in pickup trucks or mid-size trailers, don’t rent a U-haul. Because it’s more expensive than trailers and trucks.

7. Is moving a trampoline without dismantling better than shifting it by disassembling it?

Ans: This depends on the situation. If you want to relocate the trampoline for short distances moving without taking it apart is superior. Similarly, when you plan to shift the trampoline for a higher distance and the trampoline fit in the truck, moving without dismantling is good as it saves your time.

On the other hand, when the trampoline doesn’t fit in the truck, obviously you have to disassemble the trampoline. Renting a truck or retailer is also expensive, thus moving by disassembling is good, but here you have to pay assembly and disassembly costs and time.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to shift the trampoline within the backyard or far away without dismantling it, this article will help you to do that in the right way. Just follow the methods that we’ve explained in simple words. But do it carefully, as the trampoline is heavy enough that could cause severe accidents.

Now you know the ins and outs of how to move a trampoline without taking it apart. Congratulations on learning these wonderful trampoline-shifting methods. Now do these when necessary!

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