Looking for the Best In-Ground Trampolines? Here are 7 Options

The best sunken trampoline promises to ensure a safe jumping experience. This trampoline features a non-obstructive base that brings fabulous landscapes to your backyard. In addition to that, once you have installed the in-ground or sunken trampoline, you can use it years after years without much maintenance, sounds good!

Have you wondered, what are the best in-ground trampolines on the market? Well, there are numerous options in the market but round and reactangle in-ground trampolines are most popular and widespread ones.

Here I’ve compiled here several top-performing ground level trampoline both for small and large yard. Let’s read reviews and find your most suitable one!

What is In-Ground Trampoline?   

Generally, trampolines are put above the ground. But, they can be installed on the ground too. When the trampoline is buried in the ground instead of taking it above the ground, this is called in-ground trampoline.

Only the mat is visible while other parts go under the earth in this special trampoline. Some other names of in-ground trampolines are sunken trampolines, ground-level trampolines, buried trampolines, below ground trampolines, low to the ground trampolines, trampolines down under, etc.

Due to design, sunken trampolines are safer compared to the traditional models. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide gentle bounce so you can choose this as a safe model for endless fun and exercise.

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Best In-Ground Trampolines Reviews

1. In-Ground Trampolines Standard 15 Ft Round In-Ground Trampoline Kit


  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Weight limit: 450 Pounds
  • Number of springs: 120

In-ground trampoline is a trending model nowadays. The 15 Ft In-ground Trampolines Standard is one of the best quality in-ground trampolines on the market. You can choose this USA-made sunken trampoline for a happy bouncing experience for the whole family.

Strong Construction & Large Weight Capacity

This 15 ft spacious in-ground trampoline is designed sturdily from stainless alloy steel material. Also, the model comes with a maximum number of heavy performance and corrosion-resistant springs.

The heavy-duty structure uses 14 gauge steel tubing and the wall panels have 18 gauge galvanized steel that provides optimal corrosion resistance and great durability.

It can withstand a maximum weight of 450 pounds, that’s impressive for any sunken model. Such a hefty weight capacity will allow kids and adults to jump happily.

High & Comfortable Bounce

There are 120 springs 8.5 inches long to provide the highest bounce ever than any other competitor’s model trampoline. IGT technology mat and pad also provide 20 times more airflow than other jump surfaces thus you’ll get better bounce and comfort.

A professional-grade jumping mat is used here that is made of anti-UV polypropylene that also ensures high bounce and a better lifespan.

Better Safety

Due to the seamless knitting, the gap between the mat and the spring pad is eliminated, making it safer and more convenient. The spring padding prevents jumpers from the thrust of the spring.

Easy Installation

In-ground trampoline allows simple and quick installation. It requires less excavation as well as dirt haul-away than other large models. You can prepare the pit by excavating 16 feet diameter hole with 24 inches outside tapered depth and 34-inch center depth.

Impressive Warranty

The IGT model provides a comprehensive warranty to each component. The frame, wall panels, and hardware cover 10 years warranty whereas 3 years for springs and 2 years for the mat.


The In-ground Trampolines Standard provides jumpers the greatest trampolining experience. For smooth and high bounce, you can buy this sunken trampoline. The stunning features of this model will be worth the investment undoubtedly.


  • Lots of springs for superb bounce
  • Provides maximum durability of the frame
  • Great weight carrying capacity
  • Minimal digging and haul-away of land
  • Stunning air circulation for better bounce


  • No safety net included
  • Costly replacement parts

2. Avyna Pro-Line 14 Ft In-Ground Round Trampoline


  • Weight limit: 352 lbs
  • Hole depth: 34 inch
  • Springs: 96

If you’re looking for a top-performing in-ground trampoline, 14 ft Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline won’t disappoint you.

No Need For Retaining Wall

Amazingly, this buried trampoline doesn’t need any retaining wall to set up the trampoline. The installation process is easier than the other in-ground models. You can simply set up the trampoline without massive excavation.

So, the process eliminates expensive equipment for excavation. Just dig 34 inches deep pit and install the trampoline easily. 8 inches of the trampoline will be above the ground which will make good airflow under the trampoline hence good bouncing.

Better Bouncing

You need a bouncy trampoline, right? This model uses 96 springs that are 8.5 inches long, that’s amazing to create a good bounce. The trampoline is strong enough thus it can hold up to 352 pounds weight.

So, no matter what your weight is, this 14 ft trampoline will be a suitable platform for you.

Unique Design

This round-titanium trampoline is a low-profile design like most other in-ground trampolines. It enhances safety as well as provides a great appearance in the backyard. The trampoline includes sitting space, thus jumpers can take a rest after bouncing.

Lifetime Warranty

You might love the lifetime warranty in-ground trampoline as they are very expensive. Luckily, the Avyna Pro-Line 14 ft in-ground trampoline manufacturer will give you the lifetime support.


Having this Avyna in-ground trampoline, you will get the best value trampoline in America. The lucrative design and easy installation will attract you undoubtedly. And kids will also enjoy the safe bounce.


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Minimum soil excavation
  • Allows setup without retaining wall
  • Attractive low profile design
  • Sitting area for the jumpers


  • No safety net included

3. Berg Trampoline Champion 17 Ft In-Ground Oval Trampoline With Safety Net


  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Total springs: 96 TwinSpring Gold

Up next, 17 ft Berg In-Ground Trampoline is one of the most appealing ones for backyard fun for the whole family. Larger space will allow several kids to play together there. And if you need small in-ground trampoline, there are 11 and 14 ft models available.

TwinSprings For Higher Bounce

This trampoline is designed for safe jumping. It uses 96 TwinSpring Gold springs that are mounted in a “V” shape with the mat. Thus, you will get a high bounce from the trampoline bed. The weight limit of the best ground-level trampoline is 265 lbs.

Airflow Jumping Mat

The large in-ground trampoline features AirFlow jumping technique. It allows more air to pass through the mat for more comfort. So, jumpers will enjoy the high jump as well as have more fun.

Combines Good Features

BERG oval sunken trampoline is a good model that blends the large jumping surface of the rectangle trampoline and provides a center-focused jump like the round model.

PVC Padding & Net For Safety

With this trampoline, you will get a soft padded spring cover that will protect you from spring impact. It includes an enclosure net for ground impact too.

Longer Warranty

Thanks, BERG in-ground trampoline for its life support. The frame provides 10 years warranty whereas springs and mat include 3 and 2 years warranty respectively. So users will feel relaxed to using the trampoline in any harsh condition.


Berg Champion in-ground trampoline is a large model that allows the whole family to have fun together. It will also turn your backyard a great look. So don’t miss this affordable in-ground trampoline.


  • TwinSpring for bouncing higher
  • Safety net and pad included
  • Ensures more space and fun
  • Comfortable airflow


  • Tricky installation

4. JumpPower 10×7.5 Ft Small In-Ground Rectangle Trampoline With Enclosure Net


  • Mat: Polypropylene
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs
  • Springs: 58, 6.5 inches
  • Hole depth: 36 inch

Are you looking for an in-ground rectangle trampoline for the small yard? Well, 10×7.5 Ft JumpPower Rectangle Sunken Trampoline will be an ideal choice for you.

Weight Limit & Bounce

The small in-ground trampoline can hold up to 220 lbs weight, which makes it a good pick for the kids. It incorporates 58 springs having 6.5 inches each. So, you will get a decent bounce from the small trampoline.

Sturdy Construction

JumpPower doesn’t compromise in quality. The frame is made from 1.75 inches 16 gauge galvanized steel which makes the trampoline very durable. The full structure is rust-resistant thus you won’t worry about rust forming.

Polypropelene mat will ensure cushion touch as well as give standard bounce to the children. The manufacturer recommends a 36-inch pit depth for the optimum jumping experience.


The rectangular in-ground trampoline comes with a cable wire enclosure net thus you can ensure better safety for your children. It will also resist the unnecessary entering of the animals in the trampoline.

A longer enclosure net is attached inside, thus there is no safety hazard as the frame, poles, and springs are outside the jumping space. Spring cover will add further safety from getting hurt.

10 by 7.5 ft JumpPower sunken trampoline meets different safety and production standards like ISO 9001, TUV, and SUV.


In terms of size and cost, this rectangle 10 ft buried trampoline will be an ideal gift for your little toddlers as it ensures maximum safety. So, get the compact in-ground trampoline for your small yard.


  • Ideal for small backyard
  • Included enclosure net
  • Safe model as springs are outside net


  • Not for older kids

5. Capital Play 14×10 Ft Rectangle In-Ground Trampoline Kit


  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Weight limit: 264 Pound
  • Total springs: 104

Another good rectangle ground-level trampoline is the 14×10 Ft Capital Play Trampoline. If you look for a large rectangle sunken trampoline for showing lots of tricks, this will be an ideal one. Let’s talk about its features.

Highest Durability

The manufacturer uses double frame technology. This exceptionally sturdy frame is made of 2 mm thick steel alloy. Moreover, the steel is manufactured from the double-dip galvanization process which means it endures in the ground for many years without any damage.

Capital Play includes a built-in strong retaining wall. Thus it allows easy installation. The manufacturer provides a 10-years frame warranty for unbeatable durability. The model can endure up to 264 lbs weight.

High Bounce

There are pre-tensioned, high-performing canonical 104 springs having 8.5 inches long. They are galvanized and rustproof thus providing a profound, smooth, and good jumping experience for longer periods.

Also, the jumping mat is made of professional-grade anti-UV polypropylene material for enhanced bounce and longevity.

It has also a thick and bouncy safety TDU vented pad that lets more air pass easily through the padding. It allows you to jump higher and ensures better safety.

Includes Safety Items

The rectangular sunken trampoline package includes a thick spring pad to protect jumpers from the spring’s impact. It also eliminates noise for a sound jumping exercise. If you need an enclosure net, you can purchase it for adding more safety.

Quick Setup

Capital low to the ground trampoline bundle provides a step-by-step sunken trampoline installing guide with the trampoline kit. Also, you can see videos from their website for more convenience. Making a 90 cm depth hole you can easily install the 14×10 ft buried trampoline.


Capital Play in-ground trampoline kit is a heavy-duty and bouncy in-ground trampoline. So it will be going the best ever fun trampoline for a small family.


  • Superb durable frame
  • Safe and excellent bounce
  • Gives optimum frame lifetime
  • Comes with the complete kit
  • Safety net available


  • Lower weight capacity doesn’t allow heavy adults

6. Happy Trampoline Gymnastic 14 Ft Below Ground Sunken Trampoline

Most large outdoor models of Happy Trampolines can be used simultaneously as in-ground and above ground trampolines. But Happy Trampoline brands have some specially designed in-ground trampolines like 14 ft round and 14×16 ft rectangle sunken trampolines.

14 Ft Below Ground Trampoline Happy Trampoline comes with durable structure. It includes all the necessary things in the package. The frame is made from commercial-grade steel and each tube thickness is 3 mm.

The weight limit of the trampoline is 550 lbs. It uses 9 inch long 108 springs that provide high bounce. Permatron mat and wide spring pad provide maximum jumping fun. Its frame and springs provide a lifetime warranty.

7. Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline 15 Ft with Premium Enclosure Ground-Level Trampoline

Although this is an above-ground trampoline, still due to its superior quality, you can use it as a ground-level trampoline.

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Things To Consider While Buying The Best Sunken Trampolines

While you’re planning to get a sunken trampoline for your kids, you should consider some important things to choose a safe and good in-ground trampoline. So, let’s know how to choose the right sunken trampoline for your family!

Best In Ground Trampoline

In-Ground Trampoline Size

The first thing is the size of in-ground trampolines. Sunken trampolines are available in both small and large sizes. Which size is best for you depends on the backyard space and purpose of use.

If your backyard has a limited area or wants to buy an in-ground trampoline for kids, then the smaller sizes will be the right fit. On the other hand, if your garden is spacious and plans to get the trampoline for the whole family choose the larger models.

Don’t shop the big in-ground trampoline unnecessarily as this will raise the overall cost of buying, installing, etc. So, make a balance between available backyard space with your requirement.

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Shape of the Ground Level Trampoline

Like usual trampolines, in-ground trampolines are avilable in round, square, oval, and rectangle shape. For higher bounce, a rectangle sunken model should be chosen. But, an oval and round shape trampoline will be great for safe and center-focused jumping.

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Durable Construction and Material

The structure of in-ground trampolines must be strong enough so they won’t wobble while jumping or don’t get damaged fast. Also, the materials of sunken trampolines should be safe enough to endure heavy bounces.

The best in-ground trampoline frames are built from heavy-gauge galvanized steel to ensure structural superiority and durability. Springs should be made of rustproof galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and rust.

You need a bouncy as well as safe jumping mat. Heavy-stitched mats make them good in quality. The best ones are waterproof and UV-resistant. As your buried trampolines will be outside for years after years so waterproof jump bed will extend the mat’s lifespan.

While choosing the spring pad, make sure it’s thick enough, UV-resistant, and waterproof. It will enhance safety and extend the trampoline’s life.

Weight Capacity

The in-ground trampolines must be a higher weight limit than the jumper’s weight. If you plan to make the jumping platform for the whole family, it should come with a higher load capacity of more than 300 pounds. Alternately, a 200 to 300 pounds weight limit is good enough for smaller kids.

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The main purpose of using a trampoline is to get a good bounce from the trampoline. This is also true in the case of in-ground models. While choosing the sunken trampoline, make sure the mat and springs are good enough to make gentle bounce.

It’s important to dig recommended depth hole for better airflow hence good bounce. If the manufacturer suggests to put the jump bed a few inches above the ground, keep it so to get comfortable bounce. Also use a good spring padding to get proper airdlow.

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The mat of sunken trampolines is just a few inches above the ground which makes them safer compared to the usual ones. However, you can put cushining material in the ground for further safety.

Due to being a low-height model, they don’t need an enclosure net. But you can add a net with the trampoline for additional safety.

It’s also important to check the spring pad quality. The thick, wide, and foam padded spring padding will be great to protect jumpers from spring-related injuries. Even some models have direct sewn between mat and pad to extend safety a lot.

Easy Installation

You should choose the right trampolines that require less hole digging. So, pick the best sunken trampolines instead of usual trampolines as sinking the traditional models is quite tiresome.

Most sunken trampolines need 3 to 4 feet deep soil removal to install trampoline which is costly. But some models allow you to set up the in-ground trampoline after a small amount of soil removal, you can choose this type. But there is an issue of low-bounce due to low pit depth.

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In-ground trampolines are quite expensive than the traditional models. But, most of them will give you the maximum warranty. Some of the best sunken trampolines even come with a lifetime warranty, that’s impressive.

With good after-sales support, most manufacturers also provide in-ground trampoline assembling and disassembling services. And, you will get the replacement parts from them too.

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Important Tips for In-Ground Trampoline Installation

Here we’ll give you some important in-ground trampoline installation guidelines so you can install the sunken trampolines perfectly for the proper bounce.

Ensure Good Airflow

Ground-level trampoline safety pad provides airflow in this trampoline. But, it’s not enough to create good jumping. That’s why the mat of the sunken trampoline should be a few inches high from the ground.

This will help good air passing under the trampoline thus you will experience safe and higher bounce. Without enough air escaping, the trampoline won’t give you the right bouncing.

So, the safety pad should have airflow, as well as the structure, should be quite high (5 to 10 inches) from the earth.

Sunken Trampoline Pit

Sunken trampoline hole preparation is a mandatory task to install the in-ground trampoline. Depending upon, trampoline type, size, soil type, you have to dig the hole and prepare the ground. But, the most important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

While building retaining wall, consider the soil type and trampoline structure. If the trampoline comes with retaining wall kit, follow the manufacturer guideline during installation.

Here is a general guideline to dig sunken trampoline pit.

In-ground trampoline’s hole digging guideline. The image is taken from Capital Play.

Water Drainage

While installing low to the ground trampolines, you might need to make water drainage. The drain joins the in-ground trampoline pit and central drain of the backyard. So, stagnant water will pass through the drain easily.

Without proper drainage, rainwater stays in place in the pit even may waterlog the trampoline. This could damage the trampoline mat and springs. Thus, making a good drain while installing an in-ground trampoline hole is important.

The video below will give you some handy tips to install the in-ground trampolines properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How deep should a trampoline be in the ground?

Ans: The depth of the trampoline should be a couple of inches lower than the lip of the trampoline. This allows the air to flow beneath the trampoline, which makes a better trampolining experience. So the size of the hole will only depend on the individual trampoline you buy.

2. Is in-ground trampoline safe?

Ans: Yes, sunken trampolines are safe due to the low-height design, thus kids to adults everyone can use it. If you are pregnant and want to do some light exercise trampoline in fresh air, sunken trampoline might be a great way to jump safely.

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3. Can I attach a basketball hoop with a sunken trampoline?

Ans: Yes, you can install a basketball goal with an in-ground trampoline. You can also add other fun trampoline accessories with the ground level trampoline.

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4. Are in-ground trampolines and underground trampolines the same?

Ans: No, in-ground trampolines are buried partly in the earth, whereas underground trampolines are installed completely under the ground. Underground trampoline parks are examples of underground trampolines.

Still, some people consider the ground-level trampoline as underground trampoline. So, if you are one of them, then the above mentioned trampolines will be your best underground trampolines, right?

Final Words

A sunken trampoline is the right platform to bring every one of the family from toddlers to adults and even elderly. This is safe as well long-lasting, and gentle bouncing.

So, consider your backyard space and shape then choose either the round or rectangle in-ground trampolne. Now, jump happily in the best in-ground trampoline and breathe fresh air!

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