Is It Okay to Put Trampoline on Concrete? Tips to Do It Safely

Usually, trampolines are installed in the ground with some soft base support. But, the concrete basement is more common than the soil or grassy ground for city dwellers.

So, the question arises can you put a trampoline on concrete? The answer is yes and no simultaneously. In general, it’s advised not to put the trampoline on concrete as it damages your trampoline and could hurt you seriously. But you can install the trampoline on concrete only when you put a soft material between the concrete base and trampoline legs.

So, let’s learn how to put a trampoline on concrete.

Why Should You Avoid Setting the Trampoline Directly on Concrete?

There are several reasons why it’s discouraged to put the trampoline on a solid concrete base. The main reasons behind this issue are-

Can You Put a Trampoline on Concrete

Ground Impact Might Be Dangerous

Probably, the main reason is safety. Concrete can’t absorb shock like the soft base; moreover, concrete provides an additional impact on the jumpers that might hurt them. Even the in-ground trampolines aren’t safe there.

Now talk about the result. If you fall accidentally on the concrete ground while jumping on the trampoline, this could injure the head, break bones or neck, damage to the backbone, etc.

Trampoline Damage

The friction between trampoline legs and concrete causes structural damage to the trampoline. Thus, the overall lifespan of the trampoline might be reduced greatly. This will also increase the repair cost of the trampoline frame, legs, or other parts.

Trampoline Movement

Trampolines on concrete tend to slip or shift the trampoline while you jump, which could cause wrong landings and might be hazardous.

Concrete Damage

Due to continuous friction between the concrete base and trampoline legs, the concrete yard might also be damaged. So, it’s a property loss as well as could mess the landscape.

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Difficult to Anchor

It’s difficult to secure the trampoline on concrete, even if you use good anchoring kits. Thus, there is a high risk of blowing the trampoline due to wind.

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Trampoline manufacturers don’t provide any warranty if you break or bend the trampoline due to placing the trampoline on rocks, concrete, or any other hard surfaces.

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How to Put up a Trampoline on a Concrete Base?

Although it’s not a good idea to set your trampoline on concrete, still, if you want to do that, you should consider the following things most important.

Let’s have a discussion on these.

Soft Base

The first thing is to put the extra soft padded layer on the concrete. This will reduce the friction between the trampoline legs and the hard surface. You can consider several materials like rubber padding, gymnastics mats, interlocking exercise tiles, etc.

Here are two recommended things to put under the trampoline on the concrete floor.

Thick Rubber Pad

Rubber padding is a good option as it helps to reduce friction to a great extent. They also make cushions for accidental falling from the ground. Here is a recommended thick Rubber Pad by IncStores.

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Interlocking Exercise Mats

The interlocking exercise mats also provide great base support, and they are cheaper than the gymnasts’ exercise mats.

Some companies provide the service of placing rubber mats under the trampolines. You can hire them for a professional touch and high aesthetic trampoline base. They are quite pricier, but definitely, that is lower than trampoline injury costs or property damage costs.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Protective Flooring is highly recommended for it.

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Anchor the Trampoline on Concrete

Usually, the trampoline is anchored on grass or mud. Thus, the trampoline sinks a bit to the ground easily. But, in the case of concrete, you won’t get such a facility. Moreover, it’s difficult to install anchor kits on hard ground like concrete.

So, you may be tempted is it okay to anchor a trampoline on concrete. Yes, it’s possible but needs some extra effort. You can do it in several ways, like using augers or sandbags.

There is no special anchoring kit for concrete, so the thing you can do is drill the concrete floor using a drill machine and then install the pegs there. Alternatively, you can use sandbags to weigh down the trampoline to the ground but not very effective.

The sandbags method is less expensive and requires lesser effort than drilling the anchor kits on the ground. But, for better anchoring, you should use heavy-duty anchoring kits by the drilling method.

Consider a Safety Net

An enclosure net is another important thing to add to a trampoline when you are going to install the trampoline on concrete. This will reduce the risk of falling off the ground, hence stopping severe injury.

Proper Clearance

It’s also important to place the trampoline far away from rocks, stones, or any hard objects. And make sure the trampoline has enough space from trees, fences, buildings, etc.


So, what do you answer if someone asks you can a trampoline be put on concrete? Yes, it can be but need some groundwork, like putting rubber bases or interlocking mats, anchor kits, and safety net.

But, before placing the right material on the trampoline base don’t allow anyone to jump on the trampoline. Hopefully, you can now be able to set up the trampoline on concrete in the right way.

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