Trampolines in the Desert – Everything You Need to Know

Trampolines are reaching every corner of the world over time. Now, trampolines are seen on the beach, hills, and even in the desert. So, a question may pop up in your mind, ‘can I put trampolines in the desert’?

Yes, you can install a trampoline in the desert. Any trampolines  can be used there. But, in-ground trampolines will fit most compared to the traditional ones. However, you have to maintain some instructions to put trampolines there. Recently, trampoline parks and adventure companies are taking initiative to open trampoline parks in the desert.

This blog will take you through some helpful tips to set up trampolines in desert areas. Before that, I’ll briefly explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of installing trampolines in the desert.

Advantages of Trampolines in the Desert

trampolines in the desert
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  • Trampoline in the desert allows for jumping and performing acrobatic tricks in a vast open space.
  • As the climate of the desert is dry, thus the trampoline won’t get wet or slippery. In this way, you can enjoy safe jumping.

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Challenges of Trampolines in the Desert

  • The desert climate can be harsh, with extreme temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night. The dry weather might give you a static shock. So, you need to follow the steps to stop static shock in the trampoline.
  • The wind and dust storms are also challenging in the desert. It’s important to check the weather forecast before bouncing on the desert trampoline. Also, take proper steps to secure your trampoline there.

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Tips to Install Trampolines in the Desert

Now I’ll share some important tips that will help you to put together the trampoline in the desert.

1. In-Ground Trampoline

Sunken trampolines will be the best option for the desert due to the landscape and safety. In the desert, there are lots of winds to the above-ground model may wind away easily, so the in-ground trampoline will be ideal. Nowadays, you may see in-ground trampolines in AlUla.

2. Install the Trampoline on Flat Surface

It’s important to flatten the ground around the trampoline. If it’s uneven or slopes, make it level so jumpers can enjoy safe jumping on the trampoline.

3. Consider Heavy-Duty Wind Stakes

To protect the trampoline in high wind in the desert, use heavy-duty anchor kits like wind stakes, sandbags, etc. Add at least two pegs in each leg of the trampoline so the winds can’t blow the trampoline away.

4. Consider Shade Cover

In the desert, excessive heat may harm the trampoline. So, you may use a shade cover to protect your trampoline.

5. Install Safety Enclosure

For safe jumping, you should also surround the trampoline by enclosure net. This will prevent jumpers from falling off the ground.

6. Use Soft Material Surround the Trampoline

Whether you install an in-ground or above-ground trampoline in the desert, use soft padded material in the ground. Otherwise, rocks or hard surfaces might hurt you falling there.

7. Use a Weather Cover

When you’re not using the trampoline, cover it using a weather cover. It’ll keep the trampoline protected from dust, rain, heat, and other elements.

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Wrap Up

Installing trampolines in the desert seems challenging but you can do it by following the tips discussed above. Before you jump on the trampoline in the desert, be hydrated enough as the temperature is very high in the daytime. Hopefully, you will enjoy trampolining in the desert.

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