Is Water Trampoline Worth It? Safety, Bounce, Price, and More Explained

Water trampoline is a special kind of trampoline used in the water. In the summer days, this will be a great sport for the whole family and for those who need cool ideas for weekend fun. But questions may arise, ‘Are water trampolines safe?’.

Yes, water trampolines are safer compared to the usual models, as jumpers fall on the water after bouncing. But those who can swim will find this trampoline safe, or at least they should wear swimming jackets. Water trampolines and bouncers are also bouncy but quite expensive. And there are several differences between water trampolines and regular ones.

This blog will explain several features of water trampolines so you can understand ‘are water trampolines worth it’ or not. So, let’s get started!

Are Water Trampolines Safe?

Of course, water trampolines provide better safety compared to the traditional models. Some reasons that make water trampolines and bouncers safer are-

Are Water Trampolines Safe

a) Inflatable Design

Water trampolines are actually inflatable trampolines that get the trampoline shape after intaking air in them. So, the air-filled trampoline becomes safer compared to regular trampolines. Also, the hard metal parts of the water trampolines are hidden; thus, the trampoline provides better safety.

b) Surrounding Water

When jumpers fall on the ground from the usual trampoline, there is a high chance of getting injured. But water trampolines are set on the water, so there is no chance of severe injuries. All these make water trampolines safer than regular trampolines.

Risks of Water Trampoline and Tips to Make It Safer

Although water trampolines are safer still, you should keep several things in mind-

  • As water trampolines are placed in the water so there is the risk of drowning. That is why people who can’t swim well should refrain from this trampoline, or at least they should use floating jackets to avoid drowning.
  • Jumping on the deflated water trampoline could be dangerous, so inflate the water trampoline correctly before you jump.
  • If the water trampoline isn’t anchored rightly, it could be displaced by water flow or due to jumping over it. So, anchor it correctly and avoid placing it in heavy stream locations.
  • Children should jump on the water trampoline under adults’ supervision.

Are Water Trampolines Bouncy?

No, water trampolines aren’t as bouncy as usual models. The heavy-duty springs of traditional trampolines make them bouncier compared to water tramps.

But water trampolines are bouncier than water bouncers. The reason behind this, water tramps have springs, but bouncers haven’t such springs.

How Much Are Water Trampolines?

Most quality water trampolines cost more than 1000 USD. But you will find some cheap models. In general, water trampolines are comparatively more expensive than the regular trampolines.

How Much Do Water Trampolines Last?

Usually, water trampolines last around 2 to 5 years. On the other hand, traditional trampolines last between 5 to 10 years.

Things to Consider to Buy a Water Trampoline

If you plan to purchase a good water trampoline, you should consider several factors such as-

How Much Are Water Trampolines


Water trampolines are usually made of PVC that can withstand harsh weather like UV rays, wear and tear, salt exposure, and more. But try to get heavy-strength PVC like 1000-denier, 28-gauge material. If there are springs, be sure these are properly galvanized.

Size and Shape

Water trampolines and bouncers come in numerous sizes and shapes. Usually, water trampolines support more weight and are larger than bouncers. Most water trampolines are available in a circular shape, but some of them are oval.


Each water trampoline has its own accessories and attachments. Some of them are slides, boarding platforms, ladders, ramps, and more. All these enhance trampoline fun a lot.

What is the Best Inflatable Water Trampoline?

There are different brands and types of water trampolines. Some of the popular brands are-

  • Island Hopper
  • Rave Sports
  • WOW Sports
  • Happybuy

Here is a good water trampoline recommendation by Rave Sports for you.

Water Trampoline Vs Bouncers

Water trampolines and bouncers are normally used as synonyms as both are used as jumping platforms in the water. But they have some differences too that are shown in the following table.

Comparison TopicWater TrampolineWater Bouncers
ConstructionSprings connect the jumping bed to the frameWebbing joins the jumping mat to the outer frame tube
SizeUsually, largerSmaller
BounceHigher bounceLow
Weight capacityMoreFewer
AssemblySlower than bouncersQuick

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Water Trampoline

1. Does the air blower come with water trampolines?

Ans: Some water trampoline bouncers include air blowers in the package, whereas you may also buy them separately sometimes.

2. How to anchor a water trampoline?

Ans: Anchoring a water trampoline is an easy task. To do it follow the steps below-

Step 1: Attach one end of the chain with the anchorage concrete blocks or bricks through the carabiner.

Step 2: Then attach the other end of the chain with the D-ring of the water trampoline.

Step 3: You may adjust the chain height according to the water level.

The following video shows water trampoline anchoring step by step-

3. Is it safe to use water trampolines on the ground?

Ans: Usually, you can’t use water trampolines on land as friction between the inflatable and the ground will create leaks and damage the trampoline. But Some models have a thicker base that can be used in both water and land.

4. How to clean trampoline water?

Ans: Using mild soap water or lemon paste, you can easily clean the water bouncers and trampolines. But avoid petroleum-based cleaners or chemicals, as these might harm the PVC material.

5. How to store a water trampoline?

Ans: Before storing the water trampoline, you need to deflate, clean, and dry it well. Then fold it and keep it in a dry place like a good container, plastic bag, and other suitable place.

Is Water Trampolines Worth the Money?

Water trampolines and bouncers are great fun for the whole family. It’s safer and easy to set up compared to the usual trampolines.

Although it’s quite expensive, still worth the money considering its overall performance. So, get water trampolines and enjoy a summer weekend in a better way.

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