Round vs Rectangle vs Square vs Oval Trampoline: Which Shape Trampoline is Best?

Round and rectangles are the two most common shapes of trampolines. They not only look dissimilar but act differently too. Square and oval trampolines are two other types of trampolines derived from the round and rectangular models respectively.

Thus, the question arises what are the differences between round vs rectangle vs oval vs square trampolines. In terms of safety, round and oval trampolines are better choice. But, if you want to jump higher rectangle and square trampoline will win. Considring price, round trampoline is more affordable compared to the rectangular trampoline.

Don’t be fret, I’m going to cover the topic in detail so our readers get a clear idea about the debate between rectangular, round, oval, and square trampolines.

Comparison Among Round, Oval, Rectangle, and Square Trampolines

Now we’ll break down the difference between round, oval, square, and rectangle trampolines.

Rectangular vs Round Trampoline

How do rectangular trampolines differ from round trampolines? Here are some basic differences-

  • Rectangle trampolines come with sturdier frames than circular models.
  • Round trampolines are budget-friendly options compared to rectangle tramps.
  • Rectangular trampolines provide a higher bounce than the round models.
  • Circular tramps are quite safer for small kids than rectangle models.
  • Rectangle trampolines offer even bounce throughout the mat, but circular tramps pull jumpers towards the center.
  • Rectangular models have a higher weight capacity compared to circular tramps.

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Round vs Oval Trampoline

Let’s investigate, is an oval trampoline better than a round model.

  • Round trampolines are a good choice for single jumpers, but oval models are more spacious and have two center points at each end, thus the extra space makes them ideal for multiple jumpers.
  • Oval trampolines provide a little higher bounce than circular models.
  • Round trampolines are quite safer for children than oval models.
  • Oval trampolines are a little pricier than circular trampolines.

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Rectangular vs Oval Trampoline

What are the differences between oval and rectangle trampolines? Here is the quick answer.

  • Oval trampolines are quite pocket-friendly than rectangle tramps.
  • Rectangle trampolines offer a higher bounce compared to the oval models.
  • Rectangular trampolines have a higher load capacity than the oval models.

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Square vs Round Trampoline

Is a round trampoline better than a square model? Well, here are some points that will give you a clear idea regarding this.

  • Square trampolines provide a higher bounce compared to the round models.
  • Round trampolines are cheaper than the square models.
  • Square trampolines have a higher weight limit than the circular models.
  • Round trampolines direct jumpers towards the middle whereas square models provide even bounce all over the jumping bed.

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Rectangle vs Square Trampoline

Sometimes gymnasts may fall into the dilemma to choose between a rectangular vs square trampoline. See their main distinctive features.

  • Rectangular trampolines have a sturdier frame and powerful springs than the square models.
  • Due to the size, square trampolines allow to accommodate them easily in the yard compared to the rectangle tramps.
  • For small kids square trampolines are quite safer than rectangle tramps. On the other hand, gymnasts prefer rectangular models for better bouncing capacity.

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Oval vs Square Trampoline

Is an oval trampoline superior to a square model? Well, here is the quick answer.

  • Square trampolines are quite bouncier than oval shape trampolines.
  • Oval trampolines are a little cheaper compared to the square models.

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Rectangular vs Round vs Oval vs Square Trampolines

Let’s discover the differences between oval vs rectangle vs round vs square trampolines. This section will help you find the best shape of trampoline for you.

Round Vs Rectangular Vs Oval Vs Square Trampolines

Bouncing Style

Due to the design, round trampolines provide a center-focused bounce. Hence if you are concerned about safe jumping, round models will suit you best.

On the other hand, rectangle trampolines are designed for even bounce throughout the jumping bed which means you will get a quality bounce in the middle as well as on the edges of these trampolines. For gymnasts and athletes, rectangle models will be the right choice.

Now come to the round vs oval trampolines. Oval trampolines are very similar to round trampolines thus they provide central pulling bounce like the circular models bounce and a little like rectangle ones even bounce.

Square trampolines come with almost the same features as rectangle trampolines. So, the bouncing style of the square models will be almost the same as rectangle trampolines. But, if you consider square vs rectangle trampolines, rectangular models will provide better bounces.

So, whoever wants high bouncing trampolines, should go for rectangle and square trampolines. And for small and safe bounces, oval and circular trampolines are the ideal choice.

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If you require a trampoline to jump for one athlete, round models will be the best and safest options. But, for multiple jumpers’ rectangle, oval, and square trampolines are perfect models.

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You may be wondering what are the purposes of using rectangle trampolines vs round trampolines. Well, round trampolines are designed for recreational purposes whereas rectangle trampolines are used for competitive purposes.

You may have seen, that the Olympic competitive trampolines (10×17 ft) come in a rectangular shape. The other two trampolines, oval and square shapes trampolines are used for recreational and gymnastic purposes respectively.

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Weight Capacity

The weight limit of the trampoline is another major difference between oval vs round vs square vs rectangle trampolines. Usually, rectangle models come with a high weight capacity. Square trampolines’ weight limit is lower than rectangular trampolines.

Oval and round trampolines have lower weight limits. But keep in mind, that some round and oval models can hold hefty weight, for instance, Acon 4.6 15 ft trampolines have 800 lbs weight capacity.

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Jump Space

Rectangle trampolines have larger jumping space than the other types, thus they are ideal for gymnasts and trampolinists. If you haven’t larger space in the yard but want the bounce of rectangular models, then a square trampoline will be your right pick.

On the other hand, round and oval trampolines are less spacious to jump. So, they are a good choice for a compact backyard.

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Square and rectangular trampolines have more springs and more spacious thus their assembly is quite time-consuming and requires more effort. On the other hand, round and trampolines assembly is relatively easier and needs lesser time.

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In terms of cost, rectangle and square trampolines are expensive models, whereas oval and circular trampolines are quite affordable. In general, rectangle trampolines are the most expensive and round trampolines are the cheapest ones. But there are exceptions too.

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Comparison Table of Round vs Oval vs Rectangular vs Square Trampolines

The comparison table below will explain the difference between rectangle, round, square, and oval trampolines.

Comparison TopicRound TrampolineRectangle TrampolineSquare TrampolineOval Trampoline
Designed forRecreationCompetitionCompetitionRecreation
Jumping styleCenter focusedEven bounce throughout the jumping bedEven bounce throughout the jumping bedCenter focused
BounceSmall bouncyVey bouncyLesser than rectangleHigher than round
PriceVery affordableMost expensiveBetween round and rectangleBetween round and rectangle
Weight limitLowVery highLesser than rectangleLarger than round

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People Also Ask

1. Which is better oval or round mini trampoline rebounder?

Ans: Oval mini trampolines come with extra space. So, if you need a mini trampoline for two jumpers that will be a good choice, otherwise, the round rebounders will be your right pick.

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2. Are hexagonal and octagonal shapes of trampolines good?

Ans: Yes, hexagonal and octagonal shapes trampolines are a good choice for more space hence doing more trampoline tricks.

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Final Thoughts

The golden rule is that round trampolines are designed for recreational purposes, whereas rectangle models are ideal for gymnastics. Rectangular trampolines are usually more costly than circular models. The features of oval and square trampolines go between these two.

Now, you know the difference between rectangular trampolines vs round trampolines vs oval trampolines vs square trampolines. So, choose the right shape of the trampoline from these and jump happily!

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