10 Bounciest Trampoline for Utmost Jumping Experience

High-bounce trampolines can be a valuable addition to your yard. The athletic children and the adults can have a whale of a time jumping on the trampoline. But, amongst the endless options, which is the best-bouncing trampoline?

It’s true that many trampoline manufacturers claim they provide the bounciest trampolines, but not all of them are bouncy, actually. However, here I’ve narrowed down your choice by several of the super bouncy trampolines.

My recommended bounciest trampolines ever are safer too. So, get the most bouncy trampolines that you love most.

What Makes a Trampoline Super Bouncy?

Bounciest Trampoline

Several factors determine how bouncy the trampoline will be. First of all, powerful springs help you jump higher. Another important thing is the quality of the mat; superior quality trampoline mats are usually made from polypropylene and Permatron materials.

The size and shape of trampolines also play an important role in creating produce bounces. Moreover, you have to choose the right trampoline to get an impressive bounce. For instance, heavy people need a high weight limit on large trampolines, whereas kids should go on a small trampoline for a better bouncing experience.

Trampoline leveling and installation are important to get a proper bounce from the trampoline. If the yard isn’t flat, prepare the yard first before you install a trampoline there.

In the buying guide, I’ll discuss all the above-mentioned points plus some other important factors that make a trampoline heavily bouncy. Now it’s time to find the answer to which trampolines are the bounciest.

Top 10 Bounciest Trampolines Recommendations

If you trust me, you can choose the Giantex 16Ft Trampoline for the safe high bouncing experience!

01. Acon Air 4.6 15 Ft Bouncy Trampoline For Family With Premium Enclosure

Acon Air 4.6 15 Ft Bouncy Trampoline For Family With Premium Enclosure

At a reasonable price, a high-bounce trampoline is like a cherry on top of a cake; this makes the Acon Air 4.6 Round Bouncy Trampoline unique.

Like most other trampolines, it has a safety enclosure net with a zipper door. You close it once your kids are inside. This prevents anyone from falling off the trampoline unless tossing them out due to the 36 inches high trampoline.

The 2 inches frame diameter and  0.08 inches-thick tubes make the trampoline very sturdy. Acon 15 ft trampoline can hold more almost 800 lbs weight, and it eliminates the single jumper weight limit. Legs and poles provide great support too.

The composition of the trampoline’s spring and mats makes it more robust for providing superior bounce. It is composed of 8.5 inches long and 110 heavy-duty galvanized springs that are impressive for high-bounce.

The mats are cross-sewn about six times, whereas the others are sewn 3 to 4 times. Moreover, the polypropylene mat is UV-resistant and won’t fade quickly.

For assembling, the package includes a spring puller t-hook. The trampoline is safe for all as it meets ASTM and CE safety standards. The enclosure net is on the inner side of the springs, which also adds safety. For further safety, a foam pad is included too.

So on overall consideration, this will be an ideal pick for those who are looking for a super bouncy trampoline.


  • A safety net along with a safety door provides the utmost safety
  • Strong construction
  • Replacement parts are available
  • 5 years warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Additional ladder, stakes, and other accessories required

02. Giantex 16 Ft Outdoor Recreational Bouncing Trampoline

Giantex 16 Ft Outdoor Recreational Bouncing Trampoline

Giantex Trampoline comes in versatile sizes from 8 feet to 16 feet, so it’s safe to say that space isn’t a problem. But 16 Ft Giantex Trampoline will be the most bouncing one.

It is ASTM and EN71 certified, which means it’s super safe. The trampoline has a 6 ft densely-made safety net, protecting your kids from falls and injuries. Moreover, the no gaps between the mat and net eliminate pinching hazards.

The frame is hot-dip galvanized, rust-resistant steel, and weather-resistant cloth, extending the trampoline’s lifespan and making it suitable for use regardless of the environment. It can take 375 lbs of a single jumper’s weight.

The bouncing mat is composed of high-intensity PP material, which allows giving a super bouncy jump. It uses 108 springs and a PP mat to create a bounce. I recommend this model if you want to get a bouncy trampoline at an affordable price.


  • Safe and strong framework
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Includes climbing ladder


  • Quality should be improved

03. Vuly Thunder Pro XL Super Bouncy Trampoline

Vuly Thunder XL Super Bouncy Trampoline

What is the bounciest trampoline in the world? Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline XL is one of the unbeaten super bouncy trampolines. The Total length of the trampoline is 16 ft, and its mat diameter is 12.5 ft; that’s spacious, right?

This trampoline is also the world’s safest and strongest one; how I’m explaining! Instead of traditional coil springs, it uses 70 LeafSprings for a superior bounce; thus, a very small amount of energy is lost here. So, kids will get the highest bounce from the trampoline.

Vuly Thunder Pro trampoline’s frame comes in 6 pieces that can be easily assembled by button locks, and they don’t need any nuts and bolts; that sounds good. The frame joints use e-coated steel instead of welds which makes the frame superior to the usual trampolines.

The trampoline is also a good choice in terms of the weight limit. It can withstand 330 lbs of jumper’s weight. For extending kids’ fun, this trampoline uses a Vuly HexHex game mat. The net of the trampoline is made from UV-rated Silk Terylene and is directly sewn with the mat for maximum safety.

If you need a recreational bouncy trampoline for kids and adults, this one would be the right choice for you.


  • LeafSprings provides maximum bounce
  • Safest and strongest trampoline
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Net is sewn with the mat that eliminates pinching hazards
  • Enclosed skirt for safety


  • Quite expensive

04. Happy Trampoline 13×23 Ft Gymnastic Rectangle Bounciest Trampoline

Happy Trampoline 13x23 Ft Gymnastic Rectangle Bounciest Trampoline

In case multiple people use a trampoline, the 13×23 Ft Happy Trampoline is the perfect one, because it can hold up to 750 lbs of weight, with the highest maximum weight capacity. Also, it has the largest jumping mat, hence a huge room for more than 4 people to jump altogether.

I know the higher the spring count, the better the bounce, right? This trampoline has 9 inches long 172 heavy-duty springs that are fully galvanized and rust-resistant. So, I hope you can imagine the bounce you will get.

According to Happy Trampoline, their frames are the strongest of others in the trampoline industry, and I can’t really say I disagree. The frames are 3.0mm thick and double-dipped galvanized on all sides, making them highly rust and corrosion-resistant.

The patented stay-put safety enclosure net comprises high-grade polyester mesh, protecting the net from any tear or strain. Permatron polypropylene mat has 10 rows of stitching for a superb bounce. The trampoline meets the safety standards of  ASTM, TUV, GS, CE, EN71, etc.

This 13×23 Galactic Xtreme gymnastics rectangle trampoline includes all other necessary accessories in the package like a ladder, spring cover, assembly tools, etc. The manufacturer provides lifetime support for the product.

Although, it’s quite expensive still the quality of the lifetime trampoline worth the price. If you need a professional-grade market-leading maximum bouncing trampoline, don’t move anywhere else.

Get the best-bouncing trampoline now and jump like a trampolinist. And for small backyards, there are several other models available too.


  • ASTM, TUV, CE safety certified
  • Strongest construction
  • High safety net ensures maximum safety
  • Maximum weight capacity is a boom
  • Highest bouncing trampoline
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive
  • Large models won’t fit the compact yards
  • Lengthy installation process

05. JumpSport 10×17 Ft StagedBounce Rectangular Super Bounce Trampoline

Jumpsport 10x17 Ft StagedBounce Rectangular Super Bounce Trampoline

If you want the highest bouncing trampoline,

is right here to appease you. This particular one is such a commercial-grade rectangular trampoline that I would gladly recommend it to gymnasts and athletes.

Let’s start with its design and built. This trampoline stands on 5 W-shaped legs at the corners that provide excellent stability while the unique double-truss heavy-duty frames provide great strength enabling it to withstand up to 800 pounds of weight at a time. 

The frames are also covered in a layer of jet-black powder coating that makes them almost fully rust-resistant and, at the same time, pleasing to the eyes!

Thanks to the StagedBounce technology used in springs, which allows greater shock absorption, jumping on a trampoline have never felt this smooth! There are a total of 108 high-performance springs.

One other interesting feature of this rectangle bouncy trampoline is its safety enclosure system. They do not have any zippers, eliminating any chances of getting pinched in the process. Rather, you are to tie the net around the poles, which makes it much safer for children.

Imagine getting so many extraordinary features along with this beast of a trampoline, which also justifies its high price. But the good news is that this bounciest trampoline is suitable for kids to adults, and this is also good for double bouncing. So what are you waiting for?


  • Extreme sturdy built
  • Highest weight capacity
  • Extra safety from 360 degrees enclosed netting system
  • 10-year warranty


  • On the costlier side
  • The safety enclosure could be a little difficult to install

06. Upper Bounce 10×17 Ft Rectangular Bouncy Trampoline For Adults

Upper Bounce 10x17 Ft Rectangular Bouncy Trampoline For Adults

Our next pick is the 15 Ft Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline does complete justice to its name because you will fly in the air after each bounce! The trampoline has a unique enclosure system- the top flex pole enclosure system, which will guarantee a safe and strong enclosing system.

To ensure maximum bounce, this trampoline uses a high-grade PP mat and 7 inches long 108 springs. It can safely withstand 550 lbs of jumpers’ weight. For gymnasts and athletes, this rectangle trampoline provides a great bouncing experience, I bet.

The safety net is surrounded by a fiberglass rod to stay upright. This way, anyone can jump high. The trampoline has 8 curved poles that are kept together by the rod. From the nets, the rods extend to the poles and hold them together to ensure a stronger build.

The safety net and mat are directly sewn together for safety, thus eliminating pinching hazards for the little feet and hands. Moreover, it’s ASTM certified product. So, you can bring this to the backyard for unlimited jumping and fun!


  • Amazing durability and stability
  • Good for gymnasts to bounce
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Requires a lot of space

07. SONGMICS 15 Ft Bouncing Trampoline With Basketball Hoop For Teenagers

SONGMICS 15 Ft High Bounce Trampoline With Basketball Hoop For Teenagers

The Songmics 15 Ft Trampoline is ideal for individuals who don’t want to compromise a good jumping experience. The unique feature of this trampoline is that it provides ultimate stability.

Unlike the conventional U-shaped support leg (almost common for every trampoline), Songmics have 6 W-shaped support legs connected by reinforced T-connectors, making a highly stable framework.

In addition to that, eyebolts secure the rails to the legs firmly. Worth mentioning that EPE foam further protects the rails, making them sturdy for a bouncy bounce.

Like most other trampolines, it has a PP-made UV-resistant bounce mat, a dense mesh of safety enclosure net, and an inside-out galvanized rust-resistant 108 spring. The trampoline can hold 331 lbs of users’ weight safely.

Besides usual trampoline parts, the package includes a ladder, a foot pad, a pair of gloves, and a basketball stand for additional fun. The trampoline is available in multiple colors so that you can choose your favorite shade for the happy bounce of the kids and others.


  • UV and weather-resistant mats
  • Highly stable and safe design
  • Good bounce trampoline for the money
  • Includes ladder, a pair of gloves, a foot pad
  • TUV certified trampoline


  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • Only 2 years warranty

08. Jumpflex 15 Ft FLEX150 Heavy Bounce Trampoline For Children

Jumpflex 15 Ft FLEX150 Heavy Bounce Trampoline For Children

In terms of robustness, Jumplex 15 Ft Trampoline stands out from its peers. Springs, frame, mat, net, safety pad, poles, and other parts are made durably for a safe and high bounce.

The 42 mm steel frame has great tensile strength, meaning the trampoline will always retain its shape. On top of that, the steel frames are coated with zinc elements improving corrosion resistance, stability, and strength.

If you are concerned about safety, don’t be worried, the frame, mat, and innovative springs provide a large and smooth bounce. There are 7.1 inches long, and 100 springs for a happy bounce. The trampoline can hold around 550 lbs weight, that’s pretty for kids to adults.

Even if, by any chance, the trampoline structure is damaged in any way, then don’t worry; Jumpflex promises excellent lifetime warranties- 3 years of warranty for safety pad and net, 5 years of warranty for springs and mats, and 10 years of warranty for frames.

You can also purchase Jumpflex Smartshade separately to protect kids from the sun while they play on the trampoline. A ladder is shifted with the FLEX150 trampoline package for easy climbing on and off. And, this big bounce trampoline really jumps you higher.


  • Strong and durable framework
  • Affordable and soft bounce
  • SafeSeal 360-degree soft net
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Included ladder


  • Need wind stake for anchoring

09. Zupapa 15 Ft High Bounce Trampoline For Gymnasts

Zupapa 15 Ft High Bounce Trampoline For Gymnasts

Zupapa 15 Ft Trampoline is another good choice for high bounce trampoline. This model is made from a hot-dip galvanization process that provides maximum durability for the trampoline. 

Mat and net are sewn together to extend safety a lot by eliminating getting caught on the little fingers and toes. It uses 108 pieces of large galvanized springs for making a super bounce.

The weight capacity of the trampoline is 425 lbs which makes this ideal for anyone to jump here. The poles are extended to the ground, which stables the base greatly. It comes with a non-slip ladder. So, you’ll get all you need on the trampoline.


  • High weight limit
  • Mat is sewn with a net for better safety
  • Durable construction
  • Great customer support


  • The net zipper should be improved

10. Merax 15 Ft Bouncy Trampoline With Net, Basketball Hoop, and Ladder

Merax 15 Ft Bouncy Trampoline With Net, Basketball Hoop, and Ladder

If you need the highest bounce trampoline with lots of accessories, Merax 16 Ft Trampoline will be your right pick. It is made durably from heavy-gauge galvanized steel. This trampoline is ASTM certified.

The trampoline uses 108 springs that will bounce you in the sky. 6-W legs firm the base and make it slip-resistant. The weight capacity of the trampoline is 265 lbs which seems a little low, but the structural weight recommendation is 800 lbs.

Mat, enclosure net, spring pad, and poles pad are made to last. The package includes a ladder and basketball hoop for better safety and fun. Moreover, the basketball hoop is reversible that can be attached either inside or outside the net.


  • Basketball hoop and ladder included
  • ASTM certified trampoline
  • Double pull zipper


  • Weight limit is a concern

Buying Guide of the Best Bouncing Trampoline for Gymnasts

Purchasing a trampoline solely based on how they look can make you regret it later. Indeed, all trampolines specialize in providing a bounce, but obviously, all of them will not have the same bouncing potential.

There are a few factors that you need to acquaint yourself with first in your quest to find a trampoline with a super bounce! Let’s see what features will make your trampoline exceptionally bouncy.  

Best Bouncing Trampoline

Shape of Super Bouncy Trampoline

Generally, most trampolines come in four different types and shapes- round, rectangular, oval, and square. Trampolines of other novel configurations, like octagons or hexagons, can also be seen. However, they are not much common as the round or rectangular ones.

  • Circular Or Round Trampolines

In the mass market, round trampolines, by far, are the most prevalent for recreational purposes or everyday use. Compared to the other shaped trampolines, the round trampolines are the easiest to accommodate in the yard, for which they are the most apposite ones for houses.

The round trampolines have sprung all over, and one landing sweet spot in the center. As you jump, all the springs around the perimeter are set in motion and work together to help you draw into the center. This is why people tend to keep round trampolines in their houses.

However, a problem may arise when multiple people bounce on the trampoline. When more people jump on the trampoline, the spring will bring all of them into the center; therefore, the chances of bumping into each other and tripping and falling increase.

  • Rectangular Trampolines

If you watch any trampoline-related sports like trampolining or gymnastics, you will notice that their trampolines are usually rectangular. Unlike the round ones, rectangular trampolines consist of three landing sweet spots that offer superior bounce and higher rebound control and hold a hefty weight of more than 300 lbs.

When someone jumps on a rectangular trampoline, all the springs will not engage together at one. Only the springs nearer to the jumper will be activated, allowing the jumper to have a smooth takeoff and landing regardless of their position. This is why professionals tend to use this trampoline.

Although it’s impossible to say precisely how high the trampoline can throw a jumper, rectangular trampolines can send a jumper 16 feet above the ground- which is crazy! You must ensure that the trampoline has a safety enclosure net with it.

  • Oval Trampolines

Oval trampolines are pretty much the same as round ones, except they have two landing sweet spots and a greater surface area for jumping, making them even more secure.

The trampoline springs work together to bring a jumper to the center, but they provide more space for the jumpers due to their shape. So, several people can enjoy themselves together at the same time without knocking against one another.

  • Square Trampolines

Similarly, square trampolines inherit all the features of the rectangular ones, except that they are pretty adept for home use. Their installation process is pretty more straightforward and accommodates in a lesser space. Additionally, they provide a grander bounce.  

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Size of the Bouncy Trampoline

‘Do I buy a bigger or smaller trampoline?’ This question might pop into your head while looking for a trampoline. Honestly, there isn’t really any straightforward answer to it because it depends on many other factors. Instead, it would help if you ask further questions.

  • Who am I Buying the Trampoline for?

The jumper’s age definitely matters when it comes to buying a trampoline. For instance, a massive trampoline of 14 to 16 feet is ideal for teenagers, gymnasts, and adults.

However, buying this size for smaller children is pretty pointless. So, you can look for 12 feet trampolines for children who are about 8 years or older. Similarly, a trampoline of 8 to 10 feet is perfect for toddlers.

  • Is It Going to Fit My Backyard?

‘Let’s get a bigger one; then everyone can use it’ Yes, it does sound very rational, one trampoline for all. But make sure the size of the trampoline fits accordingly to the size of your yard.

Frame of High Jumping Trampoline

Solid construction is of utmost importance, which will provide a stable trampoline and will last longer. Trampolines have to withstand all the impact from the jumping, be it any pressure, force, weight, or strain.

It also has to endure any external impact like rain, heavy winds, etc. The steadiness of the trampoline will be compromised, given that the construction isn’t solid.  So, you must sit up and notice it while buying a trampoline, but how?

You can tell whether a trampoline is sturdy or not by its frame. Frames of galvanized rust-resistant steel are the most durable and give a trampoline a well-made framework of thick tubes. Some frames are made from hot dip-galvanization or better technology that also indicates the strength of the frame.

Although frames of the higher bounce trampolines are heavy enough, still it should be anchored to the ground to ensure that the trampoline isn’t flying during severe weather conditions. 

Legs are essential for keeping a trampoline steady. Obviously, the more the number of legs, the better the steadiness. You will see trampoline legs are either U-shaped or W-shaped. W-shaped legs contribute to superior firmness, so you can retain your balance when you bounce.

Spring of Bounciest Trampolines

The spring’s number, length, and diameter can determine whether your trampoline will give you an ultimate bounce or not.

Your weight exerts a force. This kinetic energy causes the trampoline’s springs to compress and coil downwards. When the spring relaxes, you get pushback and hence the bounce.

A fun fact in case you are a physics enthusiast- this has a lot to do with Hooke’s Law, which states that “the force needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance scale linearly with respect to that distance.” This means that no matter how much force you apply to the spring, you will get the same amount of resistance

Okay, time’s up! Physics lessons are over. Now let’s get to the point. 

  • Spring Count

The higher the spring count, the better the bounce.

  • Spring Length

Longer springs will give your trampoline a better bounce. Longer springs have a greater stretch, which means energy transfer from the trampoline spring to your body will be slower. As a result, more energy is presented to thrust you higher into the air.

Similarly, shorter springs will have a shorter stretch, which means a quicker energy transfer. Because of it, the body will have a slower recoil, eventually leading to a short and firm bounce.

So, to get a superior bounce, springs that are 8 to 1o inches long are highly recommended. 7 inches long springs are okay, too, given that you are not a heavy and hard jumper. Springs that are 6 inches or shorter will not give a good bounce.  

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  • Spring Diameter

Usually, with a broader spring, the bounce will be higher. Wider springs require longer wires which corresponds to a long stretch and a prolonged energy transfer. Therefore, a high bounce.

Simply put, ask the seller these three questions while buying a trampoline. Is the spring number higher than 70? Is the length of the spring greater than 7 inches? Is the diameter of the spring wide? 

If the answer to all these three questions is ‘yes,’ you will undoubtedly get an ultimate bounce.

Trampoline Mats of High Bounce Trampoline

The trampoline mat is the bounce pad where you jump. Trampoline mats are of two types: normal mats and performance mats. The normal mats are the regular mats used in household trampolines, Whereas the performance mats are used for any professional use.

The majority of the regular trampoline mats are made of polypropylene fabric, for which there isn’t much option for you to choose from. But make sure the borders of the mat are firmly sewn. This way, the mat will be more robust, and your jumping experience will be super fun. 

Performance mats are woven with incredibly thin nylon strings that provide a highly porous structure to the trampoline. This lets the air travel beneath the bounce pads smoothly, reducing air resistance. By now, we know that reduced air resistance means greater bounce! 

It is usually seen that the color of the trampoline mat usually fades away after a few months. This shouldn’t come as a shock to you because it is evident that there will be a lot of exposure to the sun as trampolines are set outdoors. To retain the vibrant hues of the mats, you can look for a UV-resistant jumping mat.

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Safety of the Heavy Bouncing Trampoline

Trampolines are super fun but are not the safest type of sport. And it is a concern amongst a lot of parents as well. Ensure your desired trampoline has a safety enclosure net to ease you from this tension.

Better, check the nets do not have holes and are densely woven. A safe net doorway and climbing ladder also stimulate safe jumping.

Spring is another potential spot for trampoline injury. So, springs should be covered by a thick safety pad. This reduces springs and frame-related injuries.

Some trampolines use a net inside the springs. Thus, the springs go outside, hence improving safety. And several safe trampolines have direct stitching between the mat and enclosure net to eliminate pinching hazards.

Price and Warranty

Always warranty and price of the trampoline before buying. How long a product will be of service differs from product to product. If you plan to use the trampoline regularly, make sure they guarantee a long-term benefit.

Usually, high-priced trampolines come with a better warranty. Even some products have a lifetime warranty.

Additional Features

Imagine bouncing on a trampoline and putting the basketball into a basketball hoop at the same time. Sounds fun, right? You can experience the fun in real life. Many trampolines have basketball hoops attached to them where you can enjoy both sports.

Not just hoops, many trampolines come with soccer goal nets as well. You can also opt for that kind of trampoline and get the best of both worlds.

Some trampolines have ladders too. This is a plus point because buying a ladder means an increased budget. You may also need anchoring kits to secure the trampoline on the earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be spring count in a bouncy trampoline?

Ans: Usually, larger-sized trampolines need a spring count of 80 or above. And for medium-sized trampolines, a spring count of 60 to 70 is pretty doable. And remember the higher the number of springs, the more the bounce.

2. What shape is best for the best bounce?

Ans: Rectangular trampolines followed by square trampolines under safety measurement are the best in terms of bounce!  Although rectangular ones require more space, a higher spring count can give you the ultimate bounce. 

3. What is the standard capacity a trampoline can hold?

Ans: Although trampolines now come with custom modifications where they can hold maximum weight, the ideal weight limit is the same in all, more or less. 8 to 10 feet trampolines can hold up to 75 to 150 lbs. 12-foot trampolines can hold up to 250 to 300 lbs. 15 to 16 feet trampolines can hold up to 250 to 450 lbs. 

4. What is the highest world record for trampoline bounce?

Ans: Guinness World Records recognizes the highest trampoline bounce at 6.73 m (22 ft 1 in) by a team. The jumper was Sean Kennedy and the propellers Sean Kennedy and T.J. Kennedy

Final Thoughts

We know the sheer disappointment when trampolines do not have enough bounce to fly us high into the air. Here we’ve tried to guide you to get your hands on the best bouncing trampoline.

We have narrowed down the bounciest trampolines on the market through research and testing. Now, buy the high bouncing trampoline that suits you best and enjoy the impressive jumping fun!

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