15 Best Fun Trampoline Accessories That Kids Will Love

Have you been looking for great ideas to make kids trampoline bouncing spicy and pizzazz? Well, there are lots of fun trampoline accessories to add amusement to the trampoline.

Not only for kids, even adults will have great fun with these trampoline fun games accessories. Some of the best trampoline fun accessories are trampoline light, swing, basketball hoop, sprinkler, canopy, and you name it. These cool trampoline kit will make the trampoline time more enjoyable.

In this article, I’ll share some of the top-notch gadgets that will add more fun to the trampoline.

15 Cool Fun Trampoline Accessories, Toys, and Games

1. Trampoline Pit Balls

Pit balls are fun for toddlers. If you are looking for play items for children ages 6 months and up, this is an ideal option. These small balls are great for improving children’s motor skills, color recognition, counting, stimulating imagination, and so on.

Editor’s Choice: Click N’ Play 200 Pit Balls For Kids

Click N’ Play Pit Balls Set comes with 200 stunning colors balls. If your kids are younger enough and can’t jump on the trampoline properly allow them to play with these pit balls for a wonderful childhood.

The pit balls pack is soft and affordable. Besides trampoline, toddlers can play with these balls in versatile fields like playpens, bathtubs, sandboxes, playhouses, and more. So, let your kids have amazing fun with trampoline and pit balls.

Trampoline Pit Balls

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2. Trampoline Light

Trampoline light is a unique fun for kids. Lighting up the trampoline at night children get lots of fun. With the jump, illuminating lights create a festive look. Light with the trampoline is beneficial for sensory needs children too.

During kids’ parties, Christmas, birthday parties, this might be a great idea. Adults can also join there. Sometimes Flash LiteZone is also used to light up the trampoline.

Editor’s Choice: Waybelive LED Light For Trampoline

If you are looking for the best trampoline light to light up the trampoline we highly recommend the Waybelive trampoline light. The package includes lots of lights with 16 different colors to make kids entertained.

The LED rim light is waterproof that allows it to use throughout the year, that’s amazing. You can easily operate it using remote control from up to 16 ft distance. There are four styles to swap the lights mode. Each strip required 3AA batteries

It is easy to install with the rim of the net enclosure. So, don’t miss this for your children’s dark time jump fun.

Trampoline Light

3. Trampoline Sprinkler

If you want to add fun in summer to your trampoline, just install a good water sprinkler with an outdoor trampoline. This makes kids happy and allows playing them outdoor comfortably. The installation is easy and the set is affordable.

Editor’s Choice: Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids

Bobor Backyard Water Park Sprinkler is one of the best trampoline sprinklers to add fun on hot summer days. It reduces the temperature by more than 25 degrees, that’s amazing to keep your children cool on sunny days.

This sprinkler allows easy installation within a minute. Just tie the band with the net and it’s done. You can choose a versatile hose according to your need.

Trampoline Sprinkler

4. Trampoline Tent

A Trampoline tent or canopy is another stunning way to add fun to the trampoline jump. Adding a tent with a large trampoline, you can create a safe playhouse for kids. Children can hide and play indoor games there, that’s amazing.

Trampoline sleepover is one of the best ways of trampoline fun. You can also invite your colleagues and friends to join you there. Cooking special recipes, jumping, parties, music, and sleeping at late night will be very entertaining. Trampoline canopy can add more fun there.

Editor’s Choice: AlleyOOP Outback & JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent

JumpSport brings an innovative 11 Ft Round Trampoline Tent for entertainment for the children. This tent is designed for 12 to 14 ft JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampolines. The forest-green color tent will add a stunning look that attracts children.

The canvas tent will provide good shelter against sun and rain. It is a quick setup tent that can be installed within 3 minutes. There are 3 windows and a door having zippers and screens. So, installing the tent in the trampoline will be really unique fun for kids.

Trampoline Tent

5. Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Active kids love to acquire new acrobatic skills. Basketball with the trampoline is an amazing idea for them. Attaching a basketball hoop with the enclosure net, you can level up their acrobatic skills.

Editor’s Choice: Skywalker Trampolines 12 Ft Basketball Hoop

SkywalkerTrampolines 12 ft Jump N’ Dunk is a perfect slam dunk basketball hoop for abundant fun and exercise. The hoop set is made from sturdy and soft material for safe play.

The breakaway rim detaches when one hits it beyond its limit. Thus kids play with this trampoline fun accessory safely. It also minimizes net and poles damage. So, don’t miss this anyway.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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6. Trampoline Swing

Trampoline swing is another innovative way to double kids’ fun in trampoline. Besides jumping on a trampoline children can swing for mode changing.

Some trampolines come with a swing. But you can also add this separately. Moreover, if you are a DIYer, then make swing bed from old trampoline.

Little Tikes 72x 50 Ft Rectangle Trampoline with Swing is a recommended model for children.

Trampoline Swing

7. Trampoline Slide

Jumping in the trampoline for a long might be monotonous. But attaching a slide with a trampoline will be a good way to solve the problem. Some trampolines add slide set with trampoline. If there is not, you can buy and install one separately.

Merax 7 Ft trampoline with slide and ladder could be a good model, if you look for a trampoline slide.

Trampoline Slide

8. Trampoline Rock Wall Climber

Rock wall climber is a favorite play item to the children. It allows kids to grow their skills like balancing and coordination.

Using this concept, some trampoline fun accessories manufacturers introduce trampoline rock wall climbers that can be used for versatile purposes such as slide, climb, rock wall, and ladder.

Editor’s Choice: Trampoline Pro Jump Slider Rock Wall Climber

Want to add fun to kids’ trampolines? Well, add Trampoline Pro Rock Wall Climber for lots of pleasure. The climber allows climbing, sliding, and more. Steel constructed 54 inches climber trampoline gadget is designed for toddlers’ entertainment.

You can quickly install the rock wall climber attaching the safety clamp. After playing, you can keep it in folding condition. It maintains the ASTF quality standard and also provides a lifetime warranty. So, don’t miss this anyway!

Trampoline Rock Wall Climber

9. Trampoline Music & Lights

Jumping on a trampoline having lights and music is very exciting, right? During the party time, this will be impressive for kids.

Editor’s Choice: ThrillZoo Trampoline Lights & Music Bounce Party

Want to add more fun to your kids’ bounce party? ThrillZoo Bounce Party Set will be a perfect option to make the children entertained. The set includes lights, music, disco balls, and a Bluetooth speaker.

This trampoline music and light come with a 40 ft cord that fits any height trampoline net. ThrillZoo fun trampoline accessory kit fits all types of poles like straight, angled, curved, or arched. Just connect the light and speaker and make the party unforgettable.

Trampoline Music & Lights

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10. Electron Shooter Target Game

This is another stunning fun trampoline accessory. It is a laser game having targets and a shooter. Players grip the laser electron shooter at hand. A hand wrist strap is usually used to hold the electron shooter. And the targets are attached to the trampoline enclosure net.

When players jump, they try to hit the target of the electron shooter. This game is useful to test jumping and aiming accuracy. It also helps improve concentration with hand and eye coordination.

Editor’s Choice: Sportpower Family Store Network Electron Shooter Game

Electron Shooter Game by Sportspower comes with a wrist strap and double electron shooter targets. You can easily attach and detach the targets with an enclosure net.

While bouncing on the trampoline, kids can hit the target that will improve their skills and make them active for a longer time.

Electron Shooter Target Game

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11. Trampoline Bounce Board

This fun item is designed to practice skiing, water sport, or skateboarding tricks. It is ideal for older kids and teenagers. The bottom of the bounce board is made from soft foam and it’s slip-resistant. Kids will surely enjoy bounce board’s fun.

Editor’s Choice: NorthShore NSI Trampoline BOUNCEBOARD

If your kids love to practice board tricks, NorthShore NSI BOUNCEBOARD will be an exciting accessory for you. The board is made of soft and flexible foam while the bottom is slip-resistant.

Adjustable foot straps make this usable for all. The stance is 17 inches long and it’s lightweight. From beginners to skilled sportsmen, this board will be good for practice bouncing on trampoline.

Trampoline Bounce Board

12. Tgoma

Tgoma is an innovative trampoline gadget of Springfree trampoline. This provides an interacting game to keep kids active more on the trampoline. You can check the Springfree Tgoma Game System.


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13. Trampoline Toss Game

The tossing game consists of a small ball and the target. Standing at a certain distance, kids throw the ball and hit the target. It develops their coordination skills. When kids are skilled enough, they can hit the target while jumping.

Editor’s Choice: Skywalker Trampolines Triple Toss Game Accessory

If you want to gift a toss game accessory for your children, Triple Toss Game Accessory By Skywalker Trampolines will be a stunning idea. From the name, you can understand there are three targets. It also includes two score bags and six bean bags.

The accessory can be easily attached with the net poles using the strap. When you hit any target you will get points. So, this will develop kids’ skills and add fun to them.

Trampoline Toss Game

14. Trampoline Volleyball Net

This is another stunning fun trampoline accessory for fun-loving people. While one is jumping on the trampoline, others can play volleyball or badminton by placing it in the yard.

Skywalker Trampoline Volleyball Net is a good trampoline accessory to entertain the whole family. The net is UV-resistant and durable. It’s made from woven polyethylene.

One end of the net is attached to the trampoline. And you have to attach another end of the net with a pole and stake.

Powder-coated steel pole is included in the package to hold the volleyball net upright. The net fits any type of trampoline.

Trampoline Volleyball Net

15. Trampolines Sure Shot Lower Net Accessory

If your kids love playing football or target throwing, then Sure Shot Lower Net Game Accessory will be a great option. It allows to practice tossing, kicking, and throwing.

Just attach this lower enclosure net with the legs under the jumping surface. For large models trampolines like 12 to 15 ft, this fits well. Here is a recommended Skywalker Trampolines Sure Shot Lower Net Accessory.

Trampolines Sure Shot Lower Net Accessory

Final Words

Most of the fun trampoline accessories are affordable in price but provide unlimited excitement for kids. These trampoline fun kit will add great pleasure in trampoline jumping that will make the play more enjoyable.

Now, let your kids play fun trampoline games and get entertained!

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