How Heavy is a Trampoline? A Detailed Analysis

Trampolines come in small to large sizes; thus, their weight (actually mass) varies. ‘How heavy is a trampoline’ depends on several things like trampoline type, size, shape, brand, material, accessories, and a few more things.

How much does a trampoline weigh? The average weight of the trampoline is around 50 to 300 lbs. But depending upon its size, this could be lesser or greater than the value. Usually, larger tramps weigh more compared to smaller ones.

This blog will explain how hefty could be the indoor or outdoor trampoline. Let’s get started.

Factors Behind Trampoline‘s Weigh

How Much Does a Trampoline Weigh

Trampoline’s size, type, shape, and brand greatly affect its overall weight. The materials of the parts, like the frame, springs, legs, poles, mat, etc, also determine how bulky the trampoline is.

So, all the important things that affect the overall weight of the trampolines are-

  • Size: Larger trampolines have mighty weight compared to smaller ones.
  • Shape: Rectangle tramps are weighty compared to others.
  • Type: Water tramps are lighter compared to outdoor and in-ground trampolines.
  • Brand: JumpSport trampolines are heavier than Skywalker.
  • Materials: Springfree trampolines use premium quality materials; thus, they are quite heavier than other brands.

How Much Does a Trampoline Weigh? Weight by Size

Usually, the larger the trampoline the heavier it will be. But there might be some exceptions. A rule of thumb is, heavier trampolines are stronger and provide a hefty weight limit than lightweight trampolines.

The home trampolines for kids weigh around 20 pounds, whereas adults’ indoor trampolines are about 50 lbs. On the other hand, full-size outdoor trampolines weigh higher like 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 pounds, and even more, depending upon their size and structure.

The average weight of several sizes of trampolines is listed in the following table.

Trampoline SizeWeight (lbs)
3 to 5 ft kids’ mini trampoline10 to 25
3 to 5 ft rebounder30 to 60
5 to 6 ft50 to 80
7 to 8 ft70 to 90
10 ft90 to 110
12 ft100 to 130
14 ft10 to 200
15 ft180 to 220
Extra large trampoline200 to 500 and even more
Water trampoline50 to 80

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How Heavy is a Trampoline? Weight by Brand

Trampoline weight largely depends on its brand. The weight of two same size trampolines may differ due to their brand differences. This happens as each brand uses dissimilar quality material in its construction.

Now I will break down some of the popular brand trampolines’ weights depending on their brand.

Trampoline NameWeight (lbs)
Little Tikes 3 ft round14
Skywalker 4 ft round22
Springfree 6 ft round126
Springfree 8 ft round151
Skywalker 10 ft round126
Jumpflex 12 ft round186
Skywalker 14 ft square133
JumpKing 15 ft round196
Skywalker 10 ft x 17 ft rectangle531
JumpSport AlleyOOP 17 ft rectangle602

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The weight of a trampoline is an important factor, especially when talking about carrying, moving, or storing it. Its weight varies due to dissimilar sizes, shapes, brands, and several other factors. The weight of a trampoline could be 10 lbs to 500 lbs and even more.

Hopefully, you now know all about how heavy is a trampoline. So, consider the weight of your trampoline when necessary.

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