8 Common Springfree Trampoline Problems (with Solutions)

Manufacturers always come up with new and innovative ideas to increase trampoline safety. Springfree trampolines are one such trampoline that was made to reduce trampoline safety hazards. But I’m not claiming that Springfree trampolines are completely risk-free.

What are Springfree trampoline problems? Baselines aren’t aligned completely, repairing mat holes is difficult, special installers are required to install the trampoline, missing rods, etc are some of the main issues of Springfree trampolines. So, how do you deal with the troubles?

No worries! This article will cover all the possible problems of Springfree trampoline and how to fix these. Let’s get the hacks.

Springfree Trampoline Problems and Troubleshooting

Springfree Trampoline Problem

Springfree trampoline is one of the trendiest and safest trampolines in the market, still, there are some problems you may face with the trampoline brand.

Springfree trampoline issues include-

  1. Trampoline baseline aligned issue
  2. Special installers are required to install the trampoline
  3. Missing rods or broken frames
  4. Mat or net connection tearing apart
  5. Missing C-clips from the socket
  6. Hole on mat issue
  7. Winter care issues
  8. Trampoline zip problems

Some of these problems are quite important to solve to maintain the safety of the jumpers. The following section will explain how could you overcome the limitations of the Springfree trampoline.

1. Trampoline Baseline Aligned Issue

The baseline of the Springfree trampolines plays an important role to make the trampolines balanced. If the baseline isn’t aligned with the land or somehow got damaged it can cause a serious issue to your safety.

During the routine checkups, if you see that one part of the baseline rod is floating and the other one is on the land, this is a sign of a problem. If the baseline is not aligned properly with the land, you can see the base rods bending slightly on every jump.

So, to solve this issue, you have to install the Springfree trampoline properly with the baseline. In case you are not an expert in this installation, take help from the technicians.

2. Require Special Installers to Install the Trampoline

Springfree trampoline assembly and disassembly are quite different from the regular trampoline. If you don’t have the experience to install this type of trampoline, then you might face some difficulties.

So, it’s recommended to hire experts who install, repair, or disassemble the Springfree trampolines. And when you learn the methods, you can also do that.

3. Missing Rods or Broken Frames

Missing rods or broken frames are quite common issues in Springfree trampoline. This trouble mostly occurs when a non-expert installs the trampoline without following the proper instruction.

Installation of a Springfree trampoline is quite complicated on its own. So, it’s normal to miss rods in between the frames. Or the rod doesn’t hook properly. Here the only solution is to install the trampoline under an expert’s supervision.

And if you want to self-install the Springfree trampoline then follow the instructions in the manual properly and see some videos on YouTube first.

The following video shows some tips on troubleshooting Springfree trampolines

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4. Mat or Net Connection Tearing Apart

After the usage of the Springfree springless trampoline for a longer period, it’s quite normal that you will see tears or breaks in the mat and net connections. This issue may also occur due to harsh climates or when heavyweight people jump on the trampoline.

To solve this issue, you have to keep up with proper maintenance, checking the trampoline after every usage to make sure there are any wear and tear. If any, just fix the breaks or tears on the mat to solve the problems.

5. Missing C-Clips from the Socket

C-clips are used to connect the frame and mat rods. Thus, the c-clips are generally connected to the mats, it’s quite easy for them to break or tear out when you exceed the trampoline weight capacity.

To solve this sort of issue, you have to keep the maintenance checkup going on and fix any issue that you see first hand. And never allows jumpers beyond your trampoline maximum weight limit.

6. Hole on Mat Issue

Just like the normal trampolines, Springfree trampolines also have holes on the mat and net. And these can eventually get bigger and pose dangerous issues. So, the same precautions should be taken here as the normal ones.

Just inspect the trampoline mat and nets after every use or once a week and if you see any holes you have to fix them immediately. If the hole is small, you can use a patching kit, duct tape, or glue to connect the hole part.

In case the tear is bigger to fix with glue or tape, you have to fix it with strong threads or fishlines.

7. Winter Care Issues

Springfree trampolines require special care in winter. You have to clean the piled snow regularly using a long handle broom or soft bristle brush.

If you don’t clean the heavily piled snow, it can damage the trampoline. With proper maintenance, you can use the trampoline even in the winter.

8. Trampoline Zip Problems

Trampoline enclosure zips can also have issues like sticking or breaking out. For solving these problems there are two types of solutions. If the zip breaks on the end part, cut the broken tooth and sew it to restore the zip.

In case it’s broken in the middle, it’s best to fully replacing the zip rather than changing the whole net.

Tips for Avoid Springfree Trampolines Issues

Problems of Springfree trampolines

I already talked about the time-to-time issues that you may face using a springless trampoline. Now there are some daily maintenance and precautions too, that you should follow or teach your children to avoid any upcoming trampoline errors.

  1. Get a top-quality Springfree trampoline. Low-quality trampolines have more chances to break down usually in the rods or mats because of the weight or excessive jumping.
  2. Teach your kids to jump in the middle of the trampoline rather than jumping on the sides as it can cause serious damage to both your child and the trampoline.
  3. Keeping the trampoline clean is an important part to avoid any sort of trampoline issue. Uncleared mats easily tear or break so keep them clean.
  4. Don’t leave any sharp objects or accessories on the trampoline. It can easily tear apart the trampoline mat and nets while jumping.
  5. Don’t exceed the recommended weight limit of your trampoline.
  6. Use the softball or flexible on the joints to make the trampoline gentler and more reliable.
  7. Don’t jump on Flexinet. Though Flexinets are incredibly strong, still they can’t tolerate continuous jumping.
  8. Keep the trampoline sunshade to make it longer-lasting.


Trampolines are made for fun activities for kids both indoors and outdoors. But due to its heavy outlook and easy breakage issues, regularly used trampolines including Springfree trampolines often go through many problems and maintenance issues.

If you have faced some issues with Springfree trampolines, solve them following the tips I mentioned above. And it’s important to be aware of the upcoming problems so care of your trampoline well. Good luck!

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