DIY Trampoline Basketball Hoop – 7 Simple Steps

Trampoline is itself a source of great fun. Moreover, you can extend the excitement a lot by adding different fun accessories like a basketball hoop, flashlight, water sprinkler, slide, and much more. Trampoline basketball is one of the most popular trampoline fun activities that every kid love.

Some trampolines come with a basketball kit (Jump N Dunk) to increase kids’ fun as well as make them active. But, if your trampoline hasn’t any basketball hoop attachment, don’t be worried; you can make a basketball hoop for the trampoline easily at home.

Whether you make or buy a trampoline basketball hoop, you should know the right way how to assemble a basketball hoop on a trampoline. Be relaxed; I’m here to share the DIY trampoline basketball hoop installation process in detail.

How to Make Basketball Hoop for Trampoline Step by Step?

Starting with how to make a homemade basketball hoop for a trampoline easily. Honestly speaking, you can do it without much hassle. The steps of a DIY trampoline basketball hoop include-

  1. Read manufacturer guidebook
  2. Lay down all things
  3. Attach backboard
  4. Secure brackets
  5. Attach basketball hoop
  6. Level basketball kit

Let’s discuss these points in detail.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you start making a trampoline basketball hoop, it’s important to gather all essentials first. The basic tools and accessories required to make a trampoline basketball hoop are-

  • Wire hanger
  • Flat and large cardboard or plywood
  • Nylon string
  • Duct tape
  • Super glue
  • Markers or paint
  • Scissors

And you can add more things for a customized basketball backboard. After gathering all these things plan properly what you’re going to make.

The basic parts that you have to build for a trampoline basketball goal are the rim, net, hoop connector, and backboard.

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Parts of a basketball hoop
Figure: Basic parts of a basketball hoop

Step 2: Make the Basketball Hoop Rim

Bend the wire hanger or use the silicone o-ring to make the circular rim of the basketball goal.

Step 3: Make the Basketball Net

Either you can attach a purchased net or knit a net using the nylon thread. But, most houses have additional nets; thus, knitting the net might be unnecessary.

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Step 4: Attach a Net to The Basketball Rim

Now attach the net with the basketball goal rim using string or duct tape.

Step 5: Make the Hoop Connector

The hoop connector connects the basketball rim with the backboard. You can make it using a wire hanger or a piece of cardboard.

Step 6: Make the Backboard

Cut the cardboard or plywood into the desired shape and make the backboard. Usually, standard backboards like NBA backboards are rectangular and 6 ft wide, whereas basket opening is 1.5 ft. Also, paint the backboard your favorite color.

Step 7: Mount Basketball Hoop onto Backboard

Now, the basketball hoop rim and backboard are ready. It’s time to attach them through the hoop connector. You can use glue to join them firmly.

So, the DIY basketball hoop-making is done. Congratulations!

Still, have any confusion? The video tutorial will help you understand how to make DIY basketball hoop for your trampoline.

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Now let’s learn how to put on a basketball hoop with a trampoline.

How to Attach a Basketball Hoop on a Trampoline?

The basketball hoop setup process may vary a bit from trampoline type and size variation. Here, I’ll explain the simple way to put up a basketball hoop on-

Tools Required to Assemble Basketball Hoop on a Trampoline

The most important tools and accessories for trampoline basketball kit installation are-

  • Basketball kit
  • Allen Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Bungee straps
  • Ladder (optional)
  • Shovel (when digging a hole is necessary)
  • Drill machine (optional)

Let’s have a look at how to put together a basketball hoop on the trampoline.

Installing Basketball Hoop to Regular Trampoline Step by Step

DIY Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Step 1: Read Manufacturer Guidebook

At first, read the trampoline manufacturer’s instructions to know what they have suggested assembling the basketball goal on a trampoline. Some models such as the Springfree trampoline come with a unique basketball hoop so their installation process will also be different from the usual process.

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Step 2: Lay Down All Things

Now unbox the trampoline basketball hoop kit and lay down all parts on a flat surface. Check whether there is everything included or not. If there is any defective or broken part, contact the manufacturer for the replacement. Otherwise, start the installation process.

Step 3: Attach Backboard

Attach the ring with the knitted backboard. Then insert the supplied four poles at the backside of the backboard. Poles might be short or long. Short poles will go in the bottom and longer ones will be on the top of the backboard.

Step 4: Secure Brackets

At this stage, line up the L-shaped post with a square-shaped bracket that is already assembled in the last step. Then tighten the nuts and bolts to secure the square bracket. Put some hand pressure on the structure to tighten and stable it rightly.

Step 5: Attach the Basketball Hoop

After completing the bracket setup, it’s time to attach the basketball hoop. Select a post or pole that you want to hang the basketball hoop kit. Remove the eyebolt and bungee strap from the selected pole.

Now insert the Jump-N-Dunk hoop in the pole in such a way that your basketball hoop faces the trampoline center. Then reattach the eyebolt and strap to secure the hoop properly.

Note: If you buy a trampoline that includes a basketball hoop, you can attach the basketball hoop to the trampoline net easily using its glue.

Step 6: Level Basketball Kit

Now, check whether the trampoline basketball equipment is leveled well or not. If you need to level the hoop, just adjust the strap to do that. So, your trampoline basketball hoop is now ready to go. That’s very simple, right?

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The following trampoline basketball kit installation guidelines will help you understand the fact more precisely.

Assembling Basketball Hoop on a Springfree Trampoline

Springfree trampolines come with dissimilar basketball hoops (FlexrHoop) than the usual models. So, you may be wondering how to assemble a Springfree trampoline basketball hoop. This includes several steps.

Let’s learn the step-by-step basketball hoop installation guide for Springfree trampoline.

Step 1: Detach all the poles and lay down the net and poles on the mat.

Step 2: Unbox the FlexrHoop and lay all pieces out. Untie all nuts from bolts and keep them aside carefully.

Step 3: Now, select two adjacent net posts where you are going to put the basketball hoop set. In the Springfree trampoline, FlexrHoop is attached between two net poles.

Step 4: Place the basketball hoop between two rods of the trampoline.

Step 5: Snap two rim straps at the bottom of and backside of the backboard.

Step 6: Clip one plastic clamp in the first pole of the gap situation under the net rod pocket. Another clamp will go below 5 inches of the first one. Similarly, do this for the second post.

Step 7: Get the brackets and stabilizing bar. Then bend the stabilizing rod as same as of the backboard.

Step 8: Afterward, take the small rods and insert them into the sleeve on the stabilizing rod. Then attach the sleeve with the back of the hoop. Now tighten both sides with nuts and bolts using an Allen wrench.

Step 9: At this stage, attach the large brackets with the net rods using nuts and bolts.

Step 10: Stand upright all the net rods and place them into their designated C-clip pockets.

Step 11: So the basketball hoop assembly is now live with the net rods. If it is not leveled properly, adjust the stabilizing rod strap. Let’s start jumping and playing basketball on the Springless trampoline.

For more precise information, you can watch the following installer video.

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Putting up Basketball Hoop with an In-Ground Trampoline

Playing basketball in the in-ground trampolines is great excitement for all. If you want to put in the basketball hoop on your own, the following installation tips will help you do it quickly.

Step 1: Choose a good spot (close to the trampoline) to set up the hoop post.

Step 2: Now dig a hole in the ground to place a hoop rod (pole).

Step 3: Then pour concrete on the created hole and place the pole inside it. Then let it dry for several hours to make it stable.

Step 4: Now attach the backboard with the pole in the desired height securely using nuts and bolts. Some models might need backboard assembly before raising the pole.

Step 5: After that set up the rim and net. Rim is bolted with the backboard and the net is attached to the rim using the loop.

Step 6: And finally, check whether everything is okay or not. If there is any adjustment needed, make it adjusted by either tightening or loosening the strap.

Video: In-ground basketball hoop installation 

Note: This technique is applicable if the in-ground trampoline hasn’t any enclosure net and pole. If an enclosure net surrounds the trampoline, you can either attach the hoop with the net or with a post, as like I’ve explained earlier.

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How to Remove a Basketball Hoop from Trampoline?

Sometimes you might need to remove the trampoline basketball hoop, such as when disassembling, moving to a long distance, or winterizing it. So how to do it, actually?

Most basketball hoops that come with trampoline packages are breakaway designs that can be easily detached from trampoline nets by exerting some force, as these use removable adhesives.

But if the basketball hoop is connected to the trampoline net or posts using straps, mounting kits, etc, you have to loosen them to remove the basketball kit from the trampoline.


DIY basketball hoop for trampoline making and assembly isn’t a hard task. But knowing the basics is important to do it for the first time. I hope you can now be able to make and install the trampoline basketball hoop in the trampoline by yourself.

So, let your kids play on the trampoline with basketball goals for great fun and better growth. Happy basketball on the trampoline!

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